Art Deco bathroom: make a glamorous statement with our design ideas

The Art Deco style may sound too extra for the bathroom, but we dare say that many bathroom designs known to you are actually traced to this particular style. Furthermore, if you are an amateur of everything glamorous and want to make a statement with your bathroom design, then nothing of what will be said as it follows will be strange to you but rather fascinating and inspiring. On the other hand, if you are at the start of your journey in this respect, don’t hesitate and dare question everything because we will provide you with answers. Either way, you will not regret the result. Stay with us, and you will get convinced of that.

The Art Deco style in the bathroom includes the use of different decor elements that incorporate various concepts and add glamour to usual pieces of furniture. It offers the bathroom a 1920s vibe, at the same time, keeping it up-to-date as Art Deco has always been popular. Believe it or not, but this style works perfectly when it comes to the interior design of the bathroom as you can play with colors and patterns in any way possible. Notwithstanding this fact, there are still limitations, and this is what you will find out about below. We suggest you prepare to take some notes because it will be a long and adventurous journey into the 1920s. There is more to come. You will be able to bring this period of time into your 21st-century bathroom by applying our tips. Let’s get it started.

Art Deco bathroom: 4 starting points

  • Color combination. Art Deco style implies most of all the use of such a contrast as the black and white one, which is easy to be applied in a bathroom. Nevertheless, it is not a full stop. You can opt for other bold colors combinations such as dark blue with white, red with silver, green with gold. It should be noted that these shades do not refer only to the background but also to other elements such as the accessories.
  • Bathroom elements. When it comes to the constituent elements of the bathroom, it is worth mentioning that they should also correspond to this particular style. Follow our lead, and you will get it. Regarding the bathroom suites, we suggest you opt for shapes with one or more angles. Consider taps with particular geometric handles, especially the black ones, as it would add glamour even to such a tiny element of the bathroom. Of course, we can not speak about a glamorous bathroom if there is no roll-top bath, which is one of the defining units of the era we refer to.
  • Geometric designs. Fabulous geometric designs and sharp patterns are expressive elements of the Art Deco style. When it comes to the bathroom, we suggest you apply them to such units as the tiles, flooring, or floor. For instance, the classic combination of black and white for tiles is not expensive, but it offers the perfect background for this style. If you think it is too simple, you can opt for metallic accessories. At the same time, you could give it a chance to wallpapers with geometric designs.
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall! There is no bathroom without a mirror. When it comes to an Art Deco bathroom, we suggest you opt for one or two mirrors that will both enlarge the space and add light to the room. They should not be simple but rather extravagant ones. Consider bevelled mirrors, and this simple variation will solve the problem at once.

Art Deco bathroom: main peculiarities and rules to be considered

It is not a surprise that bold colors, eclectic designs, and contrast of concepts are constituent elements of the Art Deco style. When referring to a bathroom with this particular design, the previous elements are applied here as well. Although, it should be noted that some variations will occur in this sense as every room in part needs a particular set of decorative units.

The perfect choice of colors

The best choice in this sense consists of the subtle shades of color. You can consider the next combinations:

  • black and white;
  • soothing green and cream;
  • calmer shades of pink, green, blue, yellow.

Main features

Art Deco includes a combination of modern with traditional, where some of the essential elements are the next ones:

  • sharp curves in combination with geometric patterns;
  • bold lines and exotic materials;
  • black and white tiles;
  • silver and gold accessories.

Art Deco bathroom: stylish design ideas for inspiration

An Art Deco bathroom sounds general. We have to dive into the specifics of this style to understand how it works and how it can be applied. Therefore, we will provide you with an array of Art Deco designs for the bathroom by revealing their peculiarities and ways of implementing them.

Art Nouveau-inspired tile

This design consists of using black and white tiles for the wall in a particular way inspired by the 1920s. Does it sound abstract to you? No worries. We will explain it to you. Most part of the wall has to be covered with white tiles, while the top part of it will be composed by the bold shade of the black tiles. This contrast will offer the bathroom a sense of stability and a 1920s vibe for those who are acquainted with trends of this period. There is more to come. Consider such elements as a marble top and silver legs for the sink, marble flooring, and globe-shaped lamps.

Art Deco wallpaper

It was mentioned earlier that besides the usual tiles, you could also opt for wallpaper. When it comes to an Art deco style, consider glamorous materials and patterns. We suggest you decorate just one wall this way. As regards the wallpaper itself, you can opt for a tortoiseshell print that will offer the bathroom a luxurious look. Furthermore, this element can be emphasized by adding such bathroom units as a black and white marble sink and brass taps. There is more to come. Bold chandeliers are the last piece of the puzzle, as they will complete the picture.

A new sparkle of color

As mentioned earlier, the black and white combination is not the only variant. You can opt for other colors as well. In this case, we speak about pink and black tiles. It should be noted that it has to be a soothing shade of pink. It is not surprising that we refer to such a combination as it entered the interior design once the art Deco period started. Of course, there are other elements to be added to such a combination, such as chrome fixtures for the sink and wallpaper with geometric patterns. Furthermore, a marble-framed mirror would match perfectly the other units.

Classic brass and marble

As you have probably noticed, brass and marble are some of the main materials within this style. It can be called a classic. You probably know that everything that is classic cannot get out-of-date. This is why you should apply these materials when appropriate. We would like to add that even used together, they will not disappoint you but rather offer your bathroom an aesthetic look. We suggest you opt for a marble sink, using brass materials for the legs. Furthermore, a gray marble floor will perfectly match the above-mentioned combination.

Classic color palette

We would like to tackle this subject from the point of view of the lighting that is primarily played in this sense by lamps, windows, and mirrors. When it comes to the windows, we suggest you opt for Art Nouveau stained glass that can include a combination of two or three colors, which add a new sparkle of light to the room. As regards the mirror, consider a simple one that would not draw attention from the colorful jewels of the room. It should be noted that such decorative elements will go perfectly with soothing pink walls.

Go all blue

Although this style implies particular combinations, you can also opt for a single color, and royal blue is a perfect choice. It should be noted that it can offer the room a vintage look, but this is when other elements come in place to solve the problem. The white clawfoot tub and ceramic sink will bring the bathroom to the 1930s when the Art deco style was in its fullest development.

Art Deco bathroom: conclusions and photos for inspiration

An Art Deco bathroom is a bold choice, but so are you if you came this far. There is no way you could go back. Once you started this journey and went through the information we provided you with, you are halfway to reach the desired result when it comes to the perfect Art Deco bathroom that would suit your preferences. We suggest you take another look at our tips and enjoy the photos below to get inspired.

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