Above kitchen cabinet decor: 9 ideas + helpful tips

Kitchen cabinets that do not reach the ceiling are by no means a rarity in modern houses and apartments. The reasons for such a constructive solution may be different – someone missed the measurement, and someone was simply satisfied with such dimensions, including in terms of price. As a result, you get a significant part of the free space in the vertical plane, and you can easily use it for decoration.

Of course, if you are a fan of the minimalist style, then you can leave the space above the upper row of kitchen cabinets empty. It will even be harmonious if you have completed a full-fledged wall decoration with paint, tiles, or wallpaper. But in most cases, it is quite possible to decorate it, giving your kitchen individuality and comfort. So, let’s figure out what types of decor will be appropriate in this small but significant area.

How to decorate the space above kitchen cabinets correctly: valuable tips

Before proceeding directly to the decor ideas, it is worth saying a few words about correctly using the area above the kitchen cabinets. Of course, it all depends on your personal tastes and preferences, but do not forget about prudence. We hope you find our tips helpful no matter what decoration options you find particularly interesting.

  • Don’t turn the top of a kitchen unit into a pantry. Many housewives consider the space above the cabinets as another row of open shelves and often put things of the so-called long-term storage there – boxes of small household appliances, pots, cans, and even stocks of canned food. Do not forget that in this way, you do not make an aesthetic and comfortable space out of the kitchen but an ordinary warehouse. The place for this kind of things is in a real pantry or cabinets with closed doors.
  • Stick to style. If there is a country spirit in the interior, your choice has to be the wood decor and painted dishes. French country gravitates towards baskets of dried herbs and light porcelain, while the Mediterranean style gravitates towards ceramics. Look for decor that complements your kitchen design.
  • Don’t overdo it. The desire to place everything on the upper kitchen cabinets at once is quite natural, but in this case, the risk of littering is very high. It is better to collect several decorative groups from the things you like and change the exposure from time to time.
  • Be prepared for more frequent cleaning. The dusty or grease-coated decor is no longer decor. Pay attention to the cleanliness of items placed on top cabinets to keep your kitchen looking neat and stylish.
  • Don’t be afraid of change. Perhaps the decor you choose will bore you over time, but you should not be afraid of this. In the paragraph above, we already mentioned that you can easily change decorative groups, achieving delicious variety.

So, now you know the basic principles and rules for decorating the top of kitchen cabinets, and it’s time to move on to exciting ideas. Some of them will inspire you, and some you will want to use on the fly – and that’s just great.

Additional lighting

Suppose you don’t really want to place anything on the upper tier of cabinets, but you want to add a twist to the interior. In that case, there is a great solution – to arrange the empty space so that it becomes part of the lighting scenario for your kitchen! In this case, you do not need to use either spots or lamps: you only need an LED strip. Alternatively, you can also decorate the top of your kitchen unit with a stylish garland and enjoy soft and textured lighting.

Your collection is your pride.

Love for certain things often translates into a rather extensive collection, which you want to admire and which you want to brag to your family and friends. Many of us have our own sweet hobbies: porcelain milk jugs, crystal glasses, glass figurines, and ceramic cats. However, if it so happens that there is simply no place in the glass sideboard, and there is nowhere to hang the shelves for your collection, then you may well choose the top of the kitchen cabinets.

The rows of kitchen cabinets are long enough to accommodate all the pieces you hold dear to your heart – and even add new ones. In addition, you can change their position to make the collection look different every time. True, you will have to take care of your collection more carefully, but what can you not do in the name of art! And one more thing: don’t add anything to the top anymore to avoid feeling cluttered.

Returning to the question of art, raised a little higher, why not place pictures and posters that you like above the kitchen cabinets? This will kill two birds with one stone: firstly, you can admire your favorite images at any time. And, of course, the second – you do not need to perforate the walls and spoil the wallpaper. True, there is one nuance here too: if you are fond of cooking, and in your kitchen, there is often smoke in the literal sense of the word, it is better to find another place for pictures and posters.

Add green plants

Placing pots with herbs on kitchen cabinets is a win-win option! Firstly, this way, you can demonstrate support of the eco-trend that is more relevant today than ever. Secondly, you will bring life and freshness to the atmosphere of your kitchen. And, thirdly, such a solution can be combined with almost any interior. A little life hack: if the kitchen has enough lighting, try planting your favorite aromatic herbs in pots instead of ordinary houseplants – you will definitely love it!

Baskets, baskets, and some more baskets

If you are still fascinated by the idea of using the space above your kitchen cabinets as storage space, try to find a balance between ergonomics and aesthetics. And we will give you a hint: baskets, in this case, are your everything! They can be wicker, wood, or wire – choose the option that fits perfectly into the interior of your kitchen in style and texture. Now you have a place to store bottles of oils and fragrant vinegar, medicines, cereals, and even candles and decorations for the festive table. Please note that it is unnecessary to use several of the same baskets, but there must be something in common in their design.

Use contrasting finishing

And one more find for those who do not welcome anything extra in the interior of their home. All you need in this case is to arrange the wall above the kitchen cabinets differently from all vertical surfaces in the room. If you want to paint it in a different color – try it. Do not mind seeing how brightly patterned wallpaper will look – go for it. The idea of a loft-style with its brick surfaces came up – you have room to experiment! In this case, even if the top of your kitchen cabinets are no longer decorated with any knick-knacks and storage containers, annoying voids will disappear in the interior.

Correct the height

It often happens that the upper tier of cabinets is too low, and a rather impressive space opens up between them and the ceiling. In this case, vertically elongated objects will come to your aid – these can be beautiful bottles, vases, or abstract forms of ceramics. Arrange them in beautiful groups and see how well they adjust the proportions of your furniture.

Place for party

The empty space above the top tier of kitchen cabinets is just perfect for a festive interior. Christmas garlands of fir branches for Christmas, romantic collages of candles, dried flowers and wooden hearts on Valentine’s Day, light bulbs and posters with touching inscriptions on birthdays – all these can be very beautifully placed on top of the kitchen cabinets, creating a unique atmosphere and without cluttering the valuable space…

Mini library

We have previously written about options for storing cookbooks in the kitchen. So – on the upper tier of kitchen cabinets, you can turn around in the complete sense of the word. Typically, there is enough space for placing books vertically, stacking them, and storing culinary journals and scrapbooks or boxes of recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation in your family.

Appreciating ergonomics means skillfully using every inch of your kitchen space. We sincerely hope that our tips for using the area above the kitchen cabinets will be helpful to you – and will help you find the balance between beauty and comfort.

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