Advice on how to choose an apartment for students

Advice on how to choose an apartment for students

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Searching for a place to live is always a time-consuming, nerve-racking, a-lot-of-money-spending process. Now, imagine how it is for a university student, who has a zillion of other important things to handle, especially if it’s his/her first year. And that’s the reason we’re writing this blog – to share with you some working student tips on how to choose accommodation if you’re a student in the UK. But let’s start with why it’s important. 

Why good accommodation matters

Imagine living in a house that stinks, leaks, and lets in all the sounds from the outside while trying to work on anything that requires a deep concentration. Something like a case study or essay. You won’t be able to come up with a sentence and will most likely google for the best essay writing service to free you from this burden. Just in case we’ve described the situation right now, check this trusted essay writing website, finish reading this article, and start looking for new accommodation. Our point? Good accommodation is a good environment to focus on what matters to you as a student, which is quality learning and acquiring new skills. Let’s see what types of accommodation for students can be an option for you.

The right choice of dwelling

These are the most common options of accommodations for studenthood in the UK.

  • Campus dorms. An on-campus students’ residence with amenities to cook food, exercise, socialize, etc.  A typical boarding school has it and some universities, too. However, there is no guarantee that you’ll be given one. It will depend on where you’re from, the financial possibilities of other students, and, of course, availability. 
  • Shareable apartment for students. This is the most common practice as it a) gives you more freedom to do what you want, and b) well, it’s just convenient to take a shower in your own bathroom and not share the kitchen with more than 2 people. 
  • Buying an apartment. Well, if you work and earn enough to cover the education and real estate purchase, you won’t probably need any of the tips below.
  • Hotels. They are a great choice when you need to live somewhere in-between moving from one place to another or if you’re an international student studying for a short semester. Otherwise, it will be more convenient to rent an apartment alone or with your mates.

The choice of a dwelling depends on many factors like income, distance to the college, preferences, and many others. We’ll leave a few tips on how to choose the best one for you. 

How to find a cool accommodation?

  • Always seek help from proven and trusted real estate agents/agencies. They at least can guarantee that you won’t be kicked out the next day for no reason after you’ve paid your money.
  • If possible, choose the accommodation close to the college. It’s worth paying a bit more but saves both money and time on a daily commute by bus or train.
  • Review the apartment before making a deal. Turn every water faucet, try if a TV’s working, make sure you have a good Internet in place, inquire about everything you need to know as a temporary resident (like how to pay bills and who to contact if you need it). This may save you tons of nerves in the long run. 
  • Ask a teacher or a groupmate about the neighborhoods. Especially if you’re new in the town and live in temporary accommodation like a hostel or hotel. The locals always know the hoods better, as well as the market price. This will arm you against possible fraud or paying way through the nose. 
  • Know who you live with. If you’re renting a room, apartment, or live in the dorm with other people, it’s great to know about them a bit more. Not only will it make your co-living more interesting, but this will also make it safer. 

Finding perfect accommodation is tough, but if you know some tips and shortcuts on how to make it less painful, you’ll find the home of your dream to spend the best student years in. Hopefully, the above tips will help you in your journey!