Top 10 Showy Chandelier Ideas You’ll Want for Your Bedroom

For a start, you should know that chandeliers are the largest lighting fixtures with multiple branches that hold the bulbs. Over the years, various chandelier designs have evolved, and now we can choose from an array of options, from intricately Modern to ornate Rococo. This is just the beginning. We prepared a wide list of the trendiest chandelier ideas to level up your bedroom. Choose your next interior design accent.

No.1 Trend: Large-Scale Chandeliers

One of the trendiest lighting fixtures in the bedroom is a sizable chandelier with imposing shapes and show-stealing features that instantly win the title of the room’s main highlight. Even if you have a low-ceiling bedroom, you can easily install the fixture above the bed and enjoy its standout effect. The main goal is to ensure all attention rushes to the chandelier.

Best Style: Beaded Chandeliers

This gorgeous chandelier design made of tens of beads of glass, wood, or other materials and carefully threaded in a royal composition will effortlessly redecorate a Coastal, Farmhouse, or Modern bedroom. Keep the room’s color palette neutral and let the lighting fixture steal the spotlight.

Add Sparkle: Crystal Pendants

Crystal chandeliers are impressively valuable in contemporary bedrooms, reflecting tens of light rays throughout the room and enhancing the design style. They add a refined air and introduce you to a new design world where everything speaks dignified elegance and luxe. 

Palais Chandeliers Like Out of Fairytales

Have you always loved luxurious accents peculiar to royal palaces full of grandeur? Recreate the magnifying vibe in your bedroom with a large chandelier with multiple branches filled with thousands of tiny crystals that read royal as soon as you see them. The fun thing is that you can opt for a palace pendant even in a modern bedroom

Think of reinventing a vintage chandelier found at a flea market, which is much more affordable and authentic. Its history is a compliment to contemporary interiors.

Cozy Fabric Pendants

In the context of the beloved eco-style trends, give sustainable pendants a try. Rattan, sisal, and jute fixtures have been an endeared element in contemporary bedrooms so far. Now, the time has come for other eco options to shine. Experts direct our attention to fabric pendants of considerable sizes that add textured comfort and cozy up the space.

Crystal Waterfall: Cascade Chandeliers

One of the top bedroom chandelier ideas is cascade pendants. They beautifully fall, spreading down their crystals and creating a dynamic feature on the ceiling. You have plenty of designs to choose from. Those can be traditional round crystals or inspired by nature, such as leaves or flowers.

Sea Shell Fixture

The trendy chandeliers with large sea shells instead of crystals, displayed similarly to the cascade design, are some of the most suitable pendants in a bedroom. As if whispering “good night”, it makes for a relaxing and calm mood you want to enjoy endlessly.

Hit of the Season: Bubble Pendants

Ensure a “wow” effect with a vast bubble chandelier above the bed. Round shapes have been popular for a long time, and they don’t yet plan to leave the trends. Choose once again in favor of bubbles if you’ve already done that in another room, or try it for the first time, and you won’t regret it.

Nature-Inspired Chandelier Design

Opt for customized chandelier designs inspired by the natural world. Branches with leaves, water droplets, flowers, feathers, and everything you want. You’ll be able to enjoy a ravishing display of accents right above your head while relaxing on the bed.

Updated Sputnik Fixture

If you’ve followed the recent lighting trends, you probably know that the sparkling Sputnik design has been enhancing thousands of new design projects worldwide over the past few years. It stays this season as well, yet with an updated redefinition adapted to contemporary design. Search for more unusual satellite compositions with interesting ends rather than the traditional chrome ramification with bulbs.


What chandelier looks best in a bedroom?

Try to adapt your chandelier to your bedroom’s design style and distinctive features. A high-ceiling room craves a huge pendant to catch all the attention, while a smaller interior would be happy to share its space with a smaller yet no less vivid pendant. Pay attention to the bedroom’s design style. A modern bedroom would like a sleek fixture of solid materials, while a traditional or classic bedroom would say “yes” to richly bejeweled chandeliers. Design cohesion is key.

What lighting temperature is best for a bedroom?

A bedroom is a place for relaxation and retreat. Adapt the lighting temperature to a restful mood. Experts recommend warm lighting. Contrasted to the harsh blue light, warm lighting makes for a calm environment, perfect for unwinding and preparing for sleep. 

Is the bedroom a good space for a chandelier?

Undoubtedly, a chandelier is one of the best choices when choosing ambient lighting fixtures for your sleeping space. Effortlessly and engaging, a chandelier can bring your bedroom’s design to the next level due to its sophisticated and accent features.

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