Bathroom Tile Trends You Cannot Miss in 2023

As a matter of fact, the tile cost is not that high in contrast with other bathroom elements and their effect is worth the investment. If you find it hard to choose between various textures, colors, and designs, not being sure which are trendy for this season only and which have timeless prospects, you are on the safe side with our professional suggestions. Get the best of your bathroom tile options with the following updated trends!

Top Bathroom Tile Materials 2023

In the context of the brand-new bathroom trends, designers claim that there are no substantial changes in the bathroom tile materials for the new season. Yet, there are slight updates, which you should definitely consider to keep pace with everything stylish. Here are a few expert suggestions for the bathroom tile material in 2023. 

Glorious Marble

Marble has been popular for a long time now, and it seems that it will not leave the stage any time soon. That’s great news! Nothing will enrich your bathroom with luxury in the way only this material can. The professional piece of advice is to opt for large-scale marble plates or marble-like tiles with richly-grained veins and astonishing shades. Consider the following marble types:

  • Calacatta – luxury white marble with Renaissance traces that replicates the beauty of inserted light gray and gold veins into a clean white background;
  • Calacatta Gold – off-white marble with gray and gold patterns of different thickness that lend a sublime sense of beauty to the precious stone;
  • Crema Marfil – Spanish stone with a cream texture penetrated by soft threads of white, yellow, and gold; find out how to use this marble texture in our article on Crema Marfil Marble in the bathroom;
  • Fior di Bosco – fabulous gray marble with a subtle foggy effect diluted with veins of white and amber, slightly interacting with occasional orange bursts;
  • Marquina Black – one of the most popular marble types with an intense black backdrop revealing formidable white veins;
  • Guatemala Green – green marble with a pleasant and stark natural shade combined with contrasting lighter veins;
  • Blue Sodalite – sumptuous blue marble resembling the deep sea diluted with wavy gold veins;
  • Portoro – stately black marble that shows off the finest white threads overshadowed by great gold veins.

Biophilic Stone

The emerging Biophilic design that fully gets inspiration from nature, be it through color, texture, or patterns, is one of the main sources of texture for the bathroom in 2023. Natural stone is known to bring this comfort and peace for ensured well-being. If you strive for a spa effect in your bathroom, don’t hesitate to give natural stone tiles a try. Both small and large tiles are acceptable, and deciding on a full stone covering of the walls and floor enhances the effect without any doubt. 

Wood-like Porcelain

Wood is a top material in the new interior design trends. Yet, opting for wood in the bathroom doesn’t seem wise and is totally impractical since this space is all about moisture. Luckily, the new manufacturing techniques allow for the effortless and efficient production of porcelain tiles that perfectly render the natural wood texture. You can use these tiles to decorate the walls, floor, and even the wet area. Consider the trendy wood tiles in intricate designs by displaying them in interesting patterns to add, besides texture, visual appeal.

Top Bathroom Tile Colors 2023

There is a significant switch from the common neutral shades to richer colors in the coming season. To get a full perspective on the subject, visit our updated article on the latest color trends or the hottest bathroom paint colors, where you can get inspiration for a trendy color scheme in your bathroom. As for the tiles, experts expect the following colors to define the new design era:

  • Deep natural colors, such as blues and greens;
  • Earthy shades, with terracotta orange, clay, and brown with warm undertones heading the list;
  • Bursts of bright shades, among which teal, purple – the color of the year 2023, coral, pink, yellow, burgundy.

Top Bathroom Tile Designs 2023

As we have covered the basics regarding the main tile features, we would like to reveal now some of the leading 2023 designs for bathroom tiles. The following ideas suit any taste and style with a few timeless options that have reigned over bathroom design for years and brand-new trends. 

Subway Style

The trending subway tiles have been sought-after for a long time now, and they don’t cease to be one of the top bathroom tile styles in 2023. This style is so beloved because of its versatility and variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. The new variations are nothing like the original subway tiles, with a classic white color and black grout. The hitting trend of the season is bold-colored subway tiles with unusual sizes and unique patterns.

Mosaic Design

Another surely unfading style that comes in with so many types that you will simply get overwhelmed. From the simplest geometric features to the most intricate shapes inspired by the outdoors, such as the rectangle forms, beehive design, mermaid patterns, tiny squares, and literally any shape, the most unusual, the better. The mosaic tiles reinvent the design of the bathroom, completing the puzzle piece by piece. If you feel your bathroom lacks visual appeal, choose in favor of this tile style.

Fluted Design

If you are looking for ways to add dimension to your bathroom, fluted tiles are your best choice. Since curved shapes and the visual effect of texture are in high demand today, designers advice decorating the bathroom walls with fluted tiles in any shade you want for an increased trendy appearance.

Large-scale Tiles

The season’s hottest trend is opting for huge tiles instead of small ones since they look more opulent. Such materials as stone and onyx, one of the most popular and precious quartz forms, are the first to consider with large-scale tiles. In this case, decorating the walls and floor with the same tiles are of great value, enhancing the effect of stark, stately, and mostly – outstanding.   

Terrazzo design 

Rooted in the vibrant and irresistible 70s, concrete tiles with particles of stones and marble, which come in various colors and designs, are another leading bathroom tile trend. They are easy to take care of, bring the appropriate amount of visual texture and color charm, and are simply a symbol of taste and fashionable beauty.

Botanical Motif

The botanical theme is a favorite source of reference for designers. They say floral, tropical, and patterns with plants, leaves, and greeneries should be paid great attention to in the new season. They find it appropriate to apply the botanical motif to bathroom tiles, and they assure you such a design trick will not make you look unstylish. On the contrary, fresh, new, and updated. 

For luxurious bathrooms, professionals work with personalized wall decoration designs that imply mosaic tiles, revealing beautiful botanical features. 

Geometric Reshape

You have probably got a touch of geometric allure over the last few design seasons. Well, it is still trending in 2023. This time, designers suggest you not stop at geometrically shaped tiles only but go for bathroom tiles that form together sumptuous shapes to redefine a space that has been considered for years as practical only. 

Mediterranean Terracotta

Firstly, the warm sunburnt clay shade is the hitting color of the 2023 season. Secondly, the designers’ favorite material for bathroom makeovers is the terracotta texture. No doubt, terracotta tiles will stylishly complete your bathroom design. Whether you opt for a full Spanish redecoration or complement the ultra-modern bathroom with an appealing terracotta texture, you can safely consider your bathroom trendy for the next few years.

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