10 Best Bathroom Trends for 2024: Futureproof Ideas

Bathrooms are no longer limited to the concept of utilitarian spaces, and the past few years proved this room to be as worthy of design reinvention as other rooms in the house. Eventually, that’s where we start and end our day. Thus, the bathroom is a personal space where we can safely feel our true selves, escape a bit from reality, and relax while engaging in our self-care routines, and design plays a prominent role. Experts encourage us to design a bathroom to suit our taste, and it shouldn’t be complicated with the right tools at hand. Be in the know of the latest bathroom trends for 2024 and beyond.

According to the renowned trendsetter WGSN, in collaboration with Coloro, the defining colors of the new season nurture the contemporary craving for creativity and well-being while focusing on the environment and technology.

Expect trendy shades of soothing natural colors like neutral blue, pastel green, and sustainable gray, earthy browns with warm undertones, and the most inspiring splashes of radiant yellow-green, cheerful pink, vivid red, apricot orange, and deep purple

Explore the best 2024 bathroom paint colors for a budget-friendly and trendy redecoration of your bathroom. 

2. Embrace the Spa Trend

Design trends are steadily moving towards well-being and relaxation. Unsurprisingly, one of the first bathroom trends is ensuring a spa-like ambiance. Moreover, it’s easy to set all by yourself with heated flooring, natural finishes, free-standing bathtubs, massaging shower heads, big-leaf greeneries, organically textured tiles, fancy seats, and additional accessories, such as candles or handwoven baskets with self-care products on end tables in the wet area. 

3. Marbelous Bathroom Trend

Marble has become the go-to trend for the past few seasons, and it doesn’t plan on leaving the stage. Feeling at home in both classical and modern interiors, this durable material connects luxe and elegance, offering any bathroom an expensive appearance. 

Don’t let anything stop you from integrating large marble tiles with imposing veins revealing the most beautiful natural colors. This year, designers favor forest green, oceanic blue, classic black-and-white, pink, and gray marble. Additionally, give marble vanities a thought. 

4. Add Character Through Details

Reminder: the new trending bathrooms go beyond practical materials and the functional use of space. Feel free to decorate the bathroom according to your style and underline its unique character. For instance, you could accessorize the vanity with brightly colored flowers, a fancy vase, or candles. Or, think of wall art. The best idea is to visit a flea market and purchase decorative items that tell a story. 

Unusual wall sconces and accent ceiling pendants are the top choices in 2024. You cannot imagine the effect a single original piece can have on the bathroom design. Interestingly, the round shapes still prevail this year, while transparent materials gain even more popularity. Alternatively, think of nature-inspired forms.

6. Floating Bathroom Vanity

One of the best and trendiest small bathroom trends is floating vanities or sinks. The available free space below will considerably make your bathroom feel larger. Moreover, floating vanities offer freer access underneath when cleaning the floor. Not least, your bathroom will look a thousand times more contemporary if accessorized with floating fixtures.

7. Shower Niche

We are witnessing a slow yet firm switch from glass shower stalls to more private shower areas. Those can be shower niches or wet spaces separated through a full or half wall. Opt for this bathroom trend if it resonates with your lifestyle; say you would like to preserve privacy when in the shower while your spouse does their self-care routine in the vanity area. Yet, ensure appropriate lighting conditions in the shower. 

8. Mini-Subway Tiles

Undoubtedly, large-scale tiles with unseen borders prevail over traditional small tiles. Yet, a tiny space is left for our beloved subway tiles in the mini version with less noticeable grout. Take a second to admire these fantastic bathrooms with small tiles, classic or textured, in the timeless subway style. Pay attention to color as well. Natural pastels and deep shades are in vogue.

9. Texture Outruns Pattern

Undeniably, bathroom tiles with intricate geometric patterns have been exceptionally welcome so far. Now, experts suggest swapping tile prints for authentic natural textures that bring more value to design. The furthest you can go is considering a full-rustic bathroom design with raw surfaces, such as wood, stone, and concrete.

10. Stay Trendy, Stay Eco

Last but not least, our all-time favorite – Eco style. Unsurprisingly, every new season of bathroom trends covers sustainable options. In this respect, we encourage you to be more thoughtful of your design solutions since it benefits both you and the environment. 

First, go with water-saving shower heads, energy-saving LED lighting sources, and pendants made of natural materials. Next, swap manufactured materials for natural texture, which will last long if appropriately taken care of. 

Additionally, bring the outdoors in with organic finishes, live greeneries, nature-inspired colors, and lots of natural light. You’ll indeed feel comfier surrounded by what nature has to offer.

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