A 6-item bathroom renovation checklist for every homeowner

A 6-item bathroom renovation checklist for every homeowner

Your bathroom is as important as the other spaces in your house. This can be your personal sanctuary at home, where you can practice good hygiene and where you can relax at the same time. And with that, it only makes sense to want a bathroom designed according to your needs and preferences. 

Suppose you’re looking to have your bathroom renovated. While this can be an exciting project to take on, it can also be overwhelming considering the plenty of aspects you need to consider. To help you with this, here’s a bathroom renovation checklist and a to-do list that every homeowner must see:

1. Set a budget

Before you get busy with the design and renovations, it’s recommended to start by defining a budget. Essentially, this refers to how much you’re willing to spend on the entire project. This way, you can set your expectations about what your bathroom could look like without overspending.

To start, you need to consider the fees of the professionals you’re looking to work with. These can include architects, interior designers, and contractors. They can best help turn your dream bathroom into reality. 

In addition, you need to factor in materials costs. As a safe benchmark, look for above-standard materials instead of cheaper alternatives. That way, it can be easier to downgrade if you need to cut costs. And along with this, it’ll also be helpful to allot a little wiggle room in case you have design revisions or additions down the road. This can also prepare you should there be unexpected expenses you weren’t able to account for.

2. List down your bathroom must-haves

Perhaps, one of the most exciting parts of the renovating process is the design and planning stage. After all, before you embarked on this project, more or less, you already had bathroom design ideas in mind. To help you organize your ideas and avoid missing the details you want for your bathroom, it’s recommended to prepare a list of your bathroom must-haves.

Aside from the basic plumbing fixtures such as toilet, sink, tub, showerhead, and faucets, list down all decorating elements you wish to add to your bathroom. Veejays says you should allow your decors to be welcoming, soft, and not occupy too much space. With the right combination of wall and surface decorations, you can make your bathroom to be beautiful.

In addition, you should also list down wish lists that you may have. For instance, do you want soft close drawers, or would traditional ones do? Do you want your bathroom to have a double vanity sink? Or perhaps you want to have additional storage for toiletries and other bathroom essentials? 

Listing all the things you want for your bathroom can go a long way toward simplifying the planning and design process. Moreover, it can help ensure that you won’t miss out on anything for your dream bathroom.

3. Choose a theme

Another thing that should be on your bathroom renovation checklist is a theme. Besides listing down your must-haves, choosing a theme for your bathroom and sticking to it can give your room a more cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look. 

You can have a more relaxing vibe by using muted or earth-toned colors. And considering the simplicity and elegance of such colors, you can achieve a more luxurious feel for your bathroom. On the other hand, you can experiment with colors if you want a more bright and cheerful space for your bathroom.

4. Hire a professional

Hiring a professional should always be on your bathroom renovation checklist if you’d like to guarantee quality results. While you can quickly do some DIY bathroom renovation, it might only be limited to changing the wallpaper and plumbing fixtures, such as the faucet and handles. This is because more significant work, such as rerouting plumbing lines and installing new tiles, would require the expertise and assistance of professionals to avoid causing damage to your home.

A professional can offer their skills and knowledge from the planning stage to the execution. They can help ensure you achieve your bathroom renovation goals with the best quality possible. While they might have a higher fee, the benefits they’ll bring to your home would be worth it.

5. Repair any damages

Aside from focusing on your bathroom’s aesthetics, it’s also essential to inspect possible damage that your bathroom may have. This way, you can guarantee everything’s running smoothly, especially the plumbing system. This can be beneficial in ensuring your renovation project’s success, freeing your bathroom from possible plumbing issue-related repairs down the road.

Consider contacting a professional plumber to help you with this aspect. They can conduct a thorough inspection of your plumbing and recommend possible repairs as needed. Skipping this part might lead to bigger problems, even if you’re only experiencing small symptoms in the first place.

6. Create a timeline

Creating a construction timeline can help you keep your project on track and avoid delaying its completion. This can be extremely important, especially if you only have one bathroom inside your home and you’ve set it up for renovation. With a timeline, you can identify how long you will have to stay out of the room and if the progress is within a reasonable time. 

Ideally, when finalizing a timeline, it’s best to coordinate and work with your contractor. This way, they’ll also be informed of your target completion time, and they can also advise you whether your projected date is realistic or not. In other words, you and your contractor can be in sync with the expected project completion.

They can also assist you on this task by listing down construction milestones such as demolition of the current bathroom elements, plumbing and electrical roughing-in, wall finishing, flooring installation, cabinetry installation, material sourcing, and installation of new fixtures, among others.

Wrapping it up

Renovating your bathroom can be both an exciting and challenging project to take on. Whether it’s a small or big undertaking, preparing a checklist can be a good place to start. With a bathroom renovation checklist, you can make the process of achieving your dream bathroom easier, more organized, and more convenient.

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