Above TV decor: traditional solutions + modern ideas

Above TV decor: traditional solutions + modern ideas

Many of us already know how to hang a TV on the wall properly. Just to be on the safe side, though: the optimal TV screen height above the floor is 50-70 inches (125-170 cm), depending on the height of your couch and your usual body position when watching TV. This information is readily available, and you will hardly have any difficulty placing electronics on vertical surfaces. That is why we would like to talk about something else – namely, decorative surroundings of this kind of technique.

Of course, no one can forbid you to leave the space above the TV completely empty – fans of minimalism, close to asceticism, even welcome this. However, why not turn the wall you look at the most into a powerful interior accent? By combining moderation, a sense of color, and your own vision, you can create a truly unique atmosphere. But first things first.

How to decorate a wall above a TV: important rules

When decorating a wall around a TV, you have to kill two birds with one stone – to maintain a comfortable viewing environment and create the desired aesthetic impression. Whichever decorative solution you choose, try to follow our simple tips:

  • Avoid eclecticism. All at once – it is absolutely not the same principle that should be used in decorating a wall with a TV. Leading in the decor can be one, maximum of two elements.
  • Don’t experiment with colors and brightness. If you really want to stay focused while watching your favorite TV show, reserve a riot of colors for decorating something else. When using bright, marker accent spots in the same plane as the TV, you will be constantly distracted by them and, with an effort of will, return your gaze to the screen – and in this case, you are guaranteed eye fatigue.
  • Don’t forget about safety. Do not use too heavy decor, and when installing shelves, paintings, clocks, and panels, make sure that they are securely fixed. Otherwise, you risk not only losing the TV itself but also suffering yourself.

As you can see, all the basic rules for decorating a wall above a TV are elementary. Now we will not talk too much about the principles of design and stylistic conformity: all this is more or less obvious. Therefore, it is worth moving on to something more interesting – namely, design ideas.

Photo wall

This decorative solution is the most obvious – but it does not at all follow that it is unsuccessful. Feel free to post pictures of your family and friends around the TV or even your work if you’re into photography. An obvious plus is the ability to choose color photos for modern interiors or black and white for something in retro, vintage, or art deco style.

In addition, you run the risk of getting carried away and thinking about the layout of the pictures – chaotically, collages, or in a strictly geometric order around the perimeter of the TV. The latter option promises to be very interesting.

Can the TV be placed on an accent wall? Of course, especially since this solution will have a lot of advantages. Firstly, you will be able more often to admire such a successful individual note in your interior. Secondly, you will not have to spend money on additional decor items such as paintings, shelves, photo frames, and mirrors since such a wall is good in itself.

And one more argument in favor of this decoration option is the opportunity to try different materials. It can be accent wallpaper (just not too bright and extravagant), board and batten, shiplap, as well as trendy 3D panels, and equally popular boiserie panels.

Spectacular lamps

At first glance, the idea of decorating the wall above the TV with lamps may seem absurd, but do not rush to conclusions. Firstly, such lighting will definitely not bother you, provided that the light beam is not directed at the TV and not in your eyes. And secondly, this is a great way to diversify the lighting scenario and add variety to the interior.

The most obvious solution would be to arrange a row of lamps in several lampshades above the TV. However, suspended fixtures mounted on the ceiling on either side of the TV and elegant classic sconces will look just as good. Choose closed lampshades and not too pretentious design – you get a very relevant composition.

Art painting

If you are the happy owner of an exclusive interior, then a fresco or art painting on the wall on which the TV is located will be a natural continuation of individual design. As a rule, such a design is carried out strictly according to sketches developed based on the room’s general style, and therefore there is no doubt about the harmony and beauty of such a solution.


Decorating your TV wall with mirrors is a great way to fill in voids or add a personal touch. The result depends on what exactly you use – one or more mirrors in stylish frames or mirror tiles. The second option seems much more interesting since today there are many forms and varieties of design for such a decor – feel free to choose the one that is closer to the style of your living room or bedroom.


Installing shelves on the same wall with a TV is the lot of very cunning owners who want to combine business with pleasure, arranging their favorite trinkets in the most visible location and getting an additional storage system.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with such a decor, but still try to do without frills: do not overload the shelves with massive decor and do not turn them into a chaotic warehouse of everyday little things. Also, think carefully about how you place them around your TV. Whether it will be some kind of symmetrical composition, a scheme in the form of steps, or one laconic shelf directly above the screen – depends on your interior style and, of course, the size of the wall itself.

Decorative stickers

This wall decoration option is quite popular – both due to the variety of decor options and the low price. Today, decorative stickers can be bought in building materials stores, in designer salons, and on Internet sites. At the same time, it is also important to be vigilant and not chase after cheap things: the better the stickers, the better they look, and the more reliably they are attached to the surface.

A decorative niche or an impressive wall clock, a luxurious baguette, or your personal collection of weapons, hunting trophies, or a couple of house plants – don’t be afraid to get creative with your TV wall. Finding a balance between restraint and expressiveness of the decor, you get the opportunity to arrange a pleasant rest for your eyes between watching your favorite TV shows.

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