Bathroom Design 2020: Main Trends

Trends in the bathroom world are well-traced at the ISH International Trade Fair, held every two years in Frankfurt. The novelties that are presented become the main trends of the season. Hackrea presents elegant and functional plumbing and design solutions that will help you create the perfect bathroom in 2020.

In recent years, there has been a change of attitude towards the bathroom. Now designers create it as part of a single space in which the main role is attributed to color and texture. These two elements form the mood and feel of a person in the room. The 2020 trend to expand the color gamut is being traced in the collections of many tile and sanitaryware manufacturers. In the current season, the following colors are popular:

  • The gray color appears on the stands of almost all companies. It is very rich in terms of nuances and textures, so it is used for decorating furniture, tiles, sanitary and hygienic equipment. The simplest but most effective of this season is the combination of white and gray. In the context of gray tiles with a rough texture, the snow and shiny white plumbing looks great. Gray is used in monochrome interiors. Monochrome is a stylistic trick that allows you to use a single color in different shades and textures. It is often found in the works of famous designers.
  • Black is one of the base colors of 2019-2020. It is used as a color accent, defining a bathtub, a dark toilet or a washbasin in a light-colored room. In addition, black is often on the stands with faucets.
  • The green shades are found on the stands of manufacturers of accessories, textiles and bathroom furniture. It is a deep, matte shade that mimics plants. Experts say that this color is only gaining popularity, but that it will become in 2020 one of the best. Add plants, some natural wood to a boring white bathroom and get a modern interior in an eco-friendly style.
  • White will never lose its relevance, and even more in the design of bathrooms. It was and remains the main color of sanitary equipment. With him, all interior becomes cooler. Many shower equipment manufacturers have introduced white faucets with glass elements. They look fantastic, especially on the bottom of the dark tiles.

Designers are discovering trends in finishing materials at the European Cersaie ceramiche exhibition, held annually in Italy. At the exhibition, the best Italian, Spanish and European companies present new tile collections.

Most modern designers use porcelain tiles because they are stronger, more durable and more effective than ceramic analogs. Porcelain is stained even at the stage of mixing liquid materials, so it does not come off in places of increased load, does not scratch and does not fade.

Current Types Of Porcelain Tiles:

  • The large format tiles will certainly not lose its relevance and will further strengthen its leadership position. Designers are happy with large formats: 120 × 240, 120 × 180 or 80 × 80. They look great on the floor and walls, whatever the size of the room. Thin plates (up to 5 mm) are suitable for walls; for floors, it is preferable to lay tiles with a thickness of 7 to 10 mm;
  • All natural colors will remain popular: imitation of wood, marble, different races of stone, concrete. Light marble is often used on walls, which is fantastic in a glossy finish. For the floor, it is better to choose a matt and structured tile, because it does not slip. Tiling imitating wooden flooring is very popular. With this type of tile, the bathroom becomes warmer and more comfortable.
  • Porcelain stoneware, which looks like concrete in its color and structure, is a distinct group. This is stacked in loft interiors, offices, restaurants. The unprocessed rough surface of porcelain stoneware is considered the most durable and easy to maintain.

At the spring exhibition in Frankfurt, we saw many new collections of sanitary wares that will be relevant this season. After reviewing all the stands, we identified several main trends:

  • Plumbing and hanging furniture are not only popular, but they almost knocked out the floor. Toilets, bidets and hanging cabinets – all this will be in fashion in 2020.
  • Suspended installations with bidet function. The toilets become more functional. Designers are abandoning more and more individual bidets that take up space in the bathroom. They are replaced by thin bidet lids or hygienic showers.
  • Sinks hanging from the original colors. Many manufacturers have expanded the color range by introducing a range of colored washbasins. The Italian company Olympia has released a collection of Trend and Paddle slim hanging sinks. It consists of round, oval, rectangular and asymmetrical bowls in gloss or matte finish.
  • Floor sinks with floor mixers – an effective combination that is used in large bathrooms.
  • Minimalist showers with multifunctional shower systems will remain popular. These are models with thin vanes and transparent and frameless partitions. There are often showers in the form of a niche with a sliding or hinged door. Shower systems with massive and multifunctional watering cans are also installed.

An ideal bathroom is a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed. This space is made up of several factors: wall, floor, lighting, furniture and plumbing. To create a harmonious space, use natural shades and some color accents. A combination of marble tiles with ceramic fixtures and wooden furniture is considered a win-win.

Oddly enough, but the smaller the area of the bathroom, the more difficult it is to think through its functionality – remove everything superfluous, and combine the necessary. With the help of ready-made design solutions and practical advice, even a small bathroom can be designed no worse than a spacious one.

So, you are faced with the task of equipping a cozy bathroom in a very small area. To solve it, you will need to:

  • choose a light color scheme;
  • apply glossy finishing materials;
  • refuse to use catchy decor;
  • give preference to small-sized furniture;
  • pay great attention to lighting.

All these tips will make the room visually larger and create a comfortable design for a small bathroom.

We are talking about new models of toilets, comfortable furniture and fashion accessories in the bathroom. And not only.

Like fashion, trends in bathroom design change regularly. We share the most popular solutions with designers.

Hanging Wardrobe

Today, designers want more and more lift furniture from the ground: it’s convenient in terms of cleaning, and the interior is less crowded. At the same time, the functionality does not suffer: you can choose a model with several shelves or drawers.

Or create a unique composition of hanging wardrobes of different widths. For example, models with a width of 120 cm, 100 cm, 80 cm with laconic facades.

Lateral Faucet

More and more, designers are placing a mixer on the side of the sink. First, it seems unusual, and second, it is very handy if you have a narrow base and you need to save a few inches.

Shower Level With Floor

The shower without sill is a new trend in bathroom design. It’s comfortable, practical and very beautiful. Usually, the adhesive tape adheres firmly to the bottom of the pallet, so there is no need to worry about its tightness.

Smooth Fronts

Due to the lack of front material and the click-to-open system, bathroom furniture is more concise and modern. In addition, this design simplifies cleaning.

Mirror Rounded Angles

It is no longer a circle, but also an ordinary rectangle: designers offer different options to make the interior of the bathroom more comfortable and “softer”, without powdery shades and many decorations. The mirror with rounded corners perfectly meets the requirements.

Black Taps And Accessories

Apartment owners and designers are abandoning more and more standard chrome faucets in favor of sleek black models. With white ceramic, they have a spectacular, elegant appearance and make the interior more interesting. A black faucet is also a great idea if you have chosen black faucets and bathroom accessories.

Two Tone Wardrobes

The completely white bathroom fronts are a thing of the past and give way to two-tone helmets. For example, hang wardrobes and shelves, it is better to choose lighter shades for darker and more saturated cabinets. And of course, a special chic – all kinds of natural wood shades.

Fine and narrow tiles

This trend in decoration is only gaining momentum, but promises to linger for a long time. Such a tile looks like a mosaic, it will save you from having to adjust the elements. In addition, it creates an interesting texture and visually raises the ceiling.

Toilet without a lip

Hygiene and ease of care is one of the main trends in toilet design. The toilet bowl is designed so that there is no hidden cavity under the rim where plaque and bacteria accumulate. Therefore, rinsing makes cleaning more efficient.

Multifunctional wardrobes

In the design of furniture for plumbing fixtures, designers are paying more and more attention to functionality. This is convenient when there is an extra drawer for cosmetics in the wardrobe or a shelf for soap accessories provided with the sink.

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