7 tips to think about when Redecorating your Home

7 tips to think about when Redecorating your Home

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There can be many reasons why a homeowner would want to redecorate their home. Perhaps they’re looking for a new look or style for their place or simply to update dated rooms that have succumbed to a lot of wear and tear over the years. Whatever the case, here are seven tips to think about when redecorating your home.

1. Decide on a budget

A budget is always important when doing any work to your home because regardless of scale, you don’t want to overspend your money and make it less of an investment. Any updates you make to your home are going to have an overall impact on the value of your home. The more you can add value to it, the more beneficial it’s going to be when it comes to selling it for a good price. 

Think about how much you’re willing to spend and when budgeting, you want to have a detailed spreadsheet that outlines all of the necessary purchases you’ll be making. From labor costs that you outsource to other companies and the home decor that you purchase as part of the furnishing.

When it comes to the budget, use something like Excel in order to draft out all the costs and try to estimate at the top end of what you feel things will cost. By doing so, you’re likely to spend less and as a result, spend less than you anticipated. There’s nothing better than saving some money, especially when it comes to redecorating parts of your home.

2. Think about the rest of your home

Whenever you do a redecorating project, it’s important to think about the rest of the home. When you modernize a particular area, it’s useful to try and get it close to the rest of the home, otherwise, you’ll end up making the rest of the space more dated in its appearance. 

The same goes for completely changing the theme or style because if you’re not careful you could have a space that doesn’t relate to other parts of the home in the same way. It’s always good to try and keep your home consistent in its style. Whilst you can mix up vintage with contemporary pieces, you want to do it in a way that’s not going to clash.

You don’t want a home that’s disconnected and disjointed from room to room. That’s not going to make for an enjoyable living experience. Always pay attention to what you’re doing with the space and how it links up to other spaces in the home. Key areas of the home where this really matters are rooms like your kitchen and bathroom.

Before you start designing your new space, take a look around your home and try to pull inspiration and ways of linking in those rooms to help match up to the one you’re redecorating. 

3. Be detailed in your plans

The eye is in the detail and when you’re detailed with your plans, there are fewer mistakes to be made as a result. Think about what you can achieve with the likes of technology, particularly with software like Sketchup. Sketchup can be a useful piece of kit that brings your ideas and inspirations to life.

Often enough, it’s hard to envision what you want to create and so having a visual planner can be extremely helpful. With this type of software, you can use it to model the space yourself or you might want to work with a design agency or company that’s fitting your kitchen or doing work on the space, to give them the right direction you want to go in.

When you’re spending money on the space, it’s important to be able to get the most out of your vision and that it turns out the way you’d hoped. There’s nothing worse than paying for something that doesn’t turn out in the result that you had in your head. It’s always better to be detailed from the beginning and that way, things will turn out more successful.

4. Consider the theme or style for the space

The theme or style of the space can vary from household to household. As it’s been mentioned, you want to think about the home as a whole, rather than just the room you’re working on. There are lots of different themes and styles to pick from when redecorating, as well as certain trends that come and go in interior design. 

A good tip when it comes to redecorating is to focus on what you want from the space. Ask yourself the important questions like ‘What atmosphere do I want to create?’ or perhaps ‘Does the layout of the room work for well or could it be changed?.

By asking yourself these questions, it’s going to help envision the outcome of your room and will likely influence what interior pieces you go for and the various materials you choose from like the wallpaper to the type of flooring you pick.

Pick something that you’re going to love and not simply because it’s fashionable. After all, you’re the one who has to live in it, so it’s got to be something you enjoy.

5. Invest in quality that will last

Quality is always going to be better to lead with when it comes to purchasing things for your home. However, that’s not an excuse to pick the most expensive material or item that you can find. Regardless of what it is you’re after, think about how it’s going to be used within the space. If you’re redecorating your bathroom, for example, you’re going to want to invest in the main features a lot more than you would the smaller items.

For bathroom items such as the bathtub to the toilet, these are things that will be used on a daily basis, multiple times a day. So why buy something that’s cheap and cheerful? Yes, it might actually be good value and quality for its price, but you’re looking for something that’s going to last for at least five to ten years or until you do your next redecorating project.

Make sure you shop around for the best products and furniture so that you’re ultimately getting more value for your money. It might be an extra expense now but it’s one that will certainly be worth doing in the long run.

6. Utilize soft furnishings when it comes to color

Color is something you want to inject into the space as you go about redecorating it. Whilst it might be good to use color on the walls and floor, this is something that if not done the right way, could date the room earlier than you would have hoped. The longer you can get out of the redecoration, the better.

With that being said, try to keep the walls and floors neutral and instead, incorporate color through the soft furnishings and artwork that you display around the space. By using color in these areas of the redecorating process, it’s easier to switch them out with new colors and design, as and when it’s needed.

If you do want to add color to your walls, always opt for paint over wallpaper as at least it’s easier to change. Wallpaper can often get messy and takes more time to redo.

By sticking with soft furnishings, you remove the hassle of having to get out the paintbrush or start ripping up your flooring because the color has perhaps faded or discolored. It’s much better to keep the color within these interchangeable areas of the space. You’ll thank yourself later!

7. Focus on adding plenty of personal touches

As with any area of your home, adding that personal touch can make all the difference. The last thing you want is to redecorate a space that has no personality or relation to you or your household as individuals. 

So if you’re looking for inspiration, take simple things like photos of you and your family to incorporate around the space. If there are particular colors, make sure that gets featured throughout too.

If it’s a household with children, then be sure to rope them in to help with some of the interiors, perhaps when working on their bedrooms for example. They could do something fun like a tree design that uses their handprints for leaves. There are plenty of ways that you can incorporate and inject your household’s own personality.

It makes the space more interesting than simply sticking to a generic theme that you’ve seen in a magazine or perhaps your favorite influencer has done. Lead with your own ideas and what you like when it comes to your home and the things you put in it. The more of you that goes into the space, the better.

If you’re looking to redecorate your home this year then make sure you’ve followed through on the above tips. That way, you’ll likely have a more successful process that you’ll be happy with in the end.