Art deco chandeliers: features and types

The main difference in the Art deco style is a tendency to imperialism and cubism. Art Deco chandeliers, as a rule, look luxurious, elegant, and quite voluminous. So the lighting in the interior should also be expensive and luxurious.

An elegant chandelier made of small crystal drops looks harmoniously in the living room with Art deco style. Such chandeliers will make any interior spectacular. They fit perfectly into the decor of country houses, city apartments. and public buildings.

Distinctive features of Art deco chandeliers

It is worth noting that Art deco is a combination of several directions of the art of ancient cultures. Such lamps harmoniously combine Egyptian motifs, Greek archaic, and primitive African tribes. Chandeliers give the interior an avantgarde simplicity coupled with exotic originality.

There are several fundamental principles of the direction of Art deco in chandeliers:

  • Compliance with precise, regular forms. Currently, round, square, triangular, trapezoidal shapes are especially popular.
  • Maintaining gradation in the interior. Increasingly, podiums, niches, multi-level ceilings began to be used in decoration. Highlight this design will be able to tiered chandeliers or lamps with spiral crystal pendants.
  • Shine in addition to light. What could be more beautiful than the brilliant, shimmering light of a luxurious chandelier? All the glossy surfaces of the room will shine.

The highlight of this style is that it does not create the composition, but splits it into parts, forcing you to pay attention to every detail. It also balances the splendor and wealth due to the calm color scheme.

Stylized chandelier structure

Artificial materials for such chandeliers are not used. The ceiling and fixtures can vary: from the standard combination of metal and frosted glass to the exotic – textiles and wood. These chandeliers are mounted using bolts, hooks, or mounting plates. For more advantageous lighting, lamps are selected for them ordinary or halogen.

The materials most often used to create lamps are expensive fabrics, Murano glass, crystal, wood, gilded, or chromed metal. Less commonly, leather or ceramics can be found.

The colors of the style are mainly white, gray, silver, beige, brown, black. Bright saturated shades should be added with caution.

The range in the price category is striking – there are both affordable chandeliers with several bulbs and expensive models with Swarovski stones. 

In the guest room, attention is drawn to an unusual chandelier that is entirely consistent with the style. A discreet Art deco chandelier with classic shades is the perfect solution for a modest pathos design.

Categories of fixtures 

Due to its popularity, the relatively young Art deco style has already spread to all types of lamps. Chandeliers, sconces, table lamps, spots, and floor lamps delight the eye with their sophisticated design. Their characteristic features are sharpness, angularity, a minimum of smooth lines and ornate patterns, and the general shape is close to geometry or abstraction.

Distinctive features of an Art deco chandelier:

  • crystal inclusions;
  • frosted glass;
  • gracefully curved fixtures.

Contrary to popular belief, a large Art deco chandelier is not an element of palace luxury. It is more suitable for a spacious, cozy house with luxurious decoration. Such lights fit perfectly into large halls, living rooms with high ceilings, wide stairwells.

A floor lamp and a chandelier harmoniously combine, creating an integrated lighting system. In front-head composition is a stylish, eye-catching chandelier. 

Appliances with lampshades made of lace textile or frosted glass will complement the bedrooms in pastel colors. If the room is decorated in several colors, you should pay attention to the chandelier with decorative elements, crystal pendants, or bright shades.

Types of Art deco lightning

Ceiling and pendant lights

Ceiling lights, unlike chandeliers, are rigidly attached to the ceiling. They are used for lighting small rooms or on low ceilings.

Art deco ceiling lights can turn a small entrance hall into a chic, light-filled lobby. In the living room, they will help to divide the space into functional zones, and in the bedrooms, nurseries, and dining rooms, they will serve as the primary source of light.

Designers all over the world present many attractive solutions: translucent printed fabrics, crystal pendants, and beads, sophisticated painting on stained glass, soft textile framing, delicate weaving.

Stylized artistic elements are combined with bronze lace, color painting, ornaments, translucent folds that frame the lampshade, perfectly combined with shades of magnificent textile, frosted glass, or a mirror.

A luxurious chandelier and wall lights with dark, non-translucent shades create a romantic atmosphere in subdued light.

Wall sconces and spots

Art deco wall lamp is always a game of contrasts in colors and textures. They traced ethnic motifs and light elements of the ornament. The design of these fixtures can be very diverse – from metal, textile, glass, and crystal, with openwork bronze, gilding, and chrome.

In the interiors of bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, made in a calm color scheme, the sconce will become an elegant decor and create an expressive note. Due to the general splendor, the light from the small lamps is rather weak. Therefore, they should be used only as additional sources of zonal illumination, for example, in places of reading and rest.

Decorative art touched even such modest fixtures as spots. Their short forms are beaten by openwork metal shades, decorative frosted glass, and unusual chrome applications.

These spotlights fit perfectly into the girl’s bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. And also favorably emphasizes through a flush light the place near the dressing table or other favorite things from the room.

Table and floor lamps

The shape of the lampshades of table lamps in the Art deco style is contradictory – you can find both precise contours with the correct geometry, as well as smooth asymmetric figures and even traditionally familiar hemispheres.

The most common materials here are frosted glass or lace textiles. Such lamps will emphasize the fashionable color schemes of the room and the natural rudeness of wooden furniture.

Art deco floor lamps are famous for their ability to combine traditional and exotic elements. They are capable of combining artistic woodcarving and frosted glass, folds of the textile lampshade, and pendants made of transparent and colored crystal, mesh bronze weaving and stained glass elements, pattern printing on a colored lampshade and the gradual attenuation of this color on the leg.

A subtle design move – lighting combines an entirely different style of chandelier and table lamps, which unites the Art deco composition.

These floor lamps are unique due to the combination of seemingly incompatible parts in them. A well-chosen floor lamp will decorate not only the floor, but also the decor of the bedroom or living room, and will be the final note of a perfect interior.

Decorative art in our time is a synthesis of modernism and neoclassicism. It found its reflection in the interior, and especially in lighting fixtures. They bring color thanks to their expensive materials, strict contours, precise shapes, and generous ornaments, chic, and shine. Art deco lamps are dominant.

Types of Art deco chandeliers

Ceiling fixtures are distinguished by luxury, lace, or frosted glass trim. Often framed with decorative lenses or have fancy bends, covered with a golden finish.

The simplicity and lightness of the Art deco chandeliers are framed in an aura of luxury and wealth. Gently scatter light and create a calm atmosphere.

With crystal elements

Lamps with crystal elements and decoration represent bohemian luxury. Those who were fortunate enough to acquire a crystal chandelier were considered wealthy. Today, this is not only an indicator of wealth but also a sense of taste, a penchant for classical delights.

Clear forms

The avantgarde of regular geometric shapes emphasizes modern design. Despite the classic design and well-established characteristics, the Art deco is not an outdated style. It needs comprehensive support.


Chandeliers in several tiers with crystal accents reflect light, scattering fanciful glare throughout the room. They look original and appropriate in large rooms and large halls. Suitable for a studio apartment if high ceilings and proper design are provided.

The multi-tiered crystal chandelier for the Art deco style guest room emphasizes the luxury of the entire composition.

Layered stretch ceilings with LED lighting and a massive chandelier with crystal elements emphasize the pomp of the Art deco style.

Murano glass

Stylish Murano glass shades are considered real works of art. The material is expensive but worth it. The chandelier will emphasize the individuality of style and fill the room with soft light.


Designers like to use something unusual, diluting severity with the bizarre shapes. Spectacular chandeliers with exotic decor are the best choice. They will not let the classically correct interior finish with boring details.

With black shades

Luxurious and flashy – a vivid confirmation of wealth. Black shades give the atmosphere of the room mystery and restrained beauty.

How to choose an Art deco chandelier?

In rooms with low ceilings, pendant chandeliers do not look very attractive. Chic multi-tiered model fits perfectly into the interior of the living room of a country house or large apartment.

Products with crystal elements will help save the light. Soft rays are refracted and spread throughout the room.

Lace, gilded, or shiny metal trim is a good option. Round and square shapes look perfect in the living room and bedroom. In the kitchen or dining room, elongated forms with many decorative elements are used to give personality.

Lamps in the Art deco style are a guarantee of the attractiveness of your apartment. They will be the perfect complement to modern design with a touch of classics. An aura of luxury and bohemian chic is visible in every detail of the lighting fixture.

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