9 Bathroom Rug Ideas You’ll Want to Try

Are you looking for bathroom rugs? Congrats! That is the best last touch to add to a bathroom. If you aren’t used to covering your floor with textiles, you may like a quick insight into the newest carpet and rug trends.

Are a bathroom rug and a bathroom carpet the same?

A bathroom carpet goes from wall to wall; you cannot change its position once you’ve affixed it to your floor. Simultaneously, a bathroom rug is a smaller piece of textile, not attached to the floor, that you can easily put from one place to another. Mainly, rugs are used with a particular purpose for the functional area they are placed in, such as in the vanity zone or shower space. 

Should you use rugs in your bathroom?

Definitely yes. From protecting the floor finish to ensuring a slip-free effect in wet areas. All this added to the extra-comfort and stylistic value of rugs.

What rugs work for the bathroom?

You should opt for water-resistant rugs. A great alternative is washable rugs that are easy to maintain. Last but not least, consider low-pile rugs mandatorily. They are more practical and easier to take care of.

Let’s get to the inspirational part! You should definitely try at least one of the following best bathroom rug ideas.

Washable Shag Mats

If you want rugs in the bathroom purely for their functional feature, bathroom mats are your best solution. As you can notice in the following Black Marble and Wood Bathroom and Black Luxury Bathroom design projects created by Hackrea’s professional designer Alex Jolea, a few dark gray bathroom mats add practicality to the get-ready space and wet areas. These are washable shag rugs that add the ultimate feel of comfort.

Jute Area Rugs

Organic materials are perfect for a bathroom rug, especially with a beautiful weave design. They are impressively functional in wet areas and practically deal with moisture. By the way, most modern bathroom mats have jute in composition. Choose any shape that suits your bathroom, yet round rugs are in high demand this season.

Add Intrigue with Vintage Rugs

That’s when we find our impetus of design inspiration in the past, tradition, and culture. Rooted deeply in comfort and familiar beauty, Vintage rugs are the mainstream of the season. We find it interesting that bathrooms are regarded as the best spaces for a distressed area rug with colorful prints traced back to origin matter. Make it the room’s highlight and enjoy the boost of authentic style.

Soft Vanity Area Rugs

Allow yourself the luxury of decorating the vanity zone, the so-called get-ready area, with a much fluffier and softer rug compared to the more practical ones in the wet zones. Here, you can choose a deep-pile piece that speaks comfort at its finest. Enjoy your daily routine with a comfy rug under your feet.

Colorfully Flowerful Rugs

There is no shame in liking bright colors and bold prints. On the contrary, the new design season is all about embracing self-expression. Eclectic and minimalist textiles replace the overused minimalist ones. Our top choice is floral rugs with vivid splashes of colors.

Cozy Up the Bathroom with Earthy Colors

On the opposite side of the previous option are bathrooms rugs pigmented with earthy notes, from pale brown to almost-black brown, burgundy, or orange. Choose a suitable color variation to soften an overly crisp bathroom palette.

All-White Bathroom Rugs

What’s a complete “no” for some is a true “yes” for others. If you are all in for all-white bathroom rugs, welcome to the club. Of course, they are high-maintenance textiles, yet the view is remarkable. White always looks aesthetically pleasing, surrounded by any color.

Layered Bathroom Rugs

If you cannot fight the urge to add an additional textile layer to your bathroom rug so that your feet would feel warmer, don’t hesitate. Layered rugs are a thing now. Not only will it feel much more comfortable, but your bathroom will say thank you for such a stylish accent.

Bobble Bathroom Rugs

Extra comfort and softness with the emerging bobble rugs in various colors and sizes. Find your level of quality experience and make your bathroom feel comfy besides stylish with such an interesting rug style.

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