Beaded door curtains: types, functions, and cool ideas for different styles

Beaded door curtains: types, functions, and cool ideas for different styles

Beaded curtains were especially popular in the 70s of the last century when the laconic and bright style of the 60s – today we know it as retro – gradually began to be diluted with more sophisticated textures. Such a design solution’s lightness, variety, and originality have made it popular repeatedly and in the most relevant interiors. Let’s find out what types of beaded door curtains are relevant today and how you can use them to create a unique atmosphere in your home.

Functions and features of beaded curtains

It is hardly worth dwelling on how beaded curtains look. You have probably seen elegant curtains of glass or wooden elements of various shapes and sizes, strung on thread or fishing line – at least in the photos or magazines. Such curtains look very impressive. However, in addition to the decorative function, they also perform several practical ones:

  • Closing doorways. This is the most popular solution and also very economical. You can create the feeling of being closed without the need for conventional doors, which can be cumbersome at times.
  • Zoning. With the help of bead curtains, you can separate rooms from each other or fence off parts of a room with various functions without erecting full-fledged partitions and buying expensive screens.
  • Improved lighting. Glass, crystal, and acrylic beads perfectly refract and diffuse artificial and daylight, making the room look more spacious and elegant.

Also, such solutions are widespread among fans of such a philosophy as feng shui with its open space concept. Beaded door curtains fit into it better than blank door panels, which do not allow light, air, and positive energy to pass through.

In addition, for all its advantages, glass beads curtains can not be used in the interior in all cases. So, they cannot protect against excessive noise and especially prying eyes. Active pets can perceive them as a toy and rip or tousle, and for small children, curtains of threads with beads are completely dangerous: they can get entangled in them or accidentally swallow one of the elements. In addition, over time, some become annoyed with the constant clicking of beads in doorways if you have to walk through them too often. That is why it is important to carefully weigh the pros and cons before decorating a house in this way.

Types of beaded door curtains

The choice of curtains, consisting of threads with beads strung on them, is quite large today, as well as the materials for their elements. Let’s find out a little more about the types of beads that are used to create such decorative solutions:


Curtains with crystal inclusions look very expensive and luxurious and, at the same time, make the slightest noise. However, the main advantage of such curtains still remains the ability to effectively diffuse sunlight – not without reason, they are also called “suncatchers.” The choice of the shape of such elements, as a rule, is limited to balls, and they are practically never colored. However, they can serve as a perfect frame for windows or be used to decorate the space above the table.


The advantages of curtains made of such beads are many: it is a low price, and practicality, and a fantastic variety of elements of various colors, shapes, and sizes. There are practically no restrictions on the use of glass beads curtains, and you can try them for both zoning and decor and a variety of lighting scenarios.


Curtains made of wooden elements are in perfect harmony with eco and country interiors. The material allows you to create beads of any size and shape and paint them in any color. In addition, it is wood that is considered the most practical option: you can not be afraid that products from it will break or crack.


Flexible and durable material that can take any shape, color, and degree of transparency. Curtains with acrylic beads are no less spectacular than those made of crystal or glass beads, and at the same time, they are not so expensive. In addition, acrylic is not at all so fragile, and you can not be afraid to break such an element.

When choosing beaded door curtains, it is essential to realize that such a solution can not be integrated into every interior despite all its aesthetics. We bring to your attention ideas for decorating with similar curtains for a design that looks appropriate and harmonious.


The bohemian-style casualness, randomness, and enthralling variety of colors is an almost ideal medium for beaded curtains. You can use rainbow curtains, metal elements, iridescent glass, crystal, or wood painting – any creative solution will perfectly fit into the interior, add originality to it and allow you to prove yourself as an artist – especially if you make such curtains yourself.


Eclecticism is, first of all, a harmonious mix of solutions collected from a wide variety of interiors. And beaded door curtains are the best match for this concept. By using an element that matches the base of the interior or other decor in color and texture, you add movement and rhythm, and at the same time, you can create a completely harmonious design.


This is the name of the style that combines vintage and retro decor. A beaded door curtain in such an interior is not just appropriate – it can be safely called a true must-have, so feel free to use them wherever you see fit. As for the material, here you have at your disposal both eco-materials like wood and colored glass beads, arranged in the most bizarre sequence.


The era of the 60s and 70s is the time when beaded curtains were at the peak of their popularity. As for the construction of such curtains, they mainly used natural materials, including bamboo, wood, and shells. Also, in many apartments, one could see the very famous macrame, which today again breaks into the lists of trends, as well as cascades of colorful acrylic beads that turn the curtain into the brightest accent. Today, you can safely decorate rooms in a retro style this way, especially since you have various materials at your disposal – from glass beads to wood painted with psychedelic motives.


The optimal and most organic solution for a beach bungalow-style interior is a combination of rough-cut wood doorframes and bead curtains. Pay attention to bamboo, wood, and shells as materials, or use coconut elements when creating such curtains with your own hands. However, you don’t have to limit your imagination to this either: bright glass beads will also make you feel like on the tropical coast, filled with colors and play of light.


Asia is considered the homeland of curtains made of type-setting elements, and therefore it is quite natural that they rarely do without them in thematic interiors. The choice for fans of this style is impressive – from bamboo curtains with painted Asian motifs to wonderful fantasy glass products.


Earlier, we gave an example of the use of beaded curtains in the interior with predominantly ethnic motives. However, we also have good news for modern style lovers: you can also decorate an elegant contemporary interior with them.

Of course, you will not be able to afford the same riot of colors as in the case of boho. Modern means a calmer and more balanced palette and surfaces with a more restrained texture, so balls made of cut crystal or transparent glass will be the most harmonious option for you. In this case, the configuration of the curtains can be different – from an even flowing curtain to a curly arch.

Beaded curtains: Conclusions + photos

Beaded curtains are a strong decorative and functional accent that can significantly transform a space. With their accurate and competent placement, you will be able to communicate to the interior the very individuality that everyone dreams of.

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