Bedroom trends 2020: Design and decoration ideas

The bedroom occupies the most important place in the whole apartment and creates an atmosphere of complete relaxation. It should always be comfortable, warm and homely, and a person should fall asleep almost instantly. There is an opinion that the fashionable design of bedroom 2020 (photos are presented in the article) should coincide with the owner’s lifestyle, as well as his activities, since all this will certainly leave an imprint on both the individual rooms and the entire apartment as a whole. Let’s check with practical examples whether this is really so. We will find out what trends in bedroom interior design are relevant this year.

Today, the classic design of bedroom 2020 is a combination of several areas in the interior, for example, Greek style, Renaissance, Baroque and so on.

The main elements of this design are wood carvings, antiques, velvet, natural woods, silk, lace motifs, crystal items and drapery. Also in the interior of bedroom 2020 there is the addition of gilded elements, which can be made both with paint imitating gold and real gold leaf. Everything will depend on the tightness of the wallet of the person himself.

As for the combination of colors in the interior, then everything is as calm as possible. Bedroom 2020 is primarily restraint, where everything is done in natural shades of nature. In no case should there be flashy flowers.

Lighting devices should also be of a classical style, with various curls, shiny metal, which will give the interior richness and luxury.

Fashionable bedroom 2020 with a modern design is suitable for people who have already taken place in life and now dream of stability, reliability. Modern style trends more than provides this need.

High tech bedroom 2020

This type of design is suitable for young and modern people who are always up to date with the latest innovations in the field of technology, as well as gadgets and who really want to create a bedroom as close as possible to their interests.

The main difference between this style is the presence of a huge amount of free space, in which there are no all unnecessary things that reduce it.

High-tech includes varnished, chrome-plated surfaces, straight and concise lines with a minimal set of decorative elements.

The main high-tech colors are black and white, as well as gray, which focuses all attention on oneself. All these details should be functional, not only useful, but also create maximum coziness and comfort.

Bedroom 2020 in the style of minimalism

This style is somewhat similar to high-tech, but nevertheless it still has its own specific features, such as restraint in shapes, lines and color, as well as laconicism and accuracy. And this applies to absolutely all interior details: large, spacious windows, natural, natural materials for decoration, light color palette.

This style reflects a person’s attitude to life in general, and not just to the interior. This is a kind of philosophy in which the main thing is not the number of household items, but their quality, practicality, functionality and a beautiful, stylish and modern arrangement.

Thanks to this style, there is a feeling that the room has a lot of free space, and there is also some light, airy feeling.

If we talk about color, there is one unspoken rule: in no case should you use more than three colors in one room. Ideal is the use of white, gray and pastel colors.

  • All small surfaces should be as bright as possible, and the rest of the surfaces should be in neutral, calm shades.
  • The walls are always plain, without any ornaments, patterns, but the ceiling may well be made of an interesting geometric design.

A special role in the style of minimalism is played by light. It should be a lot, but the lighting fixtures themselves should be small.

Alternatively, you can use spot lighting, which will not stand out from the general background of the room. This bedroom is for very busy and modern people.

Bedroom 2020 in the loft style

Perhaps for the bedroom this is the most original and unusual bedroom design of 2020, which is perfect for creative people, bright personalities, thirsting for a variety of space and non-standard solutions in the interior of their bedroom.

A feature of the loft style is the raw brickwork of the walls, all kinds of beams and open hinged and not only structures.

Bright additions, pillows and curtains will become an excellent addition to a fashionable interior of bedroom 2020, and the furniture should also be bright and stylish.

Many will agree that brick walls without decoration, combined with cozy, comfortable furniture and modern decoration create some inexplicable effect, thereby attracting universal attention and interest.

Bedroom 2020 in the loft style – allows the placement of furniture and other accessories in different styles, this allows you to make the room sophisticated and soft, or vice versa quite aggressive and daring.

Fashionable bedroom interior 2020

Of course, the design of the bedroom in 2020, you can choose any, even one that combines several interior styles at once, but still something will stand out from the general background, will be more characteristic of a particular direction.

The color palette plays a key role in the design of any room, since the direct influence of color on the psychological and emotional mood of a person is proved. Therefore, the color scheme should bring joy and pleasure, and not oppress.

The modern bedroom 2020 is a place where functionality reigns, because even the smallest amount of furniture and decor elements should be useful, create comfort and positive emotions from being in it.

The color palette of bedrooms in 2020

In order not to oversaturate the room with different colors, experts recommend planning a bedroom interior design in a maximum of three colors. The base color, is better to take a light color. For example, white or beige walls have long been considered the optimal solution for the sleeping area. This is due to some of its properties:

  • Compatible with any other colors and shades. You can leave the room light and pastel, or you can add a twist to it by adding some bright accents. In any case, a light background will be in harmony with your choice.
  • Visual expansion of space. While dark shades create the illusion of a small room, light shades on the contrary give the room more freedom.
  • Increased lighting in the room. In combination with the sun’s rays or artificial lighting, the white or beige tone of the walls makes it even brighter.

In addition, any light shade is unconditionally associated with purity and harmony. Rooms with such a color scheme will be a great place for relaxation and a good night’s sleep. They look quite simple, but at the same time cozy and comfortable. They have a lot of light and a feeling of inner, domestic freedom.

Especially relevant in recent years is white. It fits perfectly into several popular styles of bedrooms – high-tech, classic and Scandinavian. Often it is supplemented with details made like wood or metal, pots with fresh flowers, bright accents in the form of pillows, paintings, sconces, etc.

The brightness of the interior described above can be achieved using many decorative elements. The most suitable for arranging the bedroom is, perhaps, textile. It can be carpets, rugs, wall panels, bedspreads, decorative pillows, etc. Believe me, even seemingly small and insignificant details can significantly transform your room.

However, designers are not limited only to light colors in the interior of the bedroom in modern style. Take a closer look at the blue or sky blue tint – it has a relaxing effect on the nervous system and helps you to quickly fall asleep. By the way, a gentle green color has the same effect.

For lovers of brighter bedroom interiors, yellow, purple or pink colors are ideal. They invigorate and energize for the whole day.

Finishing materials for wall decoration in the bedroom in 2020

Among the materials for wall decoration, both traditional (paint, wallpaper) and original ones are popular. For those who prefer the first option, you should pay attention to the variety of velvet, velor and other textile wallpapers. Such materials seem to be created for the arrangement of the bedroom. They give her softness, elegance and luxury. And thanks to a large selection, they easily fit into any interior.

One of the latest trends for the design of the bedroom is brickwork. This is a traditional material for rooms made in the loft style, however, this solution will be appropriate in many other design solutions. You can leave the brick in its natural color, or you can use special paint and choose any shade to your taste.

However, if you are for a more original wall decoration, experts recommend using the combination method. Then the room will get some zest. The method of using the so-called “accent wall” has long gained popularity around the world. To do this, it is not at all necessary to combine different materials – this effect can be achieved by using wallpaper with a photo print on one wall or paint with brighter colors. This emphasis is often used on the wall, which is located behind the head of the bed.

Finishing the ceiling and floor of the bedroom in 2020

Ceiling decoration is perhaps the least problematic bedroom renovation process. All you need to achieve an ideal result is to smooth the surface and achieve the maximum white color.

As for the flooring, then here, as with the walls, you have a huge field for imagination. The most optimal options are parquet or laminate boards. They look like natural wood, give the room coziness and warmth, and with the use of modern technologies are also quite wear-resistant surfaces. In addition, today manufacturers offer such a wide range that you can easily choose a coating to your taste and wallet.

Designing a bedroom in a modern style primarily implies minimalism in furniture and decor elements. Of course, in any case, it is important to create an interior in which you could feel as comfortable as possible. However, if you still plan to equip a lounge room in accordance with all fashion trends, use our recommendations regarding the choice of furniture and decorative components of the bedroom.

Choosing a bed design

Undoubtedly, the bed is the central subject of any bedroom interior. It is on it that we spend a third of our day, so it is important to purchase a model that will be both stylish and comfortable. In addition, the further design of the room often depends on where the sleeping area will be located. Despite the fact that when creating design projects, all experts unanimously reiterate that fashion is exclusively minimalism, the same experts say that just a bed should carry at least a little luxury.

Therefore, give preference to models with a large soft headboard. Such a seemingly insignificant detail will turn the bed not only into furniture for sleeping, but also into a place where you can comfortably sit down behind a book or watching your favorite movies before going to bed. You will no longer be disturbed by a cold and hard wall, after which back pain often occurs. In addition to the headboard, pay attention to the additional decoration of the bed. Forged patterns, various inserts, canopies – these are the details that create the mood during your stay in the room.

The main elements of decor in the bedroom

The bedroom does not always have enough space for large elements of decor. However, this does not mean at all that its design should be limited only to a bed. Of course, we are not talking about bulky figurines or large paintings (except if the interior requires such elements). The main decorative contribution to the bedroom in a modern classic style is made by:

  • Lighting. Pay attention not only to chandeliers or pendant lights, but also to floor lamps, sconces or table lamps. There is where to choose – the modern market offers a huge number of both simple and concise, as well as bright and original lighting fixtures.
  • Posters. They are often placed above the head of the bed, thus creating the effect of an “accent wall”.
  • Natural flowers. Refreshes the room and positively affects human health. True, it is better to avoid flowers with a strong smell – falling asleep in such an atmosphere will be quite difficult.
  • Textile. It can be represented as a large and original carpet in the middle of the room. Choose the shape of the carpet depending on the shape of the bedroom itself – rectangular or oval models are perfect for oblong rooms, and square (or round) carpets, respectively, for square rooms. An important element of the decor is also a bedspread. Therefore, you should choose it, focusing on the overall design of the bedrooms.

Bedroom window decor 2020

If we talk about window decoration, then modern designers recommend not to weight the interior with dense dark curtains, but to do with a thin sheer or rolled curtains. Such an idea, no doubt, is suitable for the living room or for the kitchen. But now, when it comes to arranging a bedroom, it should be remembered that the curtain in it is not just an object of aesthetic pleasure, but also a way of protection from bright sunlight. This is especially true in the bedroom, whose windows face east, and the rays penetrate the room in the early morning.

However, you can combine the recommendations of designers and the functionality of the curtains. For example, give preference to special blinds or Roman blinds. Some models today are manufactured using special technology that minimizes the ingress of sunlight.

Tip: Choose a shade of curtains depending on the general palette of the room. This does not mean that window decor should repeat the coloring of walls or furniture. Just pick colors that combine with each other. For warm tones of the walls, choose warm shades of curtains, sheer, blinds, and vice versa.

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