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Art deco kitchen design: richness to your home

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The luxurious style of the Great Gatsby era gained a new wave of popularity at the beginning of the 21st century. This is a tribute to the aesthetics of the post-war period, gravitating to fantastic forms and brilliance. Does it sound a bit distant from a harsh reality? We hasten to convince you – even the open spaces of a small kitchen will allow you to create such an exciting and unusual interior.

Art deco is an extremely consistent style. Being created in the Art Nouveau era is a kind of response to the lack of spatial discipline reigning in modernist interiors. In the Art deco style, it’s worth decorating the whole house or apartment if you are a fan of the movie “The Great Gatsby”. Playful and glamorous luxury will fill every room. Although arranging a living room or bedroom is relatively simple, designing a kitchen in this style can be challenging. This article will help you understand how to do this. 

The rise of Art deco

Interior decorators are crazy about spectacular arrangements like the ones presented in the movie The Great Gatsby. Inlaid parquet floors, marble finishes, and stained glass lamps are some of the hallmarks of the decorative style that was born in the 1920s under the name Art deco. And although its history goes back almost a hundred years, this is still a trend to which stylists return with pleasure, choosing, for example, to equip a kitchen. 

The plan includes not only the art of arranging space, but also architecture, graphics, and painting. Art deco originated in France and quickly gained popularity in other European countries, reaching America. Although it is a very sophisticated and impressive style, it appreciates geometric shapes and ergonomics. Interestingly, the classical forms are complemented by ethnic ornaments, as there are many African, Aztec, Egyptian, or Greek accents. Art deco is bold and charming. The style loves color contrasts, repeatability of patterns, spectacular gloss, and exclusive stuff. Therefore, the kitchen should be consistent, but with a twist.

Art deco style features

Art deco style combines the spirit of scientific progress, craving for beauty, and the mindfulness of the world. Design in this style is characterized by a mixture of motives of antiquity, the cultures of Asia, Africa, and European traditions. It is perfect for those who prefer exquisite luxury, comfort, functionality, and originality.

  • Art deco involves using a limited list of materials: aluminum, glass, wood, ceramic, or stone tiles.
  • Strict color regulation. The basis is often the “piano keys”, that is, black and white contrast. Vivid colors are used minimally.
  • The kitchen decorated in this style should be well-lit – the origins of the style fall on the era of the spread of electricity, while there was a real boom in the use of lamps, they tried to place them wherever possible.
  • The most important of the rules for decorating such an interior is the use of luxury goods and art. It can be expensive, but the kitchen will acquire its face and personality.
  • Recognizable flow elements are various ornaments and frames. They adorn the facades of furniture and appliances.
  • The priority is a clear sketch of the kitchen areas for work and dining.

Art deco design tips 

  • Try to avoid “flashy”, acidic shades when creating a kitchen in the Art deco style;
  • The kitchen in the Art deco style in orange is suitable for bold and creative personalities, and due to warm peach shades it will contribute to the appearance of appetite and good mood;
  • Let your imagination unfold, and use modern decor elements, intricate patterns on golden or silver wallpaper, as well as light organza curtains;
  • Follow the main requirements of Art deco – chic and sophistication.

Art deco kitchen – using only the best materials

Art deco hates compromises. The interior design inspired by this style should contain only the best materials. In the past, Art deco furniture was made from the noblest types of wood:

  • oak;
  • walnut;
  • mahogany;
  • rosewood;
  • black wood.

Veneered furniture is also trendy. The equipment, maintained in the classic Art deco trend, did not have convex ornaments. The furniture is often complemented with ivory or pearl shades. Armchairs and chairs are covered with leather, often very exotic, such as snakes or crocodiles.

Color schemes

Color has a significant effect on the emotional state of a person. Therefore, the selection of colors should be approached with all responsibility. Each of the shades has its characteristics, which you should get familiarized with before starting the renovation.

White kitchen in Art deco style

Light shades transform the interior in any style. In this style, they are only vital. White tones harmonize the abundance of decorative elements, gilding, and ornate patterns. On the other hand, this background activates the perception of black geometry, creating an interesting contrast.

You can use the option with a gray undertone with a muffled blue and sand; you will be able to create an unobtrusive and delicate modification of the Art deco design.

Beige kitchen in Art deco style

The gentle and soft gamut has a similar role to white and, at the same time, serves to play halftones and soft transitions. Use the “tasty” tones of beige: peach, cream, coffee. In this embodiment, the kitchen will look very warm and comfortable.

Black kitchen in Art deco style

In large quantities, coal-black will be appropriate only in spacious rooms. Glossy surfaces, glass, and mirrors will soften the negative impression of dark colors.

A black kitchen cabinet, gravitating to an elaborate classic, can be slightly decorated with white trim, so it will look more exciting and not so gloomy.

Blue kitchen in Art deco style

The sky palette is refreshing, but at the same time, soothing. It is close to aristocracy and rhymes very well with noble metals, wood, and stone. As companion colors, consider light beige with a yellow undertone, snow-white and gray.

Paint the accent wall, mosaic kitchen backsplash, or textile inserts for furniture in blue tones – these steps will add lightness and airiness to the design.

Purple kitchen in Art deco style

Purple shades symbolize regality and wisdom. Wine-purple intonations are ideal companions of noble gold. This combination refers to the Egyptian motifs that are inherent in the theme of Art deco. If you decide on such a bold interpretation, feel free to add textiles that imitate velvet or silk.

In the case of a small space, it is better to remain on lilac tones. 

Kitchen finishing and materials in Art deco style

It is crucial to choose high-quality materials that will last a long time and become an excellent background for other interior details.


The ideal choice, both from an aesthetic and from a practical point of view, is stone, porcelain stoneware or ceramic tile. The color of the floor should be combined with the walls, but it should not repeat it.

Recall that the Art deco design is characterized by the use of a checkerboard pattern or piano keys – black and white squares or masonry of rhombuses with contrasting inserts in the form of square dots.


Decorate the walls with wallpaper or paint, tiles with characteristic motifs. This style allows both plain wallpaper and various ornaments, Egyptian and African hints. The emphasis is on paintings or other elements of decor. Many designers also prefer to combine different finishing materials.

The so-called backsplash needs to be decorated with materials that are easy to clean – with tiles or paint, other parts of the room can be pasted with wallpaper. By the way, you can use the wallpaeper in the cooking zone. And, if you want to use gold, but are afraid of an obsessive effect, use a gilded mosaic.


Both direct and multi-level finishes will look harmonious. Use built-in spotlights or thin stucco curbs around the entire room. Mirror surfaces look very lovely.

The main decoration of the ceiling for Art deco is considered the chandelier. It’s best if they are massive and elaborate, often using crystal or forged parts. Bright representatives of the modernist direction are also pertinent. You can use either one chandelier, or combine it with spotlights. Another excellent option is the use of several lamps at once over the dining area.

Kitchen furniture in Art deco style

The Art Deco furniture can be made of wood, glass, and metal materials. Fabric or leather inserts for sofas and kitchen chairs are also acceptable. The original, but at the same time, functional furniture, such as islet tables made of glass and metal, bar counters, and exquisite bar chairs, are perfectly combined.

If your dining area is full of space, then it is appropriate to use a massive table. You can cover it with a beautiful silk cover, and choose chairs with curly graceful legs and a high carved back. For small rooms, on the contrary, use exciting and concise modern style furniture.

The kitchen set can be plain, made in neutral colors (ivory, light wood) or quite contrasting (black and white, silver, dark wood).

The facades are mostly closed, hiding household appliances. Glossy surfaces are popular. 

Decor and textile in the Art deco kitchen

The ideal background for placing accessories is plain colored wallpaper in neutral shades. The paintings can be replaced with large panels representing the ladies of the late XIX – 1920s, graphics on furniture, mirrors in fancy frames, beautiful lamps. To emphasize the style of the decor of the jazz era, you can put a mirror in a gold frame in the shape of the sun.

This style is reflected in geometric, African, and antique motifs. In this sense, statuettes of athletes, ancient Greek heroes, and folklore characters will come in handy.

Windows can be curtained with plain window blinds, Roman curtains in black and white stripes, or classic curtains. Revive the design will help floral ornaments and fresh flowers.

The interior of the kitchen in the Art deco style is an entertaining combination of sophistication, chic and functionality, and each element of the room, from furniture to textiles, must be in place and create a holistic picture.

Art deco kitchen+Living room

The Art deco style is harmonious, but, paradoxically, it has many contrasts. Such style loves a black and white combination, appreciates the nobly finished furniture with straight lines. Cleverly combines functionality with sophisticated elegance. Therefore, the kitchen+living room in the Art deco style is a beautiful decoration. One of the features is attachment to geometry, especially oval, semicircular. The kitchen+living room fits perfectly into this aesthetic, using rounding to give the interior a unique visual character. Especially the kitchen island is striking, delighting with its unusual shape. Not only the rounded shapes but also the ornamentation of the facades of the cabinets, as well as the elegant classic colors belong to the directness of Art deco. 

Geometry and ornament

You can often observe geometric shapes in the kitchen+living room, so characteristic of Art deco, which was given a modern character. Modular cabinets in the form of cubes are arranged attractively, creating geometric bodies. The patterns on the floor are fascinating.

Game of contrasts

The use of black and white also defines the Art deco style. This color pair is combined with the depth and intensity of a brown wood, which has a fantastic effect. Here can be a play with various surfaces: from brilliantly white cabinets, through a black, smooth fragment in the middle, to tiles on the wall imitating marble. A kitchen arranged in this way looks chic and straightforward. 

Kitchen-living room in trendy colors

Art deco is also a specific style in which decorations are applied in moderation but create a stylish impression. In the room, you can place numerous decorative elements.

Small kitchen in the style of Art deco

The luxurious interior implies the presence of a large area, but in a small kitchen or a room combined with a living room, you can create a design of the jazz era. Fill the interior with light colors and carefully approach the use of decor. To visually enlarge the space, use mirrors, it is one of the most recognizable elements of Art deco. Try to use quality natural materials.

In a limited number of square meters, you need to start from the parameters of functionality. This means that the cooking and eating areas should be delimited. Light sources, as well as the arrangement of furniture and combined decoration, will help create separate zones. Place the kitchen cabinets along one wall or realize the L-shaped layout – this will give a little more missing space.

For the dining area, a window sill, replaced by a countertop, a small oval island, or a bar counter, is perfect.

Art deco simply amazes with its diversity and fancy. Look for even more beautiful ideas for kitchen design in the bellow photo gallery. Enjoy watching!

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