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Art Deco style living room: Design and decoration

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The current popular style of interior decoration called art deco is by nature an influential trend in the field of decorative and fine arts of the first half of the 20th century. This trend manifested itself in France in 1920-1930 and by 1935 it had become popular internationally. However, at the end of the Second World War, the popularity of this trend fell sharply, the wealth, chic and penchant inherent in this style contrasting with the living environments of many states in collapse and economic decline after the war. Currently, the art deco style has regained its former popularity and is often used in interior decoration, not only for bedrooms, but also for living rooms.

Art Deco style: Special features

The modern Art Deco style is a harmonious combination of strict geometric shapes and rounded facades, precious wood furniture with glass inserts and cold metal handles. All ornaments can be used to decorate a room in this way, whether for aviation objects, floral ornaments, African symbols, images of animals or motor vehicles.

For decoration, high-quality wooden and leather objects (sharks, crocodiles, stingrays) are used. Semi-precious stones, bamboo and ivory will also be a good decoration. The use of such extravagant materials contributes to making the Art Deco style living room a center of aesthetics throughout the house.

The design of the living room of this style must necessarily contain various forms of zigzag in the form of interior decoration, ornamented, for example Christmas trees, trapezoids and various curved lines. In addition, bright and reflective elements must certainly be present in the Art Deco living room. They can be glossy floor tiles, lacquered furniture, metal, glass and aluminum elements.

However, it is no longer prohibited at all to combine different solutions within the same house (or apartment).

Choosing the color range: basic rules

The art deco design of the living room is done in warm and calm colors. For example, the color beige is combined with dark contrasting colors. These shades will make the interior luxurious and elegant.

However, do not think that the color palette of the art deco style can only contain two colors. In fact, it is complex and multi-component. This style implies the presence of several marked nuances, transitions and contrasts. Will help you create an extraordinary atmosphere in the living room the juicy and bright colors, as well as deep dark shades.

The traditional colors of the art deco living room, which are most often used in the decoration of interiors, are:

  • black;
  • white;
  • grey;
  • metallic;
  • brown.

These primary colors in strictly limited quantities can be diluted in shades of green, blue, red and gold. Other colors may also appear, but they should not be dominant.

Art Deco wall decor

The living room walls are decorated in bright colors. The best wallpaper colors will be: white and beige, light and discreet gray, pale olive and café au lait color.

The light and thinness of the walls in vintage style will look very original, while the paintings can be decorated with large geometric ornaments or flowers.

It is important not to overdo it with the amount of decorative patterns on the walls and furniture. In case the walls are decorated in the same color, the furniture should have a more expressive color.

Choosing wallpapers with eye-catching and bright patterns, you have to remember that they will be striking in the first place. Therefore, the furniture set should be chosen in dark shades of brown or burgundy.

Lighting and Textiles

Art Deco lighting must certainly be pompous and luxurious. Chandeliers must be beautiful and expensive, equipped with bright lamps. There are no restrictions on the type of lighting fixtures. The only condition is that they must have a regular and symmetrical shape.

Lighting should be as close to daylight as possible, bright and intense. Energy saving lamps with diffuse but intense light are ideal for this style.

The living room can include both single-level and cascading lights. In addition, they can be refined crystal or solid metal, with or without nuances.

This style is characterized by the widespread use of textiles. In the living room, classic fabric curtains, a variety of drapery and sophisticated upholstery should certainly be present. Thanks to this style, the fabric lampshades of the floor lamps and table lamps on a solid bronze base have returned to fashion. Common patterns applied to textiles are peacock feathers, geometric patterns, and stylized floral patterns.

Art Deco living room furniture: main features

Expensive and pompous Art Deco style furniture should certainly be made with a natural and expensive material, for example an unusual variety of wood or leather. The most precious are handicrafts inlaid with semi-precious and precious stones.

As for the shape of the furniture, it should also be unusual. For example, they can be trapezoidal or most diverse curves, combinations of the most incompatible shapes. A mahogany table will go well in the living room, contrasting well with the light colors of the interior.

It is important to remember that furniture in the art deco style must be massive, tasteful and at the same time very elegant.

All art deco living room items must have a rounded shape and profiled edges. The curved chairs, armrests and specific legs – all this is characteristic of this style. The spacious living room will be decorated with a round coffee table with curved legs and retro-covered brass armchairs. A variety of floor vases are also suitable here. The Art Deco style allows the use of oriental and Egyptian ornaments, sculptures and female figurines. However, decorating the living room with these elements is important not to overdo it, because the style must remain light and elegant.

Art Deco living room design and decoration ideas

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