Bedroom design in the Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style in the interior of the bedroom is in demand not only in countries where the cold climate prevails, but also in hot regions. This is not surprising, because the world-wide love for functionality, environmental friendliness and minimalism is growing daily. The main motives of this topic are an unusual combination of cozy practicality and stylish extravagance.

Features of the Scandi interior

A number of specific features and interesting points that make the Scandinavian style easily recognizable:

  • The northern design is characterized by natural materials, textiles and decor in light and natural shades, as well as functional furniture with simple shapes and even lines.
  • The design welcomes the spaciousness and the presence of large windows that allow the maximum possible amount of light into the room.
  • Due to the cleanliness and lightness of the lines of the Scandi interior, it is perfect for a woman’s bedroom. The room, made in soft pink or peach colors, will form a calm and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Restrained, simple and practical style, characterized by a certain coldness, is often chosen for a men’s bedroom. The environment is decorated in white-blue or gray colors and discreet decorative elements are used.
  • Thanks to the whitened palette, this style ideally complements the children’s interior concept. In the bedroom for the child there is a great opportunity to add original bright accents to the room.

Finishing and materials

The choice of materials for finishing floors and walls should depend on three main factors: the general style of the interior, high quality materials, aesthetics. 


To comply with the Scandinavian style in the interior of the bedroom, a durable solution is a durable laminate or beech parquet with a pattern. The natural look of the flooring will harmoniously combine with upholstered furniture and light textiles. Also, some experts advise using tiles in pale shades.


Mandatory conditions – light colors and the absence of flashy geometric shapes. Most often, vinyl or acrylic wallpapers are used for this style. The most popular colors are white, gray, light green, pale pink, peach, and blue.

Wallpapers in the Scandinavian style

Those who like wallpaper for wall decoration, it is better to choose pastel colors. Visually expanding the space will help wallpaper light colors, a discreet pattern is allowed (small flowers, stripes, ornament). This is especially true for small-sized bedrooms, living rooms, made in the Scandinavian style.


  • We should not forget about the decor: wicker mats on the floor, laundry baskets, handicrafts, homemade bright blankets, colorful pillows will be a great addition.
  • Sometimes modern designers allow 1-2 walls of mint or saturated blue, then the rest should be dominated by a snow-white hue.
  • A bright strip (maybe about 1 m), for example, looks interesting on a light background of walls. Then the bedspread and pillows should be in the same theme and color.
  • Naughty combinations are now in trend, especially for children’s bedrooms.

Discover more about the scandinavian style wallpaper.


One of the most relevant types of Scandinavian-style finishes is plasterboard and stretch ceilings. The former emphasize the simplicity and practicality of the room, while the latter will make it even more aesthetic. To combine practicality and aesthetics, you can use the additional built-in lighting in the form of small lamps.

Doors and windows

In the Scandinavian style, the presence of large window openings with panoramic glazing is welcome. For the manufacture of frames, natural materials are used in the form of a wood having an expressive texture appearing.

The doors in the bedroom are also made of solid wood and have a natural color. 

Bedroom furniture in the scandinavian style

In the Scandinavian style, it is very important to observe the measure and not to spoil the laconic atmosphere with a heap of unnecessary things. Bedroom furniture should be functional. An excellent solution is natural materials and their stylish decoration with thread or fabric. For upholstery, cotton, suede and leather are excellent.

You can arrange furniture not only in the usual manner, but also moving away from template thinking. For example, the bed is not set against the wall, and standing in the middle of the room will be a real highlight.

Decor and textiles in the scandinavian style

Despite the fact that the distinctive characteristic of the Scandinavian style is minimalism, decor elements can be very bright and expressive. Porcelain and metal souvenirs are considered to be a conservative and delicate option, floral mats, candles, retro-style paintings and home photos as frames are delicate and elegant, and stained-glass windows and hand-made accessories are original.

As for textiles, it should be designed in soothing colors. Weightless cream-colored curtains, ethnic patterns, sheep wool carpets and cotton pillows. In addition to bedding and bedspreads, in scandi bedrooms cover the beds with plaids on top, as well as complement decorative pillows. Give preference to textured natural fabrics: cotton, linen, knitted plaids.

With the help of textiles, it is easy to make the interior cozy, but not cluttered – what is needed for scandi.

Simple and plain curtains for windows are relevant in the bedroom. The multi layer is superfluous – the blackout fabric is sufficiently dense to maintain darkness if you want to sleep longer. 

In addition to translucent curtains made of lightweight fabric, Roman, roll models or blinds will organically fit into the Scandinavian style, giving the room a more lightweight appearance.

Lighting in scandinavian bedroom

To create dim diffused lighting in the bedroom, you can choose futuristic designer lamps with LED bulbs.

Wall sconces or floor lamps perfectly complement the Scandinavian decor. The wall behind the head of the bed is originally decorated with garlands with small flashlights.

Lighting devices are mainly made of frosted or transparent glass, and chandeliers and lamps are equipped with shades with a fabric edging that perfectly transmits a stream of light.

Scandinavian accessories

Despite the fact that minimalism prevails in the Nordic style, very bright and expressive details are used for decoration. Stained glass elements or a variety of hand-made items are suitable as an original decoration, and porcelain accessories, metal souvenirs, candles, retro paintings and photo frame are suitable for a more conservative and laconic interior.

Indoor plants, potted flowers, decorative trees in flower pots and vases with a dried herbarium will harmoniously look in a Scandinavian bedroom with a natural atmosphere.

Color schemes

The right choice and a good combination of shades in interior design is the key to success. It is the color scheme that can magically distract from unnecessary details, focus on the benefits, create a cozy atmosphere, visually expand or narrow the space.

The selected hue palette allows you to emphasize the advantages of the interior, hide unnecessary details, visually increase or decrease the room.

The most common option is a white Scandinavian-style bedroom. This color can be used as the main design or act as a backdrop for colorful blotches in rich green, blue or red colors. A snow-white finish in combination with black elements will be especially beneficial.

The room looks very elegant in a gentle blue, muted mint, calm brown or beige color scheme. In order for the room not to lose its aerial view, it is not recommended to place heavy furniture in it and use dark curtains.

A truly interesting design can be created in a gray Scandinavian style bedroom. Various furniture elements against such a background will look much more expressive and brighter.

To emphasize the architectural features of the room, black, anthracite, coal, cobalt or dark blue tones are suitable.

White bedroom in Scandinavian style 

Ideal for peace lovers, tranquility and home comfort. White color can easily be used in abundance, without worrying about the fact that it will be too much. It is able to look fully on its own, and is also a wonderful background for brighter combinations. The most relevant options in the Scandinavian style are black and white, white and lemon, white and green, and white and blue.

Beige bedroom in the Scandinavian style

This choice will help emphasize the elegance of the room. Beige shade can be used for wall and floor coverings, fittings and furniture. It blends nicely with peach, coffee, raspberry and pistachio shades. In order for the bedroom to remain as gentle as possible, it’s enough not to clutter the beige motifs with heavy furniture and dark curtains. If the goal is the other way around – to create original accents on a transparent background – then you can choose golden sheer curtains, decorative lighting and colorful paintings.

Gray bedroom in the Scandinavian style 

A traditional and moderate version that can make individual elements more vivid than they actually are. For example, a white bed on a gray background will look much more snow-white, living plants – more colorful, curtains – denser. The competent combinations that designers love to use are gray-white, gray-coffee, gray-pink and gray-blue.

Pink bedroom in the Scandinavian style

Less popular but more original look. The main thing to remember is that the pink color in the Scandinavian style is not saturated raspberry, but creamy peach. Its combination with a golden hue will make the bedroom warmer and more comfortable, and with an olive – conservative and refined. It can also be diluted with white, orange and gray colors.

Green bedroom in the Scandinavian style 

Natural olive color can turn your sleeping room into a real realm of relaxation and tranquility. Psychologists say that this particular shade is wonderfully suitable for the bedroom, because it can positively affect the nervous system. Green fills the room with freshness. But we must take into account the fact that mint tones have the ability to absorb sunlight, so you need not to use them in abundance. The most beautiful combinations are green-lemon, mint-turquoise and white-green.

Design ideas and options in the Scandinavian style

Options for beautiful decoration in the interior of the apartment and house in Scandi style. 

Scandinavian design of a small bedroom

Due to the prevailing light palette, the Scandinavian style fits perfectly into the small bedroom.

The small space is decorated with functional furniture and simple decor in a minimal amount. To visually enlarge the room, large mirrors in modest frames or a light compartment with a glossy facade that will give the bedroom additional light and space are suitable.

In order for the monochrome small-sized bedroom to not look boring and sterile, it is possible to install wooden furniture items or lay contrasting rugs in it.

In the form of decor it is worth using paintings with ships, glass ashtrays and colorful striped pillows. Another option is a combination of Scandinavian and eco-style in the bedroom. Wicker furniture, woolen carpets, flowers in vases and wooden wall clocks. In any case, you can turn on the imagination and realize all your dreams in a small room. The main thing is to remember to observe laconicism, light shades and naturalness. Then the Scandinavian-style bedroom will become not just a relaxation room, but also a place where you can draw strength and inspiration.

How to design a bedroom+living room?

The Nordic style is often chosen to design a studio apartment, where the bedroom and living room are in the same room.

The design of the room is carried out in bright colors using a minimum number of accessories. In the bedroom-living room for zoning, fabric screens, transparent partitions or through racks are installed.

The Scandinavian-style living room with bedroom has a modern electric fireplace. This module not only fills the atmosphere with unique comfort, but also acts as a zoning element.

Scandinavian bedroom in the wooden house

Natural wood finishes give the bedroom even more comfort. In a country house, ceiling and massive beams can act as decor.

Scandinavian bedroom in the attic 

In the attic room, in which almost all the free space conceals a sloping ceiling, the Scandinavian style will be especially appropriate.

This design will take on a truly natural and harmonious look, due to wooden beams on the ceiling and flooring, which has a natural shade. Thanks to the possibility of several skylights, the attic bedroom is filled with plenty of light.

Scandinavian bedroom for children

The calm Scandinavian design is perfect for children. This is not only practical, but also a safe solution, because natural materials are used. Be sure to involve the child in the decoration of his room.

The following options are most preferred as children’s wall decoration:

  • painting walls with waterproof paints. You can paint the whole room in one color or choose a shade for each wall. Another excellent option is slate paint, on which you can draw with crayons;
  • pasting with non-woven or chalky wallpaper;
  • the design of one wall in a contrasting solid color palette or floral print, diluting the overall pastel range;
  • use in the decoration of one wall of wooden panels or lining.

Otherwise, the requirements for the design of the children’s room is no different from the general ones: several scenarios should be chosen for lighting. Furniture should be simple shapes, it is advisable to choose transformers that will grow with the child. With its help, you can distinguish the gaming, sleeping and working areas.

Bright, unusual and easy to perform scandi-interior, able to harmoniously complement the bedroom. Many modern designers consider this style quite relevant and distinctive.

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