10 Bathroom Door Ideas You’ll Love + Tips

Are you renovating your bathroom or designing a new one and need guidance on what bathroom door to choose? Luckily, you’ve found the right place for design inspiration – at Hackrea. Before passing to the creative part, you should know a few musts for choosing the right bathroom door. 

Out of the available interior door options, aluminum doors are the best fit due to their practicality compared to wooden or steel doors. You are always free to choose between standard doors and sliding, pocket, swing, or pivot doors, depending on your bathroom location, needs, and preferences. Last but not least, don’t forget that a bathroom door should mandatorily have a locker unless you’re the only one who uses it, but you never know what the future brings. 

Now, you are ready to get inspired by the trendiest and best bathroom door ideas that designers cannot stop discussing this season. 

Best for Small Bathrooms: Pocket Doors

As you may know, pocket doors are those sliding doors that disappear into a wall pocket when opened. Why does it work best for small bathrooms? It doesn’t steal space at all. So, you can easily plan the bathroom layout any way you want. And secondly, if you’re going to fit a tiny bathroom in a bedroom or narrow hallway, this type of door will make it impressively practical and convenient. 

Camouflaged Bathroom Door

One of the latest and most stylish bathroom door designs is camouflaging it into the wall from the inside and not letting it disturb the interior design. Look at the following Contemporary Bathroom with Wood and Black Marble and Luxury Black and Brown Bathroom online design projects created by Hackrea’s professional designer Alex Jolea. Here, the bathroom doors are camouflaged in St Laurent marble, an expensive French stone used to decorate the walls. 

While authentic marble slabs can be used on walls, using the same material on doors would be hard. Choose quality marble replication peel-and-stick wallpaper instead on the door. If you find it hard to distinguish the doors in both these bathrooms, it means the designer did his job well. 

Feature Bathroom Door: Pick a Bold Color

Whether from inside or outside, choose a vibrant and catchy paint color for the bathroom door. Even if the overall color palette is neutral or pastel, a vivid accent is just the right statement in contemporary design. It doesn’t look devoid of taste. On the contrary, it is the best decision you can make for an original design, besides the boost of energy it brings to your house.

Find more inspiration in our article on the latest paint color trends

Let In More Light: Glass Bathroom Doors

If you want your bathroom to feel more spacious, you fancy more affordable bathroom door options, or both at once, then opt for glass bathroom doors. This can be frosted, ribbed, tinted, mirrored, and even standard glass. Usually, such doors require a similar material for the surrounding walls and work better for built-in functional areas in a larger room, say, combined with a bedroom.

Master Bedroom Bathroom: Glass Door + Curtains

If you are the lucky owner of a personal bathroom in the primary bedroom, don’t hesitate to choose this door design idea. Go with a full glass door, clean as it is, with no frosted or tinted effect, and consider blackout curtains. Allow natural light to fully flood the bathroom or ensure privacy when necessary by opening or closing the curtains.

Closer to Outdoors: Wood Bathroom Door

If covered with a waterproof finish, wooden bathroom doors are a similarly perfect choice for this room. Undoubtedly, wood is one of the most stylish, practical, and elegant solutions. You can safely integrate a wood door in any bathroom design style, from Rustic to Industrial, Classic, Modern, or Retro. 

Key Trend of the Season: Arched Bathroom Doors

Surprisingly, doors with arched tops are some of the most ancient door shapes. And they are the primary trend in contemporary design. No wonder designers say that we always seek inspiration in the past. Apply this beautiful and timeless trend to your bathroom door and make quite an intro to your bathroom.

Look Higher: Tall Bathroom Doors

Even if your bathroom has a high or low ceiling, a tall door looks high-class and grand. Regardless of the material and door type, your bathroom will get more stylistic value with an imposingly high door. By the way, such doors look impressive both from inside and outside and even make small bathrooms seem larger.

Tiny Bathroom Trick: Door with Storage

This design idea will come in handy if you have a truly small bathroom. Consider additional towel racks on the bathroom door from the inside. Or, install open shelving in the area above the entrance. The furthest you can reach is storing all bathroom belongings, meaning shower and getting-ready products on the door, yet this is the last option you should consider. Although highly functional, displaying all bathroom items on the door looks overly cluttered.

Double or Bifold Bathroom Doors

Pay as much attention to bathroom design as you do with other rooms, starting with the door. Make a great entry to your bathroom with a double-leaf door. If your guests easily mistake it for the door to the living room or dining room, it means you successfully reached your goal. On the other hand, if the space doesn’t allow such luxury, opt for a bifold door instead. The effect is similar, yet this door type is much more functional.


Should a bathroom door swing inwards or outwards?

Based on practice rather than theory, experts claim that a bathroom door should open inwards. Save space in the hallway or room you enter the bathroom from, say, the bedroom, if it is the case. 

What is the best door for a bathroom?

There is no one perfect door that works for all bathrooms. Depending on your needs and preferences, bathroom layout, space availability, interior design style, and budget, you choose a bathroom door to suit your case. Generally, the first thought that should come to your mind is considering solid materials for the door. The rest is all about design inspiration.

Should you keep the bathroom door open when not used by anybody?

It’s mainly a question of cultural differences. Yet, feng shui connoisseurs will always tell you that you better keep the bathroom door closed, whether someone is in the bathroom or not.

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