Bathroom tile trends 2022: stylish ideas & tips for a gorgeous result

The bathroom is a constituent part of the house, which means that its appearance should act like that and integrate into the general picture of your interior design. We are sure you would not like to spoil it by making fast decisions when it comes to the bathroom setting. Furthermore, you need time to think it through and ideas to get inspired by. There is more to come. If you want to stay in trend with your new bathroom, you have to consider the latest trends in this sense. And this is why we are here: to provide you with stylish ideas and help you stay up-to-date.

Today we discuss a particular element of your bathroom – the tiles. Whether you like it or not, it is as much important. Furthermore, it is like the last piece of the puzzle for the general look of this room. It should be noted that the slightest change in this sense can influence how other bathroom elements look and the feeling they form within the atmosphere. Therefore, depending on various aspects, we prepared a list of trends for bathroom tiles in 2022 for any style and preferences. All you have to do is scroll through it and stop at the one that suits you. That’s not all! We suggest you look through all of them in order not to miss anything. We would like to add one more thing: be passionate during this journey, that we promise to be adventurous, and you will not regret the result. 

We would like to start first in this sense by pointing out that large tiles have become lately more popular, both for the floor and walls. Nevertheless, the small ones are still used, and they do not plan on getting out of date. We will show you that both types can perfectly integrate into your bathroom style. 

Regarding the materials used in this sense, there are various types you can opt for. However, we would like to emphasize the leading ones in 2022. Look at the following materials and get inspired. 

Marble for an elegant effect

Marble has been popular for a long time now, and it seems that it will not leave the stage any time soon. That’s great news! Nothing will enrich your bathroom with elegance in the way only this material can. It can be used either for the floor or walls and both at the same time. Furthermore, there are various designs you can opt for.

For a simpler effect, we suggest you opt for small tiles as they will balance the atmosphere. Particularly fascinating are the mermaid ones that shape the picture and offer the room a touch of softness. At the same time, large tiles will have a greater impact and make a statement within the interior design. When it comes to colors, you can stick to the ones that you like, although it should be noted that warmer ones are preferred by the 2022 trends.

Stone to make a statement

Stone has an impressive effect upon the picture of the bathroom, particularly due to its unusual texture. If you want such an effect in your bathroom but would like to stay simple, consider tiles that look like stone and preserve only the design. At the same time, if you want to take a bold step and make quite a statement, opt for real stone tiles. 

When it comes to color, the only options you can consider are different shades of gray. Nevertheless, the slightest change of the undertone can shape the entire appearance of the room. Furthermore, you can consider stone tiles that resemble a marble design to integrate two different concepts into the same design.

Wood for a natural effect

As one of the 2022 trends is the natural look, there is no doubt that the use of materials inspired by nature will keep you up-to-date. Therefore, one of the leading trends regarding bathroom tiles is wood. You probably wonder how it is possible to use wood in a space full of water. The answer is simple. Use natural wood with a special cover for places that are not usually touched by water and tiles that resemble wood for the other ones. 

Furthermore, consider combining this type of tile with another one you like for a harmonized atmosphere. For instance, you can consider marble or stone.

You can consider various colors for the bathroom tiles, depending on the other elements of this room and the effect you want to achieve. Nevertheless, there are particular shades considered to be the leading colors in this respect. We would like to share them with you.

Neutral colors to balance the atmosphere

If you are not sure what color to choose, the best option is to go neutral. The soothing colors will match perfectly any style and harmonize the environment. We suggest you consider white as it is a classic and will offer your bathroom a touch of freshness. At the same time, such a neutral color as black will make the room seem colder and darker, but elegance will be guaranteed. It should be noted that the latter has to be combined with other bathroom elements of the same color.

Other options include such shades as gray, cream, soft blue, soothing green. If the first one has quite a stable effect on the picture, the following ones will fill it with warmness and offer it a splash of new color.

Bold colors for a bold effect

If you are not impressed by a neutral effect, consider bolder colors. They will surely make a statement. It should be noted that not any color will fit in this sense. We suggest you opt for a navy blue to bring in the ocean breeze or emerald green to offer your room royal elegance. Furthermore, a particular shade of pink will soften the atmosphere. It should be noted that this specific color has to be used particularly for the walls as not to blur the picture.

Bathroom tile designs in 2022

As we have covered the basics regarding the main tile features, we would like to reveal now some of the leading 2022 designs for bathroom tiles. Some of them stick to the classics while others bring something new. Either way, they all are gorgeous ideas on how to compliment a bathroom style. All you have to do is pick the one that appears to be suitable within your bathroom. 

Sharp lines and rough surface

These particular features are part of the 2022 trends, and they are especially easy to integrate when it comes to bathroom tiles. In this sense, you can opt for brick-like tiles and choose any color you want. Of course, it would be perfect if you opted for a shade we provided you with. 

It should be noted that this design will go both for the walls and floor. However, the floor requires darker shades of color for an appropriate and functional arrangement. All in all, this particular design will add vibrance to the atmosphere and enrich it with new shapes and colors.

Subway tiles for a harmonized picture

You have probably heard about this design that has been popular for a long time, and it seems that it does not plan on getting out-of-date. Furthermore, it will fit perfectly any bathroom style and add a new splash to any decor. It should be noted that it will go particularly well in small bathrooms. 

Of course, you can opt for classic white and the usual arrangement of the tiles for a conservative setting. We suggest you consider other colors as well. You can also play with tiles any way you want and come with a unique arrangement.

Mosaic design to fill the puzzle

If you want to make a statement with little details, consider a mosaic design. Fill the room with color and new shapes, and offer it a new look. It should be noted that this design goes best for the walls and serves as a point of interest.

Furthermore, you can go different ways in this sense and pick any arrangement. We suggest you stay as original as possible and your bathroom will achieve a new level. Depending on the color you choose, you can either bring the ocean breeze or the mountain freshness.

Sculptural design for an industrial or rustic effect

This design is not that common when it comes to bathroom tiles. Nevertheless, its original look and texture offer the room a new splash of color and shape the picture. It should be noted that such pieces come in large sizes and can be installed either over the entire place or in particular spaces. 

We suggest you opt for a total covering of the space with this type of tiles if it fits other bathroom elements. On the other hand, you can consider it for a particular wall and combine it with other tiles. 

Eclectic combination for a double effect

If one-design or one-color tiles are too simple for you, consider a combination of two colors or two different designs for a statement. Of course, you can go with any option in this sense. Do not forget to consider our suggestions regarding the leading colors and designs in 2022. 

Furthermore, you can opt for a third party here that will serve more as a background. Nevertheless, it will play as a border-line and balance the contrasts.

Terrazzo design 

You have probably heard about this design, which has been particularly popular lately. The bathroom is not an exception in this sense. Let’s make it clear. The Terrazzo design includes a combination of marble, quartz, and other particles for an eclectic mixture of materials and colors.

Consider this design for the entire bathroom as its simple yet interesting style will complement the room decor perfectly.

Go extra

If you have reached this far, it means you are looking for unusual ideas for your bathroom tiles. Consider yourself lucky because we will assist you in this sense as well. Take a look at the following suggestions and get inspired:

  • Opt for unusual textures for the tiles, particularly the ones that go beyond the wall borders;
  • Pick a complex design and enrich with it the entire room, considering unusual shapes and colors;
  • Consider an interesting print, but do not forget that it has to match the room’s aesthetics.
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