Bathroom trends 2022: top latest ideas for a modern and stylish result

The bathroom plays as much an important role in the general picture of the interior design of your house. Whether this space is personal or designed for guests, it has to be set appropriately, which should be both functional and stylish. There is no doubt that you have preferences in this sense, but we are sure that you would like to adapt them to the 2022 trends. Therefore, you came to the right place as we are ready to share with you the latest ideas for a stylish yet modern bathroom.

We prepared a list of 2022 trends in this sense that covers various aspects and includes useful tips for an efficient adaptation of these ideas to any style and preferences. All you have to do is scroll through the following array of suggestions and get inspired for something new. The journey will be long and full of adventures. Therefore, we suggest you get ready for a new splash of inspiration.

Minimalism and elegance  

There is no doubt that the minimalist features cover this area as well since simplicity is one of the main concepts behind the 2022 trends. You probably wonder how minimalism can be paired with elegance. The answer is simple: a little bit from each other, and the combination is perfect. It should be noted that neither of them should suppress the other one. Consider a balanced mixture of elements.

In this sense, we suggest you opt for sharp lines and neutral colors with natural materials. We promise the result is fascinating. These units will complement each other perfectly and form an entity. Consider a minimalist arrangement, using such materials as wood, stone, or natural fabrics for particular elements. Furthermore, this style will keep it simple when it comes to the design and bring a touch of freshness to the environment.

Bring in royalty

It may sound too extra, but it actually implies an elegant combination of traditional values and various shades of green. It should be noted that this color does not plan to get out of date this season. Furthermore, emerald green has become more popular, and it is more often found in such settings as bathrooms.

Particularly gorgeous will look in your bathroom sparkling green tiles. At the same time, you can opt for a green background and accompany it with live flowers to enhance the effect. Either way, this color will bring freshness to your room and, depending on the particular shade, it can enrich the atmosphere with a royal feeling, add an exotic touch and bring in a new splash of light.

Live plants for a natural effect

One of the leading trends in 2022 is the natural element. There is no easier way of bringing it into your bathroom than adding a few live plants. They will enrich the atmosphere and add a new splash of color to the environment. 

Particularly fascinating, they will look on a white background. Regarding the plants themselves, you can put a few of them on the bathtub, hang them above it, or opt for an entire structure filled with green plants. It will be perfect to put this splash of color somewhere near the bathtub, as you have probably noticed. This way, you can enjoy them while taking a bath. Furthermore, this particular combination of white and green will lead to an aesthetic look for your bathroom.

Spanish villa feeling

Would you like to be reminded of a late summer vibe in a Spanish villa while taking a bath, even on a cold winter day? Then, this idea will suit you perfectly. What does it consist of? We would like to start with colors. In this sense, consider earthy tones for a warm effect, such as brown with orange undertones or beige. 

The second part includes the tiles, particularly the Terrazzo style. It involves the use of small particles of marble, quartz, or other stones, combined with various colors. 

Consider mixing these two elements, and you will achieve a stunning result that will add new points of interest to your bathroom.

Go extra

Although minimalism is one of the main trends in 2022, it does not mean that you cannot go beyond its borders. Especially when we talk about a bathroom, which is more of a personal space, you can opt for any style you want as long as it matches the general picture. 

If you are an amateur of everything luxurious, why not bring it into your bathroom as well? Let’s start with the basics. Consider marble surfaces, expensive-looking furniture, and gold decorative elements. The main unit within this context is a large chandelier that will throw light upon all these beauties and serve as a point of interest. It should be noted that going too extra does not mean trespassing all borders. There are always limits, even within a style like that.

Bring in the ocean breeze

Navy blue has been popular for a long time, and it looks like it does not want to leave the stage. That’s not a surprise. It suits a bathroom perfectly and enriches it with freshness. We suggest you consider this color for the tiles, particularly the subway-style ones. It should be noted that for a greater effect, you should opt for the ones covered with gloss.

At the same time, this color will suit the furniture. Furthermore, it will look gorgeous to accompany it with brass elements or wood units.

Make a statement

Consider a bold color to make a statement. Particularly popular in this sense is pink. Nevertheless, it should be noted that a soothing shade has to be considered. Opt for this color regarding such elements as the tiles. They will serve as a perfect background for any other units.

You can consider an all-pink bathroom or opt for other colors as well. It should be noted that gold elements fit perfectly a soothing pink, and the combination itself will add elegance to the environment. This pairing will result in an eclectic mixture of traditional and modern values that should be harmonized by a balanced contrast. 

Modern solution for a modern era

There is no doubt that the fast rhythm of today’s life does not allow us to spend more time in the bathroom, particularly in a bathtub. Therefore, the trends adapted to this and came to the next setting: neutral colors, functional use of space, shower instead of a bathtub, and simple decor. It may sound boring, but a modern bathroom requires modern options.

Furthermore, there are various advantages in this sense. This style keeps it simple, the space is used efficiently, and the overall picture looks perfect for a 21st-century bathroom.

Mirror, mirror on the wall: what is the most trendy mirror in the world?

The mirror is an essential element in the bathroom from the practical and aesthetic points of view. Regarding the trends in this sense, we would like to emphasize the popularity of large rectangular mirrors.

First of all, they make the room seem larger and brighter. We suggest you opt for simple frames. If you want to add a little sparkle to it, consider a gold surface. It should be noted that you can opt for two or more mirrors depending on the available space but do not forget to make sure that they are similar.

Lighting ideas: a mix of functionality and simplicity

When it comes to the lighting sources in a bathroom, there is no doubt that they should be as efficient as possible since most bathrooms lack natural light. In this sense, we suggest you consider minimalist fixtures that can be adapted to particular conditions. At the same time, you can opt for slightly visible lighting sources to reduce their effect upon the picture of the room. 

Another option in this sense would be to install led lights all over the mirror frame. It will serve as a lighting source and add elegance to the decor.

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