12 Best Backsplash Ideas for the Bathroom Vanity

Does your bathroom need a backsplash? Every bathroom vanity or sink requires a backsplash out of practical reasons, yet we should not overlook the stylistic part. Protect the vanity wall and make the sink area easy to use and maintain. All that is possible with our best of the best backsplash ideas for the bathroom vanity.

Water-Resistant Vinyl Wallpaper

Why did we choose this option as the first one? It’s the most affordable and easiest to apply. Choose peel-and-stick waterproof wallpaper of any design that catches your eye and stick it on the vanity wall. Now, you can safely use the sink while enjoying the original wallpaper print.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom: Wooden Backsplash

Try wooden planks, shiplap, or beadboard as a backsplash idea for a Modern Farmhouse bathroom. Mandatorily cover the wood with paint and cozy up the vanity with a themed selection of accessories.

Extended Countertop

Stay trendy with an extended bathroom vanity countertop that goes all the way up to also serve as a backsplash, or consider a sink, countertop, and backsplash all in one. Those are usually expensive-looking yet not necessarily costly marble pieces. Paired with plastered walls in a moody color, this backsplash idea for the bathroom vanity is one of the most aesthetically pleasing options.

Original Subway Tiles

Did someone say “trendy bathroom backsplash tiles”? No need to look more if you found a perfect combination of the subway tile design and trendy color. Pick any tile size, shape, and pattern, as long as it sticks to the subway style. Think soothing green, moody blue, or earthy crimson.

Backsplash Tiles with a Story to Tell

Our list of favorite backsplash ideas for bathroom vanity wouldn’t be complete without meaningful design solutions. Try to decorate this space on the wall with Vintage tiles that roar history through their delicate designs as if borrowed from the past centuries. 

Visually Appealing Tile Prints

Add character to your bathroom backsplash by choosing one-tone tiles with unusual prints. Those can be abstract or geometric shapes meant to add texture and appeal to your vanity area.

Bathroom Backsplash Fluted Tiles

With the highest-ever demand for texture in the bathroom tile trends, experts suggest adding more dimension to rooms. Try the effect of fluted tiles as an excellent backsplash idea for your bathroom. Those are generally large tiles that render confidence and luxe.

Bright-Colored Tiles

It’s time you made that colorful statement in your house when all designers can talk about is the trendy shades of the most vivid colors. Try bright blue, green, purple, pink, or yellow, and add a splash of serotonin to your bathroom design.

Modern Rustic: Natural Stone Backsplash

For the utmost experience with natural texture, decorate the vanity wall with large stone slabs or smaller stone tiles. Let their rich grains fill the bathroom with untreated natural beauty.

A Backsplash Idea for a Small Bathroom Vanity

If you don’t have enough space for a floor-to-ceiling backsplash, in addition to a vanity countertop, sink, and maybe a lower storage space, consider the built-in concrete sink with an extended countertop that slightly goes up for a mini-backsplash. Easy, affordable, and practical.

Mediterranean Vibe: Terracotta Tiles

This backsplash idea for the bathroom vanity works for northern locations, especially if you want to warm up the ambiance during short winter days. Go further by using the same terracotta tiles of any design you like on the vanity wall and beyond. 

Go-To Choice: Black Tile Backsplash

You can always opt for the no-fail black tile bathroom backsplash if you cannot decide on the color, material, and design. Why this one? Black pairs well with any color. It is neutral and won’t take long to ensure you of its suitability. Last but not least, black looks elegant and luxurious in any bathroom.

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