2023 Bathroom Paint Color Selection for Your Next Makeover

The tiled walls switch to paint colors, and the ageless neutrals are replaced with fresh and irresistible pops of color. The new age in interior design brings change and challenge. While homeowners and designers insistently opt for painting for the walls and furniture in the bathroom, the giant trendsetters in the world of color are updating their collections with new hues and underlining the beauty of the ones tried over time, particularly for this room in the house. 

Considering the latest color trends in 2023, the color brands’ forecasts, and designer pieces of advice, we present to you the best bathroom paint colors you cannot sleep on in 2023, inspired by renowned color palettes from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Behr, and Dulux. 

Everlasting Neutrals: Brand-New or Old-Time Favorites

We can all agree that the bathroom considers functionality over shape, and the same goes for color. Not as a trend but more as a timeless option is choosing neutral paint colors for the bathroom. Light shades are the best friends of small bathrooms, while dark variations are the no-fail resort for ultra-modern spaces. The main common feature is that regardless of how new or tried-by-time the chosen paint color is, it should bear a unique sense of neutral and unshared beauty. And our beloved paint manufacturers are pros when it comes to this part.


Blank Canvas DC-003 by Behr

No doubt the list starts with the color of the year at Behr, a clean white shade with warm undertones, which is ready to take on the trending accents in 2023, among which are natural materials and earthy hues. 

Vanilla Milkshake OC-59 by Benjamin Moore

Despite its name, this is an off-white hue with muted gray undertones, which definitely softens the color and can even seem warmer under southern or western light exposure.

Pure White SW 7005 by Sherwin-Williams

This popular shade of white stands out with its lack of noticeable undertones. In a few words, a clean paint color sets the right environment for a fresh and modern bathroom in 2023.

Casper White Quarter by Dulux

A noticeably warmer white that works as successfully with various paint colors and materials due to its flexibility, although the perceived comfort it radiates makes the space feel familiar.


Metropolitan AF-690 by Benjamin Moore

The urbanistic shade of gray with edgy cool undertones reflects the contemporaneity of the current fashion trends and installs the desired feel of stylish and ultra-modern.

Charcoal Slate HC-178 by Benjamin Moore

The dark gray shade interacted with a few drops of blue and led to the stark paint color ready to conquer your bathroom by adding its accent feature.

Window Pane SW 6210 by Sherwin-Williams

The colorists definitely won the lottery with this breezy gray diluted with the finest green-blue undertones for a slight thematic approach to the space you use to unwind in after a long workday.

Gray Clouds SW 7658 by Sherwin-Williams

The seemingly true gray with a pretty light base acquires different neutral effects under different lights, which is a great asset for contemporary bathrooms with decluttered surfaces that look for unusual neutral accents.


Dhurrie Beige SW 7524 by Sherwin-Williams

This updated beige color shows muted gray drops that deeply penetrate the essence of its revealed subtle greige base. Unbiased yet still appealing through enigmatic warm scents, the new beige goes hand in hand with the leading bathroom trend in 2023- comfort.

Spanish Sand OR-W07 by Behr

A slightly lighter shade of beige or rather greige with perceivable gray undertones that feels soft and undisturbed in large and small spaces, working well when paired with natural stone.

Sandy Day by Dulux

Although an unusual beige paint color, almost fading into the gray base, it feels like a breath of summer day, perfect for the Coastal style and monochromatic palettes.

Earthy Hues: Imposing or Soothing

Colorists from most paint manufacturers state that 2023 is the year that celebrates nature in its untreated and untouched beauty. Overwhelmed by the current situation in the world, including climate change, we tend to preserve as much naturalness as possible, paying tribute to nature and reaching comfort within our household. We want to surround ourselves with colors that offer comfort and escape at the same time. This is why earthy oranges, browns, reds, and beiges are gaining popularity and can be safely named some of the best choices for bathroom color in 2023.

Cinnamon 2174-20 by Benjamin Moore

With a tinge of warm orange, the bold and captivating brown paint color mixes accent with terracotta appeal for an intricate plot twist that intrigues and allures simultaneously.

Toile Red SW 0006 by Sherwin-Williams

A combination of burgundy and brown hides behind this dark red paint color that designers expect to use for years due to the timeless prospect and dramatic effect it brings to closed spaces.

Pure Earth PPU7-05 by Behr

Looking at natural soil and this paint color would not reveal at least one difference; a pure reflection of the earth’s color. Bringing balance with a subtly dark effect, Pure Earth has become a favorite for personalized bathroom designs.

Beaten Track by Dulux

Switching from brown to beige under the effect of particular lighting, this warm earthy paint color will keep on the safe side the lovers of spa-like ambiance in the bathroom.

Research by Dulux

Muddy yellow traces spread all over the earthy green shade that almost fades into daylight yet preserves an unconditional charm that you can only meet in nature.

Green: One with Nature

Van Alen Green HC-120 by Benjamin Moore

Either very light green or minty green, this updated Coastal-style green feels fresh, like a morning in spring. Once it reaches your bathroom, there is no way you will feel out-of-trend with this paint color.

Lush AF-475 by Benjamin Moore

Gray-green, dark and soothing, which revives and inspires a new consciousness for environment preservation and cultivation of natural values in an era when nature is the main source of design motivation. 

Fresh Eucalyptus SW 9658 by Sherwin-Williams

Well, not as bold as the eucalyptus color, yet close enough with a fresh tinge of modern air. The cool green paint color seems to unfold a few blue notes as if out of nowhere that are exceptionally trendy in the new season.

Nephrite by Dulux

Gray-green or blue-green. Actually, the light says the last word. As regards the rest, this beautiful shade of green, again – with mint traces, offers a new perspective on natural shades and brings it closer to modern and stylish.

Blue: Beyond the Sea

November Skies 2128-20 by Benjamin Moore

This gorgeous blue hue resembling the slightly foggy clean sky in the autumn morning feels exquisitely fresh during the day and alluringly welcoming during the night under the warm undertones of artificial lighting. 

Half Sea Fog N470-3 by Behr

Imagine seeing the clear blue surface of the sea through foggy lenses; this is what the Half Sea Fog paint color looks like. In contrast with the previous shade, this tone is clearly diluted with gray, which hides a charming dusty effect.

Starfish by Dulux

A light alternative to the beloved navy blue that is trending in 2023 as it was in the previous seasons, yet with much more allure and beauty, considering that blue is the new favorite among designers.

Kimberley Sea by Dulux

Deep and bright shade of teal, slightly more blue than green, but definitely inspired by the marine world, which is a pretty trendy bathroom theme in 2023, now that such bright shades as aquamarine, azure, and teal are at the top.

Ripe Colors: A Burst of Energy

Have you always wanted to try bright orange or pink paint in your bathroom but were afraid of getting beyond the limit? 2023 is literally about stepping the threshold and making those bold colors defining. Express your love, positivity, hope, and any emotion through the most challenging paint colors, even in the bathroom – the space you enter at the beginning and the end of the day. Make sure it radiates exactly what you want to feel since colors play quite a deal in the way you think and interact with the surroundings. And a splash of inspiration from our favorite color brands!

Dark Shades: An Invitation to Drama

In contrast with light neutrals and rainbow-inspired bright shades that seem to prevail over the color trends, there are a few dark paint colors that also take part in the play of bold and challenging, which work mostly for luxury bathrooms. Those are dark browns, gray, and irresistible shades of black as the trendy 2023 bathroom colors.

  • Wenge AF-180 by Benjamin Moore – very, very dark brown, almost fading into a black shade yet preserving the slightly warm undertone;
  • Black Magic SW 6991 by Sherwin-Williams – late-night shade of black; elegant and dynamic, particularly if paired with light colors;
  • Domino by Dulux – dusty black, or if you want – very dark gray; either way, it is devoid of any other undertones that can risk its integrity;
  • Hammer Grey by Dulux – relatively dark gray – stately and imposing.
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