10 gorgeous bedroom corner ideas to match your style with 30 photos for inspiration
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10 gorgeous bedroom corner ideas to match your style with 30 photos for inspiration

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Have you set up the entire bedroom, and there is one corner you would also like to integrate stylishly into the room decor? It’s a pretty good idea. Whether you like it or not, the way a corner is decorated, either bold or simple, can change the look of the room at different levels. It depends on the impact you would like to make. 

Stay with us, and we promise you an adventure through the best ideas you could apply regarding the decoration of a bedroom corner. You will probably be surprised, but the tips we will provide you with could also be integrated into any other room as we have tried to stay as simple as possible, at the same time, relevant and inspiring. There is one more thing to add. We would like something in exchange. To be precise: your good mood and will to get inspired. Let’s get it started!

Small corner nightstands for small spaces

If your space is limited, but you would like to decorate it somehow, a corner is a perfect space for that. Furthermore, there are small decorative elements that can be used in this sense. What do you say about small nightstands? There are two advantages why you should opt for this one: first of all, it is also a piece of furniture, which means that it will be practical. Secondly, it is a unit of decoration that will bring a new sparkle to the bedroom.

We suggest you take a look at the following photos and get inspired for small nightstands, which, by the way, can be of different styles. It should be noted that they have to integrate into the picture and not stand as separate parts.

Floating corner nightstands

If your space is extremely limited, and there is no free spot to be decorated, there is also a solution. We suggest you consider floating nightstands. They will be practical as you will be able to store the necessary things. Furthermore, they will be a point of interest in the room as the unique design will bring a new sparkle to your room. 

We suggest you stick in this sense to a particular style that would match the room decor. A perfect variant is the rustic one that will bring a touch of freshness to your room by reflecting natural concepts. Take a look at the photos, and you will get it.

Corner curtains to fill the space

If you are out of ideas or neither of the ones you found has inspired you, we suggest you take a simple step but make an impact with it. All you have to do is hang the curtains from one wall to another, covering the corner as well. It may sound simple, but it will fill the space and complete the picture. 

Furthermore, different types of windows require various solutions, which means that you can choose from an array of possibilities. It should be noted that the curtains should match the room decor, and you should not go too extra with covering this space as there are always limits.

Additional seating for a bedroom corner

The easiest way of filling space and making it look like a decoration in a bedroom is by putting in place additional seating. It will be practical and stylish at the same time. The fact that it will find itself in a corner will make it a point of interest. You can consider in this sense seating adapted particularly for corners or usual armchairs.

Furthermore, you can make it a reading corner and put in place a reading chair. It will be part of the bedroom but at the same time like a separate space where you can spend time on your own.

Extended bedroom headboard

A corner decoration does not stop only at elements that can be put on the floor and serve as a point of interest. You can opt for usual units that are part of a bedroom, such as a headboard. The latter can be extended till it reaches the corner, thus, covering it and leading to a complete picture. 

Furthermore, you can opt for different types of headboards depending on the bed and the room decor. Don’t forget that you should not go too extra and surpass the other constituent elements with your headboard. Integrate it into the already existing decor.

Corner vanity table

If you are not limited in space, you can use a bedroom corner to put in place a vanity table. It will be practical and stylish, especially if you opt for a vanity table that matches the room style. 

It should be noted that this unit will take a large part of the space and shape the room. Therefore, you have to take all measurements in advance and make sure that your vanity table, especially if it also has a stool, will fit perfectly in the corner.

Accent floor lamps

A floor lamp will fill the corner and bring light into it. It should be noted that it will shape the room and make it look more comfortable. If the lighting fixture is decorative, we suggest you make sure that it is visible, and your lamp will be a practical unit and a decoration.

There are various floor lamps you could choose from. Don’t forget that it has to match the room decor and not appear too extra or too simple for the room style.

Bedroom plants

Bring freshness to your room with a simple step – decorate your bedroom corner with an indoor plant. This element will offer your room a new sparkle. You can opt for a bigger or smaller plant depending on the space. 

It should be noted that the plant has to integrate into the room decor and not surpass the other decorative elements. Stick to a balanced contrast between this splash of green and other background colors.

Corner mirror

This decorative element will make you win at different levels. First of all, it will fill the space. Secondly, it will enrich the room decor. There is more to come. It will also brighten and enlarge your room since it reflects the light. 

You can opt, in this sense, for free-standing mirrors or extend the space covered by a closet mirror. It is an easy way of filling a corner, but the result will be fascinating.

Corner floating shelves

If you want to fill a corner but at the same time not cover too much space, consider floating shelves. You can put in place as many as you want as long as it does not look too extra and use them for storage, whether these are things you use daily or decorative elements. 

You can opt for different styles in this sense. Stick to the rustic one to offer your room a touch of freshness or the modern one to bring a new sparkle to the environment.