Bathroom window curtains / treatments: selection tips, popular options, and stylish ideas

Bathroom windows are an architectural element that can be treated in different ways. So, many argue that windows in this room are mandatory, because thanks to them, space seems larger, lighter, and more comfortable, and someone, on the contrary, insists that windows can contribute to visual discomfort and the penetration of cold into the bathroom, and indeed the risk of privacy breaches because of them increases. Of course, both opinions have a right to exist. Still, when the presence of a window in your bathroom is already an evident and unalterable fact, it’s time to accept it and think about such an essential aspect as design.

Bathrooms with windows are more common in private houses and cottages. However, they are also not so rare in apartments. It may seem to some that privacy curtains are needed only in the first case. However, the designers still insist that the windows in the bathrooms should not remain “bare” under any circumstances, since in this case, the bathroom itself looks sparsely lived and incomplete, and you will feel uncomfortable in it. It is much more logical to choose a beautiful and practical window treatment, which will become the finishing note of your interior and, moreover, will provide such a vital comfort and visual warmth.

Selection of curtains and other window treatment options: key factors

So, the issue of covering a window (or windows, if someone is so lucky) in the bathroom has become relevant for you as well. However, instead of immediately going shopping in search of curtains that you just “like”, you should properly assess the potential of your bathroom in general and windows in particular – this way, you will save time, and the risk of making a mistake will be noticeably reduced.

It is quite logical that most often, the curtains for the windows in the bathroom are chosen according to your taste. However, as the designers assure, it is much more rational to start by analyzing the following points:

  • Position of windows relative to plumbing. If there is a bathtub, sink, open shower, or shower stall near the window, then get ready for the fact that it will be constantly exposed to moisture in its various manifestations – from hot steam to splashes and even accidental flooding from the shower. As you understand, there is no place for either voluminous and complex fabric draperies in such a situation. The optimal solution for a window over a bathtub or sink will be structures made of moisture-resistant materials that are easy to wash and clean and dry quickly – this is equally important for those who want to avoid mold.
  • The number of windows. The happy owners of huge bathrooms with several windows can enjoy the luxury and variety of interiors because, in such an area, it is possible to implement various design projects. However, in any case, you have to bring the design of all windows to a common denominator. This is easy to do if all windows are in dry areas, but this is not the case if at least one of them is located above the sink or bathtub. You will have to make a compromise that will have to be carefully thought out.
  • Privacy level. A large window, the bathroom located on the first floor of a house or apartment, another apartment building located windows into windows to yours, and your personal ideas about comfort – all this can lead to the desire to add a more reliable and solid window treatment. As a rule, blinds and double cellular shades with vertical movement, as well as roller blinds made of blackout fabric, are used in such situations. If such privacy is not essential for you, a light, elegant design will be quite enough.
  • Illumination. Do your bathroom windows face the sunny side? Is there enough light for you, or does the bathroom seem unnecessarily dark all day long? Do the sun’s rays hit your eyes, or are you delighted with everything? Based on the answers to these questions, you can determine what kind of light transmission of curtains on the windows you need. So if you want more light, sheer fabric draperies or cellular shades can help. If you want more privacy and mysterious darkening, take a look at the adjustable faux wood shutters and vinyl blinds.
  • Bathroom design. Whether you prefer elegant, majestic classic, luxurious art deco, cool and practical minimalism, cozy French country, or spectacular techno – in any case, when choosing curtains for the window, you will have to take into account the design features of the entire bathroom as a whole. In this regard, you should not rush: carefully consider window treatments or draperies that will look especially organic in your interior.

All the factors you described are undoubtedly important, but you shouldn’t overlook the small technical details – in this case, we mean the waterproofing and ventilation of the bathroom. So, if you have a very spacious room with a powerful air conditioning system, it is most likely easy for you to keep it dry, which means that you can safely use absolutely any draperies and blinds on the windows. If your bathroom is small, there are problems with ventilation, and after taking a shower, you cease to distinguish anything due to a cloud of steam, then here you can rely only on moisture-resistant window treatments.

Modern bathroom window curtains and blinds

As you probably already understood, from a practical point of view, the ability of bathroom curtains to resist the effects of water and high humidity becomes especially important. However, the aesthetic aspect is no less important for us – namely, the appearance and design of the window covering. We offer you solutions that are especially relevant today in modern bathrooms – and we do not doubt that any of these solutions will seem optimal to you.


This decision is dedicated to everyone who has decided to take the path of least resistance. The advantages of blinds for windows in the bathroom include:

  • Practicality. Blinds made from quality materials show excellent moisture resistance and can be quickly wiped and dried if necessary. Regular maintenance helps prevent mold even in a small bathroom with high humidity.
  • Simple operation. You can even close and open the slats with a slight movement of your hand. And it doesn’t matter that your hands will be wet!
  • Easy installation and compactness. Blinds can be installed even in a small bathroom and on a small window – they will perfectly cope with their function and take up a minimum of space. In addition, their installation can be handled by everyone who at least once held a drill and a screwdriver in their hands.
  • Modern look. Window designs of this type look quite organically in interiors in the spirit of contemporary minimalism – the laconicism of the blinds will be a worthy completion of the interior of a stylish, rationally furnished bathroom, where flashy decorative solutions are not required.
  • Variety of colors. A wide selection of such designs has long been the talk of the town. After spending quite a bit of time in stores, you are sure to find the dark or light shade you need, bright tone, and even something with patterns or flowers. In addition, no one canceled the execution of window blinds to order, and hundreds of colors and ornaments are available to manufacturers today.
  • Availability. If your budget is eminently rational and tightly planned, you do not have to worry about choosing blinds for your bathroom windows: such a design is hardly capable of punching a severe hole in it. Moreover, even if you need to equip several windows, the final costs will not upset you too.

If you consider all these arguments weighty, worthy of close attention, and inspiring, it’s time to decide on the next point – whether to buy horizontal blinds or should you still prefer vertical ones? In this case, the designers are unanimous: only the first option is possible in the bathroom. The fact is that vertical blinds are more susceptible to deformation due to exposure to moisture, and they look too “office-like”, which disrupts the harmony in the interior.

Another important aspect is the material from which the blinds are made. Decorators strongly advise against choosing plastic structures for high humidity areas since you will have to work hard to prevent mold from growing on them. Blinds made of vinyl and artificial wood are a great alternative – the latter look so elegant that they can complement even a neoclassical interior.

Roll structures

Suppose you are categorically against blinds, and it seems to you that the bathroom resembles a bathroom in a public institution with them. In that case, there is an excellent alternative for you – roll structures of various types. Let’s dwell on the advantages of each of them:

  • Roll-up curtains. They are a fabric cloth, which, when lifted, is wound on a special shaft in the upper part and straightened if necessary – manually or using a remote control. You can use them in any room, but when buying such curtains for a window in the bathroom, make sure that their panels are made of particular moisture-resistant fabric. In addition, there are no more “buts” in the use of “rolls”: they are easy to care for, inexpensive, compact, and modern photo printing technologies allow you to apply almost any pattern to them.
  • Cassette curtains. More ergonomic, compact, and therefore more aesthetic version of roll-up curtains. In this case, the panel is completely retracted into a special narrow box, where the shaft and the lifting mechanism are also located. Thanks to this, the design looks very neat. With the presence of rigid guides that fix the canvas in a vertical position, various design options, moisture-resistant materials – the advantages of cassette curtains for the bathroom are indisputable. In addition, the structure is fixed inside the window frame, which adds ergonomics that are important for any modern interiors.
  • Free-hanging curtains. The simplest version of a roll-up curtain, consisting of a shaft, a panel, and a manual lifting mechanism. The only design feature is the weighting on the lower edge, which holds the curtain even in a gust of wind. In addition, it is loose canvases that become an excellent basis for exclusive decor – from lace frills to artistic painting.
  • Double cell shades. These types of curtains are also called “day-night”. The design includes two layers of fabric, on which transparent cells and thick opaque stripes are interspersed. With the help of a special mechanism, you can set the opaque stripes precisely opposite each other – then it will be light in the bathroom. And vice versa – by bringing them into one continuous panel, you will ensure complete confidentiality. Such curtains are sewn from synthetic materials and treated with a special impregnation that protects against moisture, dust, and mildew. So you can not be afraid to hang them even on the window above the bathroom or sink.


Do you adore classics, are you crazy about the romance of Provence, are you interested in a farmhouse or dream of a nautical interior? We have good news for you: the designers have already developed a design option for the windows in the bathroom, which will ideally fit into any of the previously mentioned interiors.

Today, interior shutters are increasingly used to screen windows. Excellent functionality, sustainability, and beautiful appearance cannot fail to fascinate – as well as the variety of design options. Thanks to their special wide slats, they can provide excellent illumination in your bathroom without violating privacy or, on the contrary, completely hide the room from possible views from the outside.

Even just looking at photos with similar solutions, it is impossible not to admit that the shutters in the bathroom look truly great. However, there is one catch here: most often, they are made of wood, which is simply unacceptable for most bathrooms – under the influence of moisture, even an expensive and varnished material can gradually deform and lose all its beauty. And yet, do not worry: just feel free to look for shutters made of faux wood.

Faux wood is an innovative material obtained from wood pulp and special binders under the influence of high pressure and advanced processing technologies. The result is a relatively lightweight and pliable material that is no longer afraid of high humidity – and at the same time, the similarity with the natural texture and color of the wood is pleasantly striking. Exactly what you need, even for windows in a small bathroom or for lovers of water treatments!

Fabric curtains

Do not think that traditional textiles and windows in the bathroom are incompatible – as many designers joke; you need to know what to take and where to hang. In fact, if the room is located on the second floor or higher, you live in a favorable warm climate, and the bathroom is huge and well-ventilated, then fabric draperies will be a fantastic way to bring warmth, comfort, and classic sophistication to the interior.

If you have a lot of ideas for bathroom window textiles, it’s time to act! And the advice of our designers will help to provide the necessary harmony:

  • Choose fabrics that are lightweight and practical. Velvet, jacquard, and tapestry have no place even in the most luxurious bathroom. Give preference to natural cotton and synthetic materials – airier, more modern, and, of course, easier to care for.
  • Choose your curtain rod carefully. It is placed above the window, so its design must match your bathroom. The material and coating of the curtain rod also matter: moisture resistance is paramount in this case.
  • Be careful with the decor. Window valances, hooks, chains – under the influence of moisture, all this can deteriorate considerably, and your costs will be in vain. Proceed from the principle “the simpler, the better” – it is enough to put the curtain in the bathroom with beautiful folds to achieve perfection.
  • Short, it doesn’t mean worse. Floor-length fabric curtains are only relevant for a huge and exclusive bathroom. The maximum length for draperies in most cases is an inch (2.5-3 cm) above the floor, and the minimum is just below the windowsill. You can also make draperies in two levels – if your interior is closer to French country, vintage, or farmhouse.
  • Try matching your bathroom shower curtain to the color and pattern of the draperies. If you succeed, you can be proud of yourself and your bathroom: designers consider this combination to be a unique chic.

Bathroom window treatments: alternative methods

There are times when neither curtains nor blinds offered by designers and sellers in stores are categorically suitable for the owners. The reasons for this nihilism can be very different, but it is still impossible to leave the window in the bathroom entirely without covering. In this case, very original and, at the same time, practical solutions that can make a worthy alternative to curtains and blinds can be used.

Beads curtain

Thin strands of shiny beads gathered in one translucent curtain is a creative, bright, and, to some extent, even bohemian solution that has many advantages. Such curtains perfectly transmit light and even multiply it by scattering the sun’s rays with glass or crystal beads, but they reliably hide everything that you want to hide from prying eyes. In addition, they are presented in a fairly large number of shades, so choosing a decor that fits perfectly into the palette of your interior will not be difficult.

If you are not looking for extra shine, then cozy thread curtains can be an excellent solution. They will also provide sufficient illumination, will perfectly decorate the window – both freely falling and removed to the side in the form of a beautiful semicircle. The only thing the designers warn about is the highly undesirable use of cotton curtains if the bathtub is near the window. With constant wetting, they do not look very presentable.

Static privacy window film

It happens that the owner of the bathroom simply does not want to curtain the windows with anything – and this is by no means out of love for exhibitionism, but somewhat out of a penchant for ergonomic solutions in the style of contemporary minimalism, or simply because of the small size of the room. However, there is a way to protect yourself from prying eyes in this case – and this is just a particular film that transmits light well enough but does not violate privacy.

Today, manufacturers offer many such solutions, including for the bathroom – these are mirror films and inconspicuous opal white, with exquisite baroque patterns and even with an imitation of rain running on glass, sea pebbles, Japanese silk canvases, stained glass mosaics, and even ordinary blinds. And this is not a complete list of design options. Are you intrigued? Well, it’s time to try, especially since the film will not cost so much.

Live plants

Loyal fans of eco-interiors can rejoice: they may well hide everything that happens in the bathroom, behind a living green wall, without using any technological innovations and synthetic materials. All you need for such a decoration is more plants in pots, preferably tall and with wide lush leaves. If you have the opportunity to add vines, then the landscape will turn out to be no worse than the tropical one, and you will also feel protected.

As you can see, covering a window in a bathroom is not only a chore but also an opportunity to show your abilities as a designer and decorator. Study current trends, be interested in new materials and trends, do not be afraid of attempts and experiments, but at the same time listen to the advice of designers – when you are faced with the task of creating an impeccable interior, all the tools recommended by professionals are good.

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