How to choose the best carpet for your bedroom

Floor textiles for the bedroom require a particularly reverent attitude towards themselves. Indeed, for a room where we rest and gain strength, the carpet becomes an indispensable attribute to create a suitable atmosphere. Only one thing is missing – to choose it correctly. This is what we propose to talk about in more detail.

Carpet in the bedroom: for or against?

Today, the position of practicality and ergonomics in interior design is still strong. Reasonable minimalism, maximum simplicity, the principle of “nothing more” – all this is very rational, but sometimes you can go too far. First of all, this concerns the very laconic use of textiles in modern interiors. Moreover, the desire to use carpets as small as possible leads some to think – is it worth buying them for the bedroom at all, especially if you have expensive and high-quality flooring? However, neither hardwood, nor elite engineering wood, nor ultra-fashionable quartz vinyl can replace textiles, which have the following unconditional advantages:

  • Warmly. The carpet gives the feeling of warmth and security, which makes our morning rise more comfortable. Of course, someone might argue that underfloor heating can also be a good alternative, but why the extra headache with installing it if the carpet is still more affordable – so cozy and warming?
  • Tactile comfort. When your feet sink into the soft and fluffy pile, you immediately set yourself in a positive mood. This is important both for going to bed and for a more pleasant awakening.
  • Soundproofing. The carpet on the bedroom floor will definitely help you eliminate noise that is especially undesirable in this particular room. The advantage, in this case, is behind rugs with a high thick pile that absorbs any sounds.
  • Additional protection. Floor textiles in the bedroom are always ready to take on both aggressive mechanical action and accidentally spilled liquids, spilled cosmetics, or unsuccessfully squeezed out of cream. Agree that cleaning or even replacing a carpet is much easier than replacing a hard flooring element.

And finally, last but not least, this is, of course, beauty. A well-chosen carpet for the bedroom will add completeness and harmony to the interior and can also become the very detail that makes your room unique.

Choosing a bedroom carpet: important factors

So, if the arguments in favor of a carpet in the bedroom are enough for you, let’s move on to the fun part – namely, choosing the best option for you. Of course, we can hardly abstractly point the finger at a particular rug and categorically declare: “This carpet is the best!” In floor textiles, as, indeed, in design, in principle, everything is individual. Therefore, let’s consider what criteria will become especially important for you when choosing a product for a bedroom.


It is crucial to choose a carpet for the bedroom based on the area of the room and the size of the bed – it must look harmonious, and at the same time, you do not stumble into it. There are several options for placing the carpet relative to the bed – choose the one you like most and, based on this, plan the product’s size.

The form

A win-win option for a bedroom in terms of shape is still a rectangle that fits perfectly into a room with any configuration. However, it is not necessary to dwell solely on it. So, if the layout of your bedroom is the correct square, try a rug of the same shape. If you are attracted to smooth lines, use a round carpet. If you want to expand the space of the room visually – an oval rug will suit you. Well, if you want something extravagant, look at a product with irregular, asymmetrical (but not too sharp) contours.


It is on him that the softness, comfort, and beauty of the carpet in your bedroom depend. Today, designers suggest considering textiles with the following types of the pile:

  • High. If, for the living room, a carpet with a pile of impressive height may not be the most practical solution (especially if you often go there or children have chosen it for play), then in the bedroom, you can afford to immerse your feet in a fluffy and thick covering. In addition, it is these carpets that have the best soundproofing properties.
  • Plush. This pile is obtained by trimming the double-twisted yarns. As a result, it becomes short, but at the same time, very thick and tender. As a rule, it is easy to clean, and dirt is not visible on it.
  • Berber (loopback). Such a pile is formed by uncut textile fibers passed through the base in the form of loops. As a result, the rug pleases with sufficient softness, a beautiful appearance, and high durability.


Today, both natural and synthetic fibers are used in the production of carpets. So, on sale, you can find the following options:

  • Polypropylene. Carpets made from this synthetic material are distinguished by various design options and at a more than affordable price. However, their resistance is low, and it is pretty challenging to clean such products.
  • Nylon. Nylon threads are used to create rugs with a low pile – and at the same time, they are very durable and elastic.
  • Polyester. Polyester carpets are not much more expensive than polypropylene carpets and will also delight you with a wide range of sizes, colors, and patterns – however, they are much stronger and more durable.
  • Viscose. Very pleasant to the touch material, similar in texture to silk. It is with the help of viscose fiber that carpets with unique designs and patterns are created.
  • Textile. Rugs made of cotton fabric filled with polyester fibers are usually small in size and original design. Such products are environmentally friendly, look very cute, and therefore will be an excellent addition to the interior of a nursery or a small but cozy bedroom.
  • Wool. The first material in history to make carpets. Carpets made from natural fibers are durable, excellently keep warm and form beautiful patterns – solid pluses for sleeping rooms.
  • Silk. The most expensive and exclusive products with unique patterns and colors are made from silk fibers. If you can afford such aesthetic and tactile pleasure, you will surely not regret it.


Needless to say that the carpet in the bedroom should organically fit into the interior? This aspect is important primarily for your visual perception – nothing should irritate your eyes; otherwise, you will not be able to relax and rest.

Each direction in the interior has its requirements for floor textiles. Here are the options for the most relevant styles:

  • Classic – woolen carpets with high and thick pile with colorful oriental patterns;
  • Contemporary – plain floor textiles in a calm or pastel palette;
  • Modern – round or oval rugs with abstract patterns;
  • Art deco – very fluffy plain carpets or products with luxurious contrasting patterns;
  • Scandinavian and eco – low-pile carpets made of natural cotton or wool with simple geometric patterns.


The color of a plain carpet or the background shade of a patterned product can either echo or contrast with the basic color scheme of the bedroom – however, make sure that it does not look overly harsh. At your disposal are calm, pastel, and neutral or deep and rich tones without exciting brightness. In addition, decorators advise being careful with white and beige carpets due to their excessive soiling. However, if you live alone and do not have the habit of eating in bed, then you can certainly keep the impeccable appearance of a very light product for a long time.

What carpets are not worth buying

So, we figured out what to be guided by when choosing a carpet. Now, a few caveats. To not buy a low-quality accessory that will bring you more frustration than good, pay attention to the following alarm bells:

  • The carpet is uneven, and the base appears to be deformed.
  • The product is painted poorly: rubbing the pile with your fingers, you can find traces of paint on them.
  • A strong chemical smell is emitted from the carpet.
  • There are creases and bald spots on the pile.
  • There are no documents from the manufacturers on the carpet – it may have been made from low-quality raw materials.

If at least one of these statements is true, immediately abandon the purchase, no matter how much you like the price and design of the product.

And finally, one last tip – don’t skimp on your bedroom carpet. A high-quality and impeccably made product that really pleases the eye will give you more pleasant emotions – both visual and tactile. And such feelings will allow you to relax much more efficiently – after all, that’s what the bedroom is for.

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