The refinement of Crema Marfil marble in your bathroom: gorgeous ideas & inspirational photos

The refinement of Crema Marfil marble in your bathroom: gorgeous ideas & inspirational photos

Crema Marfil marble is currently a trend, and designers often refer to this design solution, particularly in the bathroom. Since this type of marble equals elegance, experts don’t hesitate to make it part of interiors, considering that contemporary bathrooms would surely benefit from a tiny splash of refinement. If you are familiar with what Crema Marfil marble is, you probably know what an effect it has on the design. Still, we will give you an insight into what this name hides, preparing you for the interesting part – an array of inspirational ideas on how you can make elegance defining for your bathroom, accompanied by a range of photos to encourage you for a luxurious change.

What Crema Marfil marble is

Crema Marfil marble is a creamy stone with a textured surface penetrated by soft white, yellow, and beige threads scented with cinnamon or gold. The soothing yet warm color makes it a go-to solution for any design project. Resembling architecture of the highest level, it is a real find for those who want to integrate finesse in one step. This type of marble is actually limestone and originates in Spain. 

What makes the Crema Marfil marble replicate elegance is the exceptional pale surface diluted with gorgeously colored patterns created by mother nature. To be precise, this particular type of marble comes from areas neighboring Mount Coto. Despite the relatively uniform approach to color and grains, Crema Marfil marble still offers a wide range of variations that can be integrated as tiles. 

One should note that Crema Marfil marble is the first choice for modern interiors to add a splash of natural stone and enrich the environment with elegant notes of flair, and a bathroom seems like the best space to start with. 

Simply marbelous

Crema Marfil marble’s rather neutral creamy shade is a perfect reason to go with an all-marble bathroom, considering standard-size tiles of this kind for the flooring and walls, including even the shower area or space around the bathtub. This type of marble can be safely integrated in this particular way due to the pale color that keeps it smooth and subtle white, yellow, or gold veins that add a sense of luxury in the finest way possible.

Little by little

Crema Marfil marble has such a stately appearance that even small splashes of this kind are enough to make an elegant statement, particularly on a no less creamy background. Consider marble tiles of this type to elevate an accent wall, separate the walls into two differently textured halves, or emphasize the sink area. With a no less impressive effect, the Crema Marfil accents will draw even more attention to the exquisite design approach.

Bring in contrast

Don’t limit yourself to one texture only. Consider combinations of Crema Marfil with other types of marble. Be it of contrastive or similar shades. You can always go beyond borders with a new texture, such as wood for cabinets. Dilute the monochromatic palette with intriguing splashes while preserving the defining role of the Spanish-inspired marble.

Stick to Traditional

The traditional bathroom layout with the classic bathtub, wood cabinets, and familiar look can be perfectly complemented with Crema Marfil, which would resonate with the welcoming feel of this style. Consider full decoration of the walls with marble tiles of this type, or opt for tiny details depending on what you want to emphasize. Is it the beautifully designed wood cabinets or the refined creamy walls? 

Elegance to the fullest

Since this type of marble is all about elegance, go fully with an elegant approach. If possible, consider a flamboyant bathtub in the center lit by a gorgeous chandelier, refined pieces of furniture, and the irreplaceable and defining element of this style – Crema Marfil marble. Moreover, if you go with marble tiles with gold patterns, you can double the effect and make a pearl out of your bathroom.

Sleek modern look

As luxurious as Crema Marfil is, it instantly acquires a new look when applied to modern interiors. Consider a functional layout with clean lines and a few to no decor units, complemented with a monochromatic palette, where the marble tiles bring everything together and elevate the overly practical layout of the bathroom. Let the textured surface spread its finesse all over the space and offer this room an updated contemporary look.

Bathed in refinement

Regardless of style, don’t hesitate to decorate your bathtub with creamy marble the next time you decide to redesign this space. A single step, and your interior will reach a new level. Besides, the Crema Marfil marble is not that eye-catching, suiting any design approach. Yet, it brings a balanced sense of confidence and originality that a contemporary bathroom would surely benefit from.

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