Art Deco bedroom: useful tips and glamorous design ideas with photos

If you are inspired by everything related to the 1920s, or you find yourself dreaming of sleeping in a castle, like the one owned by Mr. Gatsby, there is no doubt you are looking for an Art Deco bedroom. Would you like to fall asleep and wake up in an environment of glamour and feel like the owner of your personal castle from the 1920s? We are sure you would not reject an offer like that. Dreams come true if you work hard for them, but they are closer if you work smart. This is why we will provide you with useful information regarding this design, practical tips on how to incorporate it into the bedroom, and glamorous ideas for you to pick the design that fits your preferences better.

Do you know that Art Deco is a French term? Now you know. Moreover, it stands for a particular type of design that is not peculiar for everybody. Are you an amateur of geometric patterns, metallic finishes, bright colors, and visual diversity? If you found yourself in this description, then this article is meant for you. As a starting point, it is worth mentioning that whether it is a living room or a bedroom, the Art Deco style will always be accompanied by such elements as overdone glamour and traditional luxury. You probably wonder how these two concepts can be combined within the environment of the same room. There is nothing difficult about that if you play appropriately with the decoration elements, and this is what we are going to teach you.

Art Deco bedroom: starting points and main rules to be considered

  • Art Deco designs. There are various designs in this sense. Although the style itself incorporates different concepts, it does not mean that you should combine all of them in any way you want. There are strictly defined contrasts that should not be mixed. They will be presented in this article down below.
  • Art deco colors. As it was mentioned, this style includes the use of bold colors. There is nothing wrong with this statement, but we have to add something: use them appropriately. Are you wondering what we mean by that? Here is the explanation: apply any shade of color you want for the decorative elements but don’t forget about the background. The latter one should be neutral to preserve the balance.
  • Art Deco furniture. When it comes to the units of furniture that have to be incorporated into this style, you can go three ways: traditional furniture that refers to a particular period, modern furniture that reflects the progress, or luxurious furniture that presents a specific culture.
  • Art Deco elements of decor. It is not a surprise that this point is the last one. It means that you have to go through all the rules mentioned above before applying this one as the choice of the decorative elements depends on the particular design, color combination, and type of furniture. As a result, the appropriate decorative units will emphasize the design you opted for.

Art Deco bedroom: glamorous designs with inspirational photos

As it was mentioned earlier, there are particular designs within this style. In order to make the appropriate choice in this respect, we will reveal to you the most common ones, their peculiarities, and constituent elements. As a result, you will be able to make a distinction among them and choose the one that fits you best. Enough with the words. Let’s dive into the world of Art Deco style.

An eclectic combination of concepts

It is not a secret that the Art Deco style involves the interaction between different types of materials that reflect particular ideas. When it comes to the bedroom, this specific design implies the use of various materials for the furniture and decorations. For instance, you can opt for a metallic frame for the bed and velvet fabric for the bed clothing. To add a sparkle of color, consider a bold shade for the lamps or other decorative units.

Gray luxury

As simple as it sounds, gray can make your bedroom more complex than you expected. It is not a surprise that it was integrated so successfully by this design as a balanced combination between different shades of gray and metallic brings symmetry to your room, which is undoubtedly one of the main features of Art Deco.

Sharp lines and a bold combination

The bold combination of colors should look as minimal as possible as the contrast itself will add an enormous variation to the design. You can opt for such a partnering as red and gray, blue and gray, green and gray. When it comes to the furniture, there is where the sharp lines come in place. They will add stability to the contrastive environment and enrich it with new elements.

Bring in vintage

This particular type of Art Deco design includes the use of calm colors, such as soothing pink, blue, and other neutral shades. All these colors are emphasized by brass-framed units of furniture with eye-catching patterns.

An amalgam of patterns

Art Deco is extra about everything when it comes to decoration. This particular design involves the use of various patterns as regards furniture, the carpet, or bed clothing. You can opt for such elements of decor as animal print and various geometric shapes for the bedding and carpet. There is no doubt that you can go as extra as you want when it comes to the patterns but don’t forget that you should play with them on a particular background that would rather emphasize their uniqueness than reduce it.

Cool atmosphere

This design involves the use of bold and, at the same time, cool colors that would be emphasized in contrast with other elements of the decor. At the same time, they will bring stability and calmness into the room by establishing a particular border between two concepts that would complement each other.

Bring some drama

As mentioned earlier, Art Deco likes to bring in some drama. You are probably wondering how this concept can be incorporated into an interior design. Of course, we have the answer: introduce unusual decorative elements that would play as interest points and lead to a dramatic angle of view when it comes to the general picture of the room.

Art Deco bedroom: conclusions and more inspirational photos

 As you have probably noticed, Art Deco is not a usual style to play with. It has various peculiarities, each referring to different concepts. The result should not be an amalgam of colors and patterns. On the contrary, it should be a perfect combination of bold and soothing shades of color, modern and traditional furniture, and extravagant decorative elements. It is essential to find a balance between such different units of decor. Therefore, we suggest you take one more look at the information provided by us and enjoy the next photos for inspiration.

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