Bedding trends 2022: 8 gorgeous ideas to add style and comfort to your bedroom

A good night’s sleep depends a lot on the right bedding. The same goes for the interior design of your bedroom. Win both ways by opting for appropriate bedclothes and following the latest trends. We are ready to assist you in this sense and provide you with the newest ideas for comfy and stylish bedding.

The 2022 trends emphasize such aspects as comfort, practicality, simplicity, and originality. We are going to prove that they are easy to apply to bedclothes, adding practical tips and inspirational photos. It is noteworthy that the bedding depends on the particular season, style, and preferences. Therefore, we prepared a list of 8 gorgeous ideas that meet these standards from all perspectives. Let’s find out the latest bedding trends in 2022!

Go with linen

Nature-inspired, resistant to bacterias, and anti-allergenic, linen is the perfect option for bedding in 2022. It has been popular for a long time, and it does not plan to get out of date due to its high quality. 

Do you remember that comfort is the leading trend in 2022? Linen fits in perfectly as its soft texture and freshness are hard to beat. There is more to come. It is known for regulating body temperature, which makes it suitable for cold winters and warm summers.

Quality in the first place

What can make the bedding more comfortable than its high quality? We are ready to reveal some of the aspects to consider for reaching such standards. Take a look at the following nuances, and do not forget to consider them when making a purchase in this sense.

  • Weight. Opt for light-weighted bedding to bring in the feather feeling;
  • Fibre. Consider fine fibers to add softness;
  • Fabric. Choose cotton for a comfy and soft feeling, polycotton for durability, or Egyptian cotton for a cool feeling in summer and a warm one in winter;
  • Weave. Consider various weave types for your comfort, for instance, satin for a silky feeling, brushed cotton to add softness or percale for a crisp and fresh feeling.

Soft colors for a cozy environment 

Soft colors are key to the stylish look of your bedding in 2022. In this sense, you can opt for neutral shades, such as beige and gray, for a balanced environment. At the same time, consider nature-inspired colors, such as soothing green, soft blue, earthy brown, or peach, to add freshness. 

Furthermore, bold shades can also be applied if chosen appropriately. Nevertheless, consider warm undertones and dusty shades for a perfect result. In this sense, opt for soft pink or purple. 

If you want to go bold and come with a point of interest, consider navy blue for the ocean breeze or royal green for an emerald effect.

Seek inspiration in nature

As we have already discussed fabrics and colors, it is time we refer to patterns. The 2022 trends suggest you consider nature-inspired patterns to bring nature closer and enrich your environment with new elements.

In this sense, consider flowers or leaves of various colors, particularly soothing ones, to keep it simple. At the same time, if flowers are too much for your minimalist setting, opt for classic stripes and keep the contrasts balanced.

Bold accessories to complete the picture

Although the 2022 trends suggest a neutral approach to bedding color, you cannot spoil the picture with bold accessories. Consider cushions and throw in bright yet balanced colors for a perfect contrast. 

It should be noted that by bold colors, we mean the ones that will serve as points of interest on a neutral background. Therefore, you should not go too extra as not to suppress the main elements of the bedding but rather complement them.

Faux fur for a warm effect

Another option to enrich your bedding is to consider faux fur. Particularly suitable such an accessory will be for cold winter days. It will bring texture to bedding and enhance its look. You can opt for various patterns and colors in this sense. Do not forget that they should match the general color palette of the room and fit your bedding as the last piece of the puzzle.

Stick to the classic

There is no way of spoiling the room if you go with classic bedding, which is a white one. It has always been in trend, and it does not plan to get off the stage. As simple as it may sound, the usual white bedding can bring more light and freshness to your room than any other color.

Furthermore, you can opt for other colors when it comes to accessories. Nevertheless, white has to remain the key one. Besides other benefits, it brings in calmness, which is a perfect end to a day.

Original design for a new personality

The 2022 trends suggest an original approach to bedding design. It will elevate the environment and enhance the personality of your bedroom. In this sense, you can consider unusual styles that will make the bedding a point of interest.

A perfect option would be to consider the Art Deco style. It should be noted that it can be adapted to any preference, whether you want to keep it simple or bold. Consider the colors and patterns peculiar to this style, including the black background and gold elements.

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