Stunning wall decor ideas for your bathroom + lots of inspirational photos

Bathrooms are the last spaces people think about when it comes to decoration. We dare say most of you have bare walls in your bathrooms. Still, we are proud that this idea crossed your mind, and you are looking for inspiration in this respect. Indeed, this room is not that easy to enrich with decorative units, although an appropriate approach can make the most even from the smallest spaces. Regardless of your bathroom size, type of decor you are looking for, and style, our bathroom wall decor ideas are ready to meet any expectations. Let’s look at this functional space from another perspective and get inspired for unique decor approaches!

Fake it till you make it!

Wallpaper is the easiest way to decorate the walls, particularly within small spaces. With such an approach, you can breathe life into the walls. The latest techniques of producing wallpapers offer the most realistic appearance to the replications so that you can take a bath in the wild jungle or feel like you entered a Romantic era bathroom. No less fabulous are references to the Art Deco luxurious interiors or the contemporary approaches with minimalistic designs.

A new splash of light

Consider additional light sources for their functional purpose and decorate the walls. Opt for unusual sconces to match the steel or brass hardware, suit the style, or bring in something new. They are usually placed above the sink and literally throw new light on the interior. This approach fits small bathrooms, in particular, by serving functionally, no less stylishly, and saving space.

A piece of art

Does it sound strange to you? Bathroom and art; do they have anything in common? Consider abstract paintings matching a particular element or add them as accents. Go further with a gallery wall on a specific theme to add individuality. The decoration process itself will be a separate form of art, which you will express your thoughts and feelings through. 

Floating sources of unobtrusive finesse

You cannot simply imagine what a pearl a floating shelf is within such spaces. Wait and see the effect of a group of units alike. The easiest part is that you can consider it a DIY project and go with any design you want. We suggest matching the material with other elements within the bathroom or going with the no-fail wood surface. This way, you have plenty of space to add a few paintings, pots with indoor plants, a candle, or any other decorative unit without stealing too much space.

When Modern meets Vintage

There is one piece you can use both functionally and as a decorative unit in the bathroom. Consider a vintage approach to the mirror, and it will instantly become a source of visual interest. The delicate empire-style frames enriched with brass and a worn-like effect complement the functional mirrors, particularly for modern interiors. Whether it is above the sink or a large unit of the kind besides the bathtub, you will surely not be able to enter this space and not direct your eyes towards this piece of royal extravagance. 

Bold neon signs

Neon signs are a thing now, and we thought, why not give it a try in the bathroom. Any color, replication, or quote would simply look stunning, particularly at night. You will be surprised by the play of sparkles on the bathtub or sink surface. A 90’s environment with a touch of individuality due to the personalized neon sign will spread all over the space, becoming more than a bathroom wall decoration.

Take your interior a step higher

Stylish, original, and functional; opt for a decorative ladder against the wall made of wood, bamboo, or steel. Consider any wall that seems appropriate to decorate this way or place it above the toilet to save space. Besides serving as a unique decor piece, this ladder will come in handy to store particular bathroom belongings or hang the towels on.

Beyond the bathroom borders

Go far beyond the borders while staying within its limits. How is that possible? Easy-breezy with an oversize map. Be it an actual map hung on the wall or wallpaper with such design. It can seem pretty overwhelming, although a no-fail option for lovers of accents, originality, and creativity. 

We are looking for easy ways

This statement does not usually refer to our approach suggestions. Still, this one cannot be regarded any other way. In this sense, the easiest way, alongside wallpaper, is painting an accent wall. Consider one of the following trendy colors: black, blue, green, pink, yellow, or purple. You can easily repaint the wall once you get tired of a particular shade and enliven the space with a whole new one. 

In harmony with nature

Our all-time favorite is the green wall with live plants, which can be moss or any other species that enliven the space with their green splash. Besides, this usually wet space is perfect for plants that love water. Your bathroom will instantly fill with fresh air and the sense that you are somewhere in the wild – not a bathroom but an escape.

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