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How to design an attic space: ideas & inspiration
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How to design an attic space: ideas & inspiration

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Useful space under the roof above the first floor can always be used rationally. With a reasonable approach, you can turn it into a full-fledged living room? The attic design will require additional investments. As a result you can get additional space, so it can be turned into a bedroom, living room, study or cinema place. The insulated attic will save up to a quarter of the energy that is usually used for heating a house.

Previously, the attic was not intended for living. Later they began to place a servant there. Today it has become fashionable to make living rooms under the very roof.

If it is necessary to reconstruct the rafter system for the attic floor equipment, the services of professionals may be required. When heating, ventilation and electricity are already present, the interior can be thought out independently.

Points to consider

When creating the interior of a house with an attic:

  • Mandatory insulation
  • Think over how to use walls, beams, slopes in the interior of the room
  • It is rational to use vertical windows to achieve maximum illumination
  • In the decoration, apply those materials that show the greatest moisture resistance
  • Do not use a large amount of furniture, extra details, accessories, remember the rule: low ceilings require the same low furniture
  • Try to use natural finishing materials.

Materials and design

The main building materials for the attic are wood, metal or reinforced concrete. Regardless of how it will be used or whether it will be at all, professional isolation and weather protection are needed. It is advisable to choose windows with deep landing and not to use polyurethane foam during installation. But finishing materials will suit almost any!

Floor finish

Keep in mind that the attic floor is the ceiling of the lower floor, therefore, first of all, take care of high-quality sound insulation. Laminate or high-strength linoleum is used, and less often – tiles or parquet. We recommend avoiding materials that are too heavy, such as natural stone.

Wall decoration

Plastic is usually not used – it is not environmentally friendly, especially when it is overheating in the summer.

The classic solution is a natural wood that always looks warm and cozy. It creates additional insulation, provides stable heat transfer and maintains a healthy climate. Pay attention to plywood and drywall. They can be painted, varnished and even pasted with wallpaper.

Ceiling design

A feature of the attic ceiling is its complex geometric shapes that must be correctly emphasized. But first, take care of good insulation and roofing, otherwise the room will overheat in summer and freeze in winter. And at the same time, think in advance of the heating and ventilation system so that you can live in the room.

The most cheaper material is drywall, which will easily hide the insulation material and any imperfections. It is easy to integrate any lighting into it, and multi-level structures can be made. Wooden lining or imitation of timber is not so flexible to use, but it’s warm and comfortable.

Open beams preserve the very atmosphere of the attic of a country house and provide additional insulation. You can leave and emphasize the original rafter structure or use decorative beams. It is convenient to attach pendant lights, chandeliers, mount ventilation and electrical wiring.

Lighting and backlight

Due to the specific configuration in the attic, it is difficult to build the usual multi-level lighting. Especially if you want to keep the outline of the roof space, and not to cover everything with drywall. Here, a series of pendant and rack lamps, sconces, floor lamps and table lamps will be appropriate. Beams, niches, decorative elements can be emphasized with decorative lighting.

Color scheme

Since the attic is a specific room, the color scheme in its design has huge importance. Light colors are preferred. The overall color range must be maintained on all surfaces, including furniture, walls, ceiling, floor. Finishing materials must also be in harmony with each other.

A space with a high ceiling needs light and glossy surfaces that reflect light. Visually it will expand the color contrast of the floor and walls. The dark floor and dazzling white walls that have no borders with the ceiling will create the illusion of infinity. Ceiling beams, harmonizing in color with the floor, will become an original part of the design.

When choosing textiles and furniture, it is also worth giving preference to light pastel shades. A small room will become even smaller if dark colors are used in the design.

To bring the interior to life somehow, bring vibrant touches. Transparent curtains will not become an obstacle to the light, but they will add a play of shadows and create the necessary comfort.

Attic for different rooms

Bedroom in the Attic

Depending on the degree of inclination, the room under the roof is adapted for different purposes. At a low angle, the attic will be an ideal place to arrange a bedroom there. Its coziness, romance will only win, will become quieter, warmer, through the windows you can admire the starry sky.

To design the space, choose the traditional style, equip it in an oriental or aristocratic manner. In any case, use small and compact furniture. First, you will need to arrange the most necessary furniture, fill the remaining space with other details.

When choosing finishes, are usually chosen those materials that were used in the design of the house. The bedroom will naturally look in eco-style, where there is a lot of wood, a classic wallpaper finish that emphasizes beauty, comfort. Particular attention is given to textiles. It will emphasize and give a unique look.

Living room in the Attic

You can make a cozy living room in the attic with a minimum of effort. The main thing is that the guest room is spacious and solid. 

To visually expand the narrow volume of the attic, you need to strive for light colors in everything: use transparent glass furniture, and make the walls as light as possible.

The first rule for accessories will be the unity of all the details. For windows, transparent fabrics are best suited. Blackout curtains, blinds will also look good.

The style of the living room should correspond to your interests, mood, in harmony with all the decoration of the house. Choose among the following areas:

  • Classic. It is inherent in luxury and grace. Good furniture, carpets, chandeliers are required. The main decoration of the interior should be the fireplace area. There are no bright colors, everything is orderly.
  • Art Nouveau. Functionality, simplicity, practicality. The atmosphere of the room is dominated by warm pastel shades, there are dark elements. All details are subordinated to harmony.
  • Retro. The living room is furnished and decorated with paintings of the past centuries. Instead of a fireplace, you can build a cast-iron stove. 
  • Provence. A popular design because of its sophistication and romance. The decoration and furniture are old fashioned. 
  • High tech. For modern creative lovers. In the decoration, everything corresponds to the latest fashion. A lot of chrome, glass parts. Strict forms and minimalism.

Kitchen and dining room in the Attic

Kitchen equipment will require appropriate communications. Not only light and insulation will be needed, but also the supply of gas and water.

The choice of style, furniture, taking into account the nuances of the layout of the room, the height of the ceilings, and the shape of the ceilings are important.

The best option is multilevel furniture, preferably on casters, no massive sets in the style of classicism. The functionality of the avant-garde and techno with bright color accents, unusual furniture will be more appropriate.

When developing the interior of the kitchen, you need to consider that:

  • it is better to purchase furniture in bright colors, withstand walls and ceiling in pastel colors;
  • with an appropriate layout, arrange kitchen furniture against the wall, which is perpendicular to the slope; the dining table will be fine by the window;
  • the colors of the kitchen and dining areas should be combined, even better if the contrasts between them are opposite.

The design of the windows on the attic, where the kitchen will be located, may dictate a complete lack of decor. The most convenient option will be roller blinds.

Children’s room in the Attic

In the case of children’s sloping walls, not quite accessible corners can, on the contrary, create additional opportunities. Features of the relief of the walls, differences in the height of the ceilings can be well beaten. Highly located windows are safer than traditional ones.

First of all, you need to think about good insulation, the harmlessness of all materials used, the convenience of planning.

The child will like to be the owner of a separate room, which he will be able to inhabit at his own discretion. It is easy to organize several zones here: for recreation, games, storage of many toys, things, and creative activities.

For a child, the presence of an abundance of light, bright accents is important. Unusual furniture fits well into the interior, on sleeping places there is colorful textile, all kinds of soft floor coverings, many interesting colorful lamps in different zones of space.

Office or library in the Attic

In a small private house it is always difficult to allocate a separate room for an office or a library. In the former attic, you can organize a cozy zone for privacy, reading or working. A large space is not required, just a few square meters. Impressive book shelves, a soft sofa or a fluffy rug with many cozy pillows for relaxation, a rocking chair in a separate corner with a floor lamp will fit perfectly.

In order not to reduce the space of the attic floor, do not cover massive wooden beams with plasterboard. 

Bathroom in the Attic

The attic floor, due to its specificity, sloping ceiling, walls with different levels, is rarely used for functional purposes. In a large metropolis, the entire apartment may turn out to be an attic area. 

Most often, the toilet and a bathroom are installed close to an inclined wall. If the dimensions of the room are small, then it is better to put a shower stall instead.

Plumbing, furniture should be compact, washbasins are often used, built-in cabinets, various hanging elements. Floor tiles are appropriate.

The walls are decorated in bright palette, which should visually expand the space.

Home cinema in the Attic

Usually one of the largest rooms on the ground floor combines the functions of a dining room, living room, kitchen. 

The current design of the attic room, if there is no urgent need to save usable space, suggests the possibility of planning a full-fledged home cinema on the second floor of a summer house or private house. This room has a large sofa, a TV or a wall-mounted projector screen. Wires, an acoustic system are hidden behind beautiful wall panels, where disks and other attributes are also conveniently placed.

If there is imagination, a bar counter, a refrigerator for drinks, a machine for popcorn, and coffee brewing are added to the arsenal. Such a room is also useful for parties with dances, other friendly gatherings.

Wardrobe in the Attic

To equip a room under the roof for such purposes, even if it is of a small area and with a specific shape, is a very good solution. Here you can keep things of all  family members. Non-standard layout, with a thoughtful approach, we turn ourselves into a plus.

Asymmetry of the ceiling will not always allow you to place a store the furniture in the attic. But you can think about how to use every corner with cabinets, racks, shelves, made to order.

High walls are fitted with cupboards and niches for long items. Near the walls under a slope, a wardrobe with sliding doors will fit in well. Near low fragments of the wall, you can equip low pedestals, benches that are comfortable to sit on, store seasonal items, shoes or other things. 

Fireplace room in the Attic

The attic is a non-standard space. A fireplace can play both a purely practical role and perform a purely decorative one.

A traditional wood fireplace is massive so a compact one with a small size is preferred. Heavy stone, ceramics is contraindicated. The hi-tech style is most appropriate, steel, glass, cast-iron parts, simple forms without decorative excesses.

The design of the fireplace in the attic is very individual, always taking into account the degree of load, the ventilation system. If the floors in the house is wooden, you must chose an electric fireplace or those that work on bio fuels.

Important! If you want a fireplace in the attic, provide a place to store solid fuel. The smoke exhaust system is mandatory. When using electric fireplace, you need to choose the most powerful. Fan heaters draw a lot of energy, do not withstand fire safety requirements, excessively dry the air.

Game room in the Attic

The games room is a great place where all your family will have fun, even your friends or any guest. Perhaps you think that in your house there is definitely nowhere to arrange such a game center. Creating a center of entertainment using the attic is the best idea. In the game rooms, as a rule, many actions are performed. Therefore, it would be better if the whole interior is calm and concise.

You can organize a billiard or tennis table. A corner that will magnetize any guest would come. From the little ones to the old ones, they will find this corner of the house very diverting with positive emotions.

The choice of interior style

The only limitation when choosing an interior style for the attic is the specificity of its design. In small cottages, laconic and minimalistic interiors that create a sense of space look best. And it’s most convenient to work with areas that allow you to leave open beams, communications and complex shapes.

Attic in the modern style

Modern style balances between solid classic and elegant high-tech. This is what you need to design an elegant and at the same time functional attic. Natural materials are combined with artificial, and laconic colors – with complex and diverse textures.

Attic in the classic style

The classic style is suitable only for large and spacious attics, so in a small room it is better to combine it with modern elements. Use wood, tile, stone trim and textured expensive textiles. This is the best way to recreate the atmosphere of a luxury country mansion.

Attic in the Provence style

Provence in the design of the attic is not only aesthetic, but also practical, because it solves several problems at once. Light pastel colors give a feeling of light, air and space, even in a small attic room. Natural wood preserves the homely atmosphere, and beams from the rafter system effectively complement the style of the French province.

Attic in the Scandinavian style

Attic houses are often typical of Scandinavian-style houses, so such an interior will fit here as a native. Save all shapes, use natural materials, put a light background and several color accents. Limit yourself to minimalistic furniture and create the atmosphere with the help of cute handmade accessories.

Attic in the loft style

Creating loft attics is very convenient, because all communications, beams and complex shapes become an interesting advantage, not a problem. You do not have to mask the roof structure and completely sheathe the ceiling. Walls are also not necessary to align and hide behind drywall structures or panels.

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