Bathroom Wall Covering Trends 2024 You Cannot Miss

Wallpaper, wood, terracotta, natural stone, and various porcelain tile options – the new design season promises to be rich for the bathroom wall covering trends. That’s why we gathered the best and trendiest wall covering ideas for your bathroom. Read on and get inspired!

Vinyl Wallpaper

Accent walls have been popular in the bathroom for a long time, and they have expanded to cover the walls with statement wallpaper. Of course, it has to be water-resistant materials, such as vinyl wallpaper. You can opt for various patterns and colors when it comes to design. The bolder they are, the greater the effect, and you’ll dilute the daily routine with visually appealing forms.

All-Time Favorite: Wall Tiles

What can complete a bathroom better than the classic tile covering? Furthermore, various designs allow you to play efficiently with colors and patterns. Among the most popular modern bathroom materials in 2024 is natural stone. Yet, miniature porcelain tiles with unusual colors or prints are equally successful. Moreover, pay as much attention to fluted tiles, the timeless subway style, and retro-inspired designs. 

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Eco and Sustainable: Natural Stone

Unlike the previous option, this similarly emerging bathroom wall covering trend implies sizeable natural stone slabs in their authentic texture. Undoubtedly, such a solution is far from low maintenance, yet nothing compares to its spa effect and eco-friendliness. In fact, thoughtful design is a must in 2024, and devotees of all-natural and authentic will surely appreciate this wall covering option.  

Go Bold with Bright Colors

Of course, neutral colors preserve their status as favorites. However, it does not mean you cannot opt for bold shades, which are thriving this season. If you are prepared for the new season’s challenge, don’t pass by the beautiful collection of bright colors without selecting one for the bathroom walls. The most popular bathroom wall covering color trends are green, blue, peach, lilac, red, yellow, and orange.  Explore the latest collection of trendy paint colors if you decide to update your bathroom with a fresh coat of paint.

Geometric Shapes Rule

Geometric shapes on tiles are more than welcome in 2024 as some of the timeless bathroom wall covering trends. Furthermore, color can play quite a role in the effect of such a design. Opt for warm neutral shades to keep it calm and undisturbing or bright to emphasize the particular artistic mark.

It Smells Like Peaches in Here

That’s right! This trend supposes the vibrant peach color that brings the sweet smell of the fruit. Since Peach Fuzz by Pantone is the color of the year 2024, this summertime shade has been set as a separate trend for bathroom wall covering. Designers invite us to explore the nurturing properties of peach color this season and ensure a state of calmness, even when doing our daily self-care routine in the bathroom. 

Those can be peach-colored tiles or paint colors. Take note that light terracotta tiles, the absolute mainstream in 2024, are the perfect solution for a peach fragrance in your bathroom.

An Eclectic Mixture of Design Styles

Eclectic combinations of different textures and colors are part of the 2024 trends – the season of challenging bathroom wall covering ideas. A leading trend in this sense is the mix of wood and stone tiles. Use the contrasting texture effect to run as far as possible from the outdated simplistic bathrooms that show no character through color or shape.

An Eclectic Mixture of Design Styles

Terrazzo Style

The designers’ favored trend spread all over the house, and the bathroom is no exception. Try Terrazzo wallpaper for an affordable makeover or Terrazzo tiles for an authentic interpretation of the Spanish style. Although the classic Terrazzo style implies a variety of combined colors, you can always stick to a pairing of two or even a monochrome palette. The particles of stones revealed are enough to add the desired textured effect.

Waterproof Wood Covering 

We’ve already tackled the use of wood-like wall tiles. Still, this biophilic option deserves a separate introduction. The waterproof real wood bathroom wall covering is a leading trend in 2024. Remember, the natural wood color will never look out of style. So, don’t try to mask it with neutral paint.

Cherry on the Pie: Checkered Tiles

We’ve already said a few words about tiles as a steady favorite when designers are asked about bathroom wall covering trends. Yet, we left this one as a separate option – the stunning and unrepeatable checkerboard tiles. They are also expected to top the lists of trends for other rooms. Still, in the bathroom, we are advised to use miniature checkered tiles on walls in black-and-white or pastel shades paired with white.

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