Top 11 Bedding Trends for 2024: Fabrics, Colors, Themes

Little by little, we are approaching a new design season. If you’re planning a bedroom makeover, don’t forget the bedding. Are you wondering which bedclothes are trending this year? We are happy to share our comprehensive guide on the latest bedding trends, including materials, colors, prints, themes, and styles. 

The global event for interior design textiles that takes place every year in Frankfurt am Main is one of the leading trendsetters in the world of textiles. Therefore, the Heimtextil Trends 24/25 gives us a practical and inspirational insight into what the new textiles will look like, including bedding. According to their forecast, the new season approaches trends differently under the generic concept of New Sensitivity. Shortly, it means thoughtful design choices regarding our impact on nature, relationship with people, and connection to technology. Thus, the new sensitive world of textiles supposes three distinctive trends: plant-based fabrics, bioengineered materials, and technological solutions. Let’s welcome the new bedding trends!

According to Heimtextil Trends, we should expect a wide range of textile colors in the new season. For your new bedding, think of soothing tropical green and sage green if you want to reconnect with nature. Alternatively, try earthy green or cozy off-white for a softer, more neutral color option. Moreover, bright yellows, lemon greens, peachy or earthy oranges, deep violets, vivid corals, rich reds, radiant turquoises, and mint greens are at your disposal. 

Find more color inspiration with the trendiest 2024 colors

2. Bedding Fabric Trend: Organic

Be as thoughtful as possible if you want to commit to the new bedding material trends fully. Therefore, if you are ready to be extra-thoughtful, opt for sustainable plant-based textiles like seaweed and cactus, which provide a healthy sleeping environment. Alternatively, consider leftover materials from other productions, such as hemp, olive, or banana. 

Next are bioengineered fabrics made from the protein or carbohydrates in products like grass or corn. Or, polyester textiles combined with those protein or carbohydrates to make them sustainable. Even more, experts suggest paying attention to upcycled or recycled fabrics. 

Still, if those solutions aren’t available in your region, you can always opt for organic bedding fabrics like cotton, linen, wool, silk, bamboo, and hemp.

3. Enhance Well-Being with Biophilic Design

Restore well-being and connect with the best source of tranquility – nature. Opt for soft green and beige for the bedding colors, and consider one of the latest trends, nature-inspired prints. Botanical motifs are preferred this season by designers.

4. Add Luxurious Elements

This year’s trending bedding mixes luxury with comfort. Make for the best experience with quality bedding materials decorated with stately details, such as fringes, embroidered accessories, and expensive-looking colors. Additionally, think of plush pillows and duvets simultaneously with rich-textured bedclothes. 

5. Floral Bedding Trend

Some trends come and go. Others stay for long or become timeless. The latter is undoubtedly the case with floral motifs. We cannot deny flowers are an unconditional source of calmness, inspiration, and self-expression. So, we suggest you pick from a wide range of bedding floral prints. Decide whether you prefer tiny traditional and romantic flowers or large modern ones. What’s more, the color choice is entirely up to your taste.

6. Reinterpreted Modern Bedclotes

Have you heard of New Minimalism, one of the latest bedding trends? If you crave simplicity and originality, you’ll like the new minimalist bedding limited to two colors, devoid of prints, and revealing beautiful organic textures. Thus, you’ll make a statement with simple choices.

7. Cottagecore Aesthetics

The quiet and appealing countryside style is one of the top bedroom trends this season. Interior designers are in love with the cottagecore aesthetics. If you want to bring more calmness to your bedroom and install a unique mood, don’t skip this charming style, even for bedding. Generally, earthy and weathered colors, floral motifs, layers of textures, and warming textiles define this design concept.

8. Bedding Print Trend: Stripes

Undoubtedly, the trending bedding prints this year are stripes, wide and narrow. The beloved pattern has become a favorite, and we love this voguish design. Besides, the harmony-ensuring lines pair with any color palette.

9. Experiment with Checkerboard

Try the new favorite – checkered print on your new bedding. Would you like the classy black-and-white combo or a fresh splash of color? Either way, the pattern makes everything look in trend. Still, if checkered bedclothes seem too much for your eyes, opt for a blanket patterned this way.

10. Escape with Retro

The freedom of color and self-expression starts with retro. Stay up-to-date this season with the emerging retro style by considering richly colored bedclothes with catchy prints that allure and inspire. Make the bedding the standout feature of your bedroom.

11. Inspired by Ethnic Diversity

Search for inspiration in your own or foreign cultures. Undoubtedly, bedclothes accessorized with ethnic prints look authentic and unrepeatable. Needless to say, the richness of color and pattern is the perfect budget-friendly redecoration of a bedroom.

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