Art Deco dining room: useful tips and 10 Art Deco designs + photos

If you are an Art Deco fan or this is something new for you that you would like to try, either way, you have made an excellent choice. This type of interior design is interesting from all perspectives, being one of the most influential styles. What makes it this special? Actually, everything that is comprised by it. Stay with us, and we will give you an insight into what Art Deco is and how it can be implemented within your house, especially in your dining room.

The Art Deco style includes such features as geometric forms with a bold effect, rich decorations, as well as bright colors with a metallic sparkle. It already sounds awesome. Isn’t it? There is more to come. A room that was decorated in an Art Deco style combines in itself a variety of ideas from different styles. Thus, the traditional material of decor and Machine Age elements are merged, leading to such a unique interior design. We will provide you with a whole set of useful tips when it comes to Art Deco style for your dining room, and will reveal to you some stylish ideas of incorporating this style based on a particular type.

Art Deco dining room: 4 starting points to get started

  • Art Deco types of style. There are various types of styles included in this enormous Art Deco category. If you decide to go on with this interior design, the best idea in this respect is to stick to a particular type in order to preserve a consistent relation between the decor elements.
  • Color combination. As mentioned earlier, this style includes the use of bold colors. At the same time, it does not mean that you can use as many colors as you want. You have to find a balance between a particular number of shades that would go perfectly together.
  • Geometric forms. Consider the use of different geometric forms on the furniture. It will enlarge the space in your room and will offer it a new perspective by adding new possibilities for your imagination.
  • Get original or stick to the traditional. If you are sure of your abilities when it comes to interior design, you can get original in this sense and introduce new varieties that would suit you. On the other hand, if this is new to you, stick to the ideas offered by professionals, and you will not regret it.

Art Deco dining room designs: stylish ideas with photos for inspiration

Art Deco comprises various designs, each including different elements that make them unique and add a new variation to what is considered to be peculiar to this particular style. We will reveal to you the most interesting ones that will offer your room a new sparkle and will make you fall in love with everything about it.

Art Deco Miami design

This style includes the use of unusual forms on the wall, such as interesting shaped mirrors and luxurious chandeliers that bring drama into your room besides the dining table and chairs that belong to the modern style. This contrast will offer your dining room a comfy environment, at the same time, new points of interest to fill the space and your imagination.

Art Deco Aventura design

It is reflected in particular geometric figures on the cabinet that play the role of a luxurious background for the dining table. Furthermore, the chandelier emphasizes the ceiling and throw new light on it, establishing in this way a particular number of interesting points for the room.

Art Deco Residence design

It is emphasized by sharp lines for the furniture, gloss finish, and laminate for the floor. Therefore, your room will reach a contemporary level and preserve its uniqueness through luxurious elements of decor.

Art Deco Balinese design

This style includes the contrast between a white sparkle in the upper space of the room and the black color of the floor. It reflects two different concepts that form a contemporary and luxurious design.

Art Deco Pop of Sun design

It is peculiar to this style to combine bright yellow chairs with other neutral elements of the room that set a happy environment. At the same time, the unusual lines of the chandelier and geometric forms from the flooring keep the contemporary sense in the space.

Art Deco Black and Gold design

The bold contrast between these two shades brings luxury to the room and adds stability to the comfort. These two colors emphasize the sharp lines of the furniture and accentuate the contemporary effect upon the unusual elements that are part of the room.

Art Deco White Black Wood design

This style implies the use of various geometric forms that will play with your imagination. At the same time, black and white shades of color will bring minimalism into the room, while the wood used for the table will introduce a feeling of comfort to the elegance of the other elements.

Art Deco Gray design

This style includes the use of gray and other neutral shades in order to keep stability and calmness in the room. At the same time, the white chandelier reflects the white table that offers a new sparkle to the soothing environment.

Art Deco Blue and Gold design

This style includes the use of a navy blue that offers your room a touch of royalty and a sparkle of gold that emphasizes the sharp lines of the other elements. This combination is more of a luxurious one, which reduces the comfort and adds more stability.

Art Deco Simple design

As simple as the title sounds, this style is full of extravagance. It includes the use of gloss for the table and floor and sharp lines for the chairs. This combination is completed by a luxurious chandelier that offers your room a sense of beauty.

If you reached this far, it means you are a real Art Deco amateur. We offered you the best tips as on how to start this journey and various styles of how you can incorporate Art Deco into your dining room. You have nothing else to do than go one more time through the information we provided you with, pick a design that suits you and get it started by paying attention to all the steps we told you about. There is one more thing to be added. Don’t hesitate. Go bold, and you will not regret it.

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