Top 8 Airbnb Bedroom Ideas Borrowed from the Best Rentals

Although Airbnbs are not new, they are now more popular than ever. Investing in a good Airbnb idea is worth the hype. But how do you make it actually work? Simple. Make everything about and for guests. Now, let’s get to the reason why you are here. You should go first through the Airbnb bedroom essentials. And we will help you with that, as well as with a bunch of Airbnb bedroom design ideas we kindly borrowed from the best rentals from all over the world.

Airbnb Bedroom Checklist

  • Determine who your guests are. Where they come from, what they expect, and their purpose. More or less, particular locations and Airbnb types are of interest to specific groups of people;
  • Consider the location. It will give you valuable insights into how to decorate a bedroom. For instance, a coastal rental house would definitely benefit from a freshly designed Coastal-style interior;
  • Choose a theme. Rather than a traditional bedroom, explore the range of design themes and add interest to your Airbnb;
  • Don’t overlook functionality. When choosing the furniture, pay utmost attention to durability before style;
  • Provide the room with the basics. Ensure you always have enough linen pieces and towels, even more than you think is enough for any situation;
  • Key bedroom furniture units. The bed, nightstands, storage units, desk, and additional seats are a must. The rest is up to you;
  • Personalized decoration. Artwork, themed decor, local decorative pieces, and everything related works (online inspirational sources are at your disposal).

It’s time to get inspired! Follow the latest Airbnb bedroom trends with Hackrea.

Bring in the Local Scenery

Personalize the bedroom design by imitating the outside scenery in your Airbnb bedroom. Use materials, colors, and textures peculiar to your location. Take a look outside. A cabin in the forest, a breezy bedroom on the coast, a rural design with raw textured furniture, or an aesthetically pleasing bedroom with plastered walls and pottery accents, to name a few.

Airbnb Bedroom Design on a Budget

The most affordable and fastest way to design or redesign an Airbnb bedroom is by painting. Choose an unusual paint color and use it on walls or ceilings. Moody, earthy tones, natural greens and blues, or pastel shades of fruity colors are a great asset. Additionally, think of creatively painted geometric forms on your walls. Your guests will surely appreciate the art. Try one or more popular shades from our vast selection of the trendiest paint colors in 2024.

Take a Seat in the Airbnb Bedroom

Additional seats in bedrooms are usually underrated, which should definitely not be the case with Airbnb bedrooms. Your guests will feel more welcome and cared for if you try to meet their needs. Imagine entering the rental bedroom after a long drive. Wouldn’t it be great to take a seat on a comfy accent chair? You can also put some of your belongings there for a start. 

Bedroom in a Library

Yes, you’ve read it the right way! Not a library in a bedroom but the opposite. You’ll undoubtedly stand out on the list of Airbnbs in your location with an original sleeping space surrounded by bookshelves. Give your guests a one-of-a-kind experience.

Spa Treatment 

Make your guests feel welcome and relaxed while at your place by offering the possibility to experience spa-like treatments. You’ll have more clients if you think out of the box. Therefore, a free-standing bathtub right in the sleeping space sounds alluring and original at the same time. Make it feel authentic rather than hotel-like. If they had wanted a stay at the hotel, they would have booked a room there instead.

Give Them a Taste of Your Culture

Instead of copying design vibes from renowned coastal resorts, vacation spots, and popular places from around the world, pay attention to your surroundings. Share your beautiful culture and traditions with your guests. Give them impressions they would not have experienced anywhere else. The easiest and most efficient option is to decorate the Airbnb bedroom with colorful textiles filled with ethnic prints.

Twin Airbnb Bedroom

What if it is a couple? What if not? Either way, you’ll always be on the safe side with a twin bedroom. Consider two identical beds placed side by side that you can easily bring closer to form a single sleeping space. Your Airbnb will get more attractive to a larger group of possible guests. 

Better than Closets: Clothing Racks

This clothing storage alternative is more affordable, doesn’t steal much space, and adapts to your room layout. There are traditional, wall-mounted, and ceiling-mounted racks. And, your future guests will totally like a convenient rack for their clothes. Still, provide the room with a few floating shelves or a dresser. Not all clothes can be stored on racks. And don’t forget about a full-length mirror for a mini-get-ready area. Your temporary visitors will thank you for that.

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