7 Simple and affordable ways to spruce up your garage

7 Simple and affordable ways to spruce up your garage

The garage isn’t usually an area of the home that people would consider sprucing up, but when creativity starts flying and new possibilities can bring it to life, you will jump at the idea. Garages are functional spaces that families can use for various activities, not just for storing their cars.

Imagine having your little corner of the world to retreat to whenever needed. Just as an escape from the pressures of life for a while. Make the space cozier and more livable by using these simple and affordable ways to spruce up the garage:

1. Add more storage options

Garages can sometimes be messy and chaotic, with many things lying around. People scatter sports equipment, tools, gardening supplies, and many more around every surface. You can rid the garage of disorganized clutter by installing some storage options to keep it all together.

Cupboards, hanging hooks, and overhead storage work well for more oversized items like sports equipment, while a proper toolbox with divisions would keep the tiniest of things in place. Plastic drawers on wheels are another excellent choice as you can easily maneuver them around the room.

Creating the perfect garage isn’t very difficult if you start by organizing and getting rid of any unused items in your way. Store the things you don’t want to give away or sell in plastic crates or find another way to keep them out of sight.

2. Repair window frames and doors

Dilapidated or weathered windows and doors will hardly inspire you to stay in the space any longer than you would need to. Fix broken doors, windows, frames, and hinges, and perhaps slap on a new coat of paint to round off the project.

Windows and doors on a garage can get dusty and dirty pretty quickly, so do regular cleaning to keep it in tip-top shape. Scrape the dirt off or use a pressure washer to thoroughly clean if needed. After the cleaning, it should be easier to spot where repairs are required, so go ahead and clean it up.

Add some homemade curtains or blinds to keep out prying eyes and open them for a beautiful burst of sunlight during the day. It would also keep some of the heat or cold out when it becomes uncomfortable on the inside.

3. Modernize the access

Have you ever arrived home after a rough day of work? It’s raining and you need to get out of the car to open the garage door? Instead of having inconveniences like this, install a motorized door to open it with a remote.

Instead of paying for a technician to install, find an easy-to-install kit online and do it yourself. You can install a modern access lock to the garage side door with a PIN lock to go with the new opening mechanism of the main entrance.

4. Give the walls a fresh coat of paint

The garage walls may sustain some damage from all the moving around of equipment and tools through the years. Take some time, seal the holes in the wall, scuff out the damage, and paint it a beautiful hue.

A fresh coat of paint could make the room look new with little effort. Look for inexpensive paint options that you can apply yourself to make it more affordable than it sounds. The result will leave you feeling proud of the accomplishment.

To help keep the paint and the rest of the inside looking and smelling fresh, seal all openings and cracks. These can form next to doors, windows, and near the roof. Keeping the elements out would help preserve all your stored goods.

5. Create a functional workspace

Some homes may not have adequate space for people to practice their hobbies, especially when it takes up a lot of the room. Other interests like gardening or creating something involving tools may need the garage as a housing space.

Set up a corner for arts and crafts with enough drawers, storage boxes, hanging hooks, and everything you may need to continue making the picture-perfect gifts for your neighbors. Alternatively, use the workbench to create a potting station for the avid gardener in the home.

The tool lover would thank you for making room for them in the garage. Instead of fumbling around looking for the tools they need, they would now have a neatly arranged area dedicated to their craft.

6. Installing lighting and electrical fittings

When you start utilizing the space more, chances are you’ll need to upgrade the lighting in the garage. Stepping into a dimly lit room feels ominous and could make you leave sooner than anticipated. 

For workstations, there should be lighting to illuminate the workbench. Shed some light on the project you’re working on while saving your eyes from working overtime. With enough lighting, you don’t have to worry about searching for those missing items or tripping over something in the darker areas. 

Electrical sockets are convenient when tackling a project in the garage. Many tools and gadgets need a connection point to use or charge. Installing them can be done quickly, and they’re not as pricey as you may think. Install some that would accommodate various plugs and prevent extension cords from snaking around the room.

7. Insulate the walls and roof

Depending on where you find yourself in the world, adding extra padding to the walls and roof may be needed. In areas where the temperatures reach extreme highs and lows, insulation could help to regulate the climate inside the garage.

Some types of insulation don’t need experts to install them. Just follow the directions from the manufacturer, and soon your garage will be as cozy as a bug in a rug. The car is safe from temperature extremes, and you can continue with your hobbies while remaining completely comfortable.

Bringing it together

The garage is a home space with many opportunities to become much more than a dumping ground for tools and junk. Sprucing it up is quickly done while being soft on the pocket. The possibilities are endless. All you need is a solid plan.

Do the work yourself and make family and friends proud of having such a handy person in their lives. Give them a space to enjoy themselves with you. Everyone would be comfortable enough to practice their hobbies with a smile. 

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