Art Deco wallpapers: design with class and refinement

The Art Deco style is often called the last great style. Appearing in the 20s of the previous century, it incorporated the best of modernism, neoclassicism, artistic cubism, industrial design, the heritage of archaic cultures of Africa, Egypt, the ancient East. Luxury, sophistication, wealth is what you associate today with this style. In art deco, exclusivity and grandeur are combined with functionality and comfort. The interior in this style emphasizes the status and financial well-being of the owner.

Wallpaper in the style of art deco is the right solution for creating exquisite and spectacular interiors. Such wallpapers will look good in the living room and any other room. A feature of this style is the lavish decoration of finishes. Geometric ornaments of elongated shape dominate the design. The drawing should be as thoughtful as possible, which makes the wall with such wallpaper look like a real picture that you want to look at.

The color scheme is diverse. It presents many different shades: sand, coffee, chocolate-beige, purple, lilac, pink. The decorative effect is achieved through the abundant use of nacre, gold, and silver. Wallpaper of this style is usually made of paper or a non-woven textured layer.

Walls decoration in the style of Art Deco

The wall surfaces serve solely as a backdrop for the exquisite attributes of the interior, including furniture. That’s the reason why it is challenging to find wallpaper with a pattern in this style of interior design.

The traditional option is a plain color, and from the decorations, there can only be a bright stencil border with geometric figures. For example, the most popular drawings on it in the 30s of the twentieth century were the Egyptian semicircle, symbolizing the rising sun.

Tip: when creating an Art Deco style in the interior, remember that the use of color in it should be different, where dark furniture colors resist the unobtrusive pastel tones of wall materials.

Use in the corridor art deco wallpapers in combination with a chrome cabinet finish. So it should be recognized that the walls in this case are not an independent element of the interior, but only an unobtrusive background. The designers recommend that more attention is focused on textured decor and furniture, so do not bother much with the choice of wallpaper, stop at neutral pastel colors.

Mural art deco in a dim manner is the background of the general interior. It should also be noted that modern designers who prefer to work with this style do not use wallpaper for decoration. An exception can only be paper or non-woven “paintable” wallpaper, the price of which is one of the highest on the market of wall coverings.

Art Deco wallpapers by styles

The interior of art deco was able to interweave the beauty and lightness, grace, and luxury surprisingly. The main goal of this style is noted in the name itself, as the translation means “the art of decoration”. 

Art Deco today is an inspiration for interior designers. This attractive style arose at the end of the First World War, as a way of raising the spirit and instilling optimism in post-war Europe and America. The interior was primarily characterized by elegance, decorative sophistication, and a large number of glossy surfaces.

Art Deco wallpaper are the backdrop for more grandiose things. It differs from other styles in the decorative elements of the design of the space in which there are:

  • circumference;
  • strict vertical lines;
  • zigzag;
  • triangles;
  • rounded corners;
  • the sun.

When use this style for interior design, try to give preference to:

  • glass;
  • ceramics;
  • tissues;
  • bronze;
  • wood;
  • leather for furniture;
  • marble for the floor.

Wall curbs – one of the features of wall decorations in the style.

Wallpapers effects in the Art Deco style

Choosing the central theme for the interior of the art deco, you need to take care of the luxurious concept of the wall. Only the most expensive art wallpapers that imitate velvet, brocade, lace, the leather of exotic animals, decorated with glass beads, will be suitable.

  • Italian design wallpaper with crystals
  • Extremely stylized image of leaves
  • Textile wallpaper with Murano effect
  • Wallpaper with crocodile leather effect
  • Wallpaper with silk glitter
  • The wallpaper pattern imitates lace

Wallpapers ornaments in the Art Deco style

To create an atmosphere of idleness and shine, wallpaper with a metallic coating will help. The design of metallic art wallpaper for walls can be different, and solid gold background with a corrosive effect, and matte patterns on a shiny background or just small bright beads and drops.

  • Wallpaper with a matte ornament on a gold background
  • Golden floral ornament on a black background wallpaper
  • Metallic wallpaper
  • Luxurious black and gold wallpaper
  • Wallpaper with silver bamboo branches on a gray background

The color palette of wallpapers in the Art Deco style

In the Art deco style, fans of this direction will have to say goodbye to postmodern interiors, where the basis is color, humor, and colorful paints. Interior design in this style involves the use of olive and black colors, sometimes the use of black patterns (repeating patterns).

Art Deco wallpaper of soft colors allow you to focus on other elements of the interior. At the same time, you can use pastel color coatings for wall decoration.

To give the interior in this style more grandeur, do not hesitate to use chrome elements and gold shades. However, be aware that they should also be suppressed, for example, using gray or light blue tones. 

Often, designers choose black or white wallpaper, other colors (green, red, blue) are restrained and muted.

  • Cream wallpaper 
  • Beige wallpaper 
  • A combination of black and ivory wallpapers
  • Brown wallpaper with golden zigzags
  • Gray-blue wallpaper with tints of color
  • Purple wallpaper

Tip: if you want to add bright and rich colors to art deco, you can use various ornaments for this.


Among modern trends, by the way, not only horizontal space decoration is used, but also vertical zoning, where borders are the main elements.

Today it is no longer a secret for anyone that rooms rarely perform monofunctional, for example, only an office or only a dining room. For example, a large hall can be divided visually into a working area, a place for rest, and even for sports, placing exercise machines.

If you want to create a semblance of art deco in your apartment or a separate room, be aware that his base is an intense craving for cubism. So when designing an interior, pay attention to this geometric figure.

The zoning can be done, for example, using false ceilings, which will divide the long room into two cubic zones. At the same time, in each of them, it is necessary to create different interiors, but which should have something in common with each other.

Conclusion+photos ideas

Clarity and graphics are characteristic of the art deco ornament. The art design reflects the philosophy of the new era, where the machine and the person connected. Zigzags, broken lines, geometric lines in dynamic motion form a continuous carpet. Floral ornaments are incredibly stylized. Exotic motifs are represented by images of leaves of tropical trees, sakura branches, African animals, historical ornaments of Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia, or the far East.

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