Bathroom Wall Covering Trends 2023: 10 Best Ideas You Cannot Miss

A slight change in the bathroom wall covering color or texture can lead to a different effect. The latest trends in this sense suppose a functional approach by implying balanced contrasts and natural beauty. There is no doubt that once you choose a particular wall decoration, you would like it to last long as regards its quality and relevance. This is what the 2023 trends include – practical, stylish, and quality wall covering to impress you every time you enter the bathroom.

Bold Wallpaper

Accent walls have been popular for a long time in the bathroom, and they expanded to an entire covering of the walls with statement wallpaper. Of course, it has to be water-resistant materials, such as vinyl wallpaper. When it comes to design, you can opt for various patterns and colors. The bolder they are, the greater the effect will be. We suggest you consider floral motifs for a blooming environment or geometric shapes to dilute the daily routine with visually appealing forms.  

It won’t seem the same at first, yet an appropriate choice of colors and patterns can create a special environment within your bathroom and make it stand out and impress, which is one of the main design directions in 2023.

All-time Favorite: Tile Covering

What can complete a bathroom better than the classic tile covering? Furthermore, the wide variety of designs allows you to play efficiently with colors and reach any effect you want. Among the most popular modern bathroom materials in 2023 are natural marble and stone. Designers advise opting in favor of large slabs instead of small tiles, although authentic stone coverings are quite expensive. The glossy effect produced by tiles will enlarge the room and add glamor to the environment, besides their practicality within a constantly wet space.

Eco and Sustainable

The 2023 trends suggest a nature-inspired, nature-craving, and environmentally friendly approach to the wall covering in the bathroom. It will promote the beauty of nature, which is undoubtedly the leading trend this year. Additionally, it will offer the room an authentically natural look.

Consider nature-traced colors, such as gray, cream, brown, and sustainable materials, such as wood and stone with protective finish or terracotta tiles. Set a fresh and calming environment and make any visit to the bathroom an escape into the wild.

Go Bold with Bright Colors

Of course, neutral colors preserve their status as favorites. However, it does not mean that you cannot opt for bold shades, which are simply thriving this season. If you are prepared for the new season’s challenge, don’t pass by the beautiful collection of bright colors without selecting one for the bathroom walls. The most popular bathroom bright colors in 2023 are the following:

  • Fresh green;
  • Breezy blue;
  • Earthy terracotta – most beloved designers’ shade;
  • Vibrant coral;
  • Mustard yellow;
  • Catchy purple – color of the year 2023.

Consider the best bathroom paint colors in 2023 for the bathroom walls if you decide to switch from tiles to paint, which is, by the way, quite common now among designers. 

Black Is Back

Black has actually never left the stage, but it comes in 2023 with new variations for an up-to-date effect. Consider black tiles of any design, particularly marble or stone texture, to add luxury to your room, which suits especially luxury bathrooms.  

It should be noted that black is a complex color to play with regarding interior design. We suggest you choose an appropriate shade that will emphasize the texture and not suppress it. Furthermore, opt for multiple sources of light to brighten the space.

Geometric Shapes Rule

Geometric shapes are more than welcome in interior design in 2023. Particularly easy are they to be applied to bathroom walls by opting for various forms for the tiles. You can literally pick any shape you want or combine them among each other, starting with the simplest ones and reaching the most complex layouts bearing the status of pieces of art. Furthermore, color can play quite a role in the effect that is produced by such a design. Opt for neutral shades to keep it calm and undisturbing or bright ones to emphasize the particular shapes.

It Smells Like Peaches in Here

That’s right! This trend supposes the vibrant peach color that brings a sweet smell of the fruit behind it. This color for the wall covering was set as a separate trend since it bears a particular vibe. Besides its soft effect, it brings in a late summer breeze. Furthermore, the color itself is popular in 2023 and enriches the environment with a softening effect due to the sweet undertones that it spreads throughout the room.

You can opt for waterproof wallpaper or paint covering. We suggest you also consider peach tiles that will reflect warm notes all over the room.

An Eclectic Mixture of Design Styles

Eclectic combinations of different textures and colors are part of the 2023 trends – the season of endeavors and new design solutions. They are easy to apply to bathroom walls due to the wide variety of tiles of different designs. A leading trend in this sense is the mix of wood and stone tiles.

Of course, you can opt for any other pairing in this respect, including marble that pairs well with other materials. The deciding point here is to set an appropriate border between textures so that they do not suppress each other.

Terrazzo Style

This particular style that consists of combining various particles of stones, larger or smaller, on a neutral backdrop has been gaining more popularity lately. Its use spread all over the house, and the bathroom is not an exception. Terrazzo wallpaper for an affordable makeover or Terrazzo tiles for an authentic interpretation of the Spanish style. 

The classic terrazzo style implies a variety of colors. We suggest you stick to unusual designs. Therefore, consider a particular shade you would like to go with, whether neutral or bright. The produced effect will surely enhance the interior design of your bathroom.

Waterproof Wood Covering 

We’ve already tackled the wood surfaces in the context of eco-friendly trends in the bathroom. Still, wood wall covering deserves a separate introduction. Waterproof wood covering is a leading trend in 2023 for bathroom walls. The perfect combination of wooden texture and its waterproof surface will bring style and practicality to your bathroom. 

Furthermore, go bold and opt for a particular shade for the wood covering. For instance, gray oak will surely set a pleasant and comfortable ambiance the second you enter the bathroom. Note that the natural wood look will never get out of date.

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