Bedroom doors: materials, color, design, and decor ideas

Correctly selected doors are one of the keynotes in any setting. Many people still mistakenly assign them a purely functional role without subsequently understanding why there is disharmony in the house’s design. However, designers do not get tired of repeating: interior perfection begins with doors.

Based on this, it is necessary to pay close attention to each room’s entrance group’s appearance and characteristics. This applies equally to the bedroom: the recreation room eliminates any discomfort and visual dissonance, so buying a door should be taken no less seriously than decorating walls and choosing a flooring. Let’s take a closer look at how to choose the right bedroom door, focusing on the most important criteria – from materials and construction to color and design.

Bedroom door selection: basic requirements

Regardless of which types are right for you in terms of design, the doors all must meet several criteria, implying, first of all, functionality:

  • High material density and pronounced sound insulation properties. The bedroom is intended primarily for relaxation, so the door must necessarily exclude the audibility of any sounds from other living spaces in the house or apartment.
  • Environmental friendliness. This property becomes one of the keys in determining the quality of materials for any doors, but it becomes imperative for the bedroom. The fact is that harmful fumes from entries containing hazardous components can cause severe damage to health, precisely during sleep, when we breathe deeply and regularly.
  • Comfortable operation. The ease of opening and closing the door is another mandatory criterion for choosing a design. Of course, the ease of use largely depends on the door jambs high-quality installation and correctly selected and installed fittings. However, a lot depends on the door leaf: it should be fastened without problems, not sag over time, and adequately withstand the temperature and humidity changes.

Finally, the door design must match the style in which the bedroom is decorated and the apartment’s interior as a whole. As you know, identical interior doors are one of the critical design axioms to which one has to adapt. One of the most popular solutions is to order a double-sided door leaf, but decor can be no less effective, which we will talk about a little later.

Bedroom door designs: which one to choose

The ease of opening and closing the bedroom door remains the number one priority since a relaxation room’s comfort must start from the entrance. Today you can choose from three of the most popular designs.

Classic doors

A traditional, classic option that you can use in any bedroom. This type is still chosen for interiors in classic style, as well as for modern design projects, varying colors, textures, and finishes.

Sliding doors

Constructions on the rail-roller system look very modern and laconic. Depending on the design, this design can organically complement the furnishings in the restrained oriental styles – Chinese and Japanese – as well as in bedrooms decorated in such directions as minimalism and hi-tech.

Pivot doors

Such doors have a critical feature implying comfort – you can open these doors in any direction. This makes interior pivot doors an ideal solution for small bedrooms and small apartments.

Bedroom door materials: the most relevant options

When choosing doors, it is essential to be guided by the features of the materials that manufacturers use for entrance groups. Today in stores, you can find the following options:

  • Solid wood. Wood will hardly ever lose its relevance, and in terms of environmental friendliness and sound-insulating properties, it only has no equal. Depending on your financial capabilities, you can choose a door leaf and jambs from expensive species such as beech, ash, or oak, or purchase a bedroom door from the more affordable cherry, pine, or birch – the difference will be only in texture and shade, and to a lesser extent – in operational characteristics. The disadvantages of the material include the relatively high price and the sufficient complexity of the installation, which must be carried out flawlessly.
  • Veneer. One of the most common options for creating a door leaf. As a rule, the product’s core is a board made of MDF or chipboard covered with veneer – a thin cut of valuable wood. The cost of veneered doors is much lower than that of solid wood leaves and subject to high-quality execution. The veneer doors look imposing – and the variety of color and texture solutions provides a quick search for a model that ideally complements the bedroom interior. Simultaneously, veneer doors are somewhat worse in sound insulation, are more susceptible to moisture, and veneer can be severely scratched if handled carelessly.
  • Laminated doors. To cover such a door leaf, special laminating materials and films are used, under which a honeycomb filler is hidden, most often from thick paper. Laminated doors are relatively inexpensive; the palette of colors for them is wide enough, making them the right solution for a limited budget. However, one cannot fail to note the fragility of the door leaf covered with a film, as well as the risk of acquiring a low-quality version from ecologically and fire hazardous materials. If you are still planning such a purchase, you should turn to certified products from well-known manufacturers.
  • Glass doors. Glass door leaves have appeared relatively recently – especially for high-tech interiors, minimalism, and other design options typical for urban trends. Frosted glass products used for the bedroom look laconic and stylish, and the roller system on which they are usually installed adds a little futurism to the interior. The disadvantages of glass doors include inadequate noise insulation, high weight, fragility, and complicated installation.

And a little more to the questions about glass doors. Whether to install a door with glass in the bedroom or still choose a blank door leaf is an alternative that often worries the owners of houses and apartments. In most cases, designers always advise doing without translucent elements since optimal sleeping conditions involve the absence of noise and visual stimuli. However, if the apartment is not located on the sunny side, installing a glass door is quite possible: the light penetrating from the bedroom into the hall or corridor will make it more convenient.

How to choose the color of your bedroom door?

Regardless of the style in which your bedroom is decorated, you need to take care of the harmonious selection of the door’s color. A win-win, albeit somewhat stale solution, would be to opt for neutral options – today, these are doors painted with white paint, as well as door leaves with a natural texture of light or dark wood. In this case, you do not even have to think about replacing doors in case of repair.

However, not everyone wants to follow the most straightforward path today. The designers welcome the selection of colors with the focus on a balanced design project of the bedroom. If there is none, but you are still interested in choosing a door of an extraordinary shade, you need to focus on three aspects:

  • Door jambs and skirting boards. The door casing outline the doorway, and the skirting boards emphasize the layout of the room and provide a harmonious transition from the color of the walls to the shade and texture of the flooring while also affecting the entrance group. Depending on your idea, you can choose skirting boards and casing in the tone of the door leaf or make them contrasting – however, preferably in one of the colors of the classic, neutral palette.
  • Room furnishings. As a rule, the door is selected after the set and design of furniture for the bedroom has been determined. In this regard, interior specialists are overly categorical: the furnishings and the entrance lobby should match each other in color to the maximum. In some cases, this applies not only to frames: fans of elegant solutions often try to select the color of consonant doors with the shade of furniture upholstery, curtains, or bedspreads. Such an option is quite acceptable, but it requires exceptionally non-standard thinking, subtle intuition, and outstanding artistic taste – otherwise, such an original idea is almost always doomed to failure.
  • Flooring. Many are sure that selecting the color of the door leaf and floor will provide that very cherished harmony. However, designers warn against such a decision: the fact is that the same shades will create the effect of visual flow from a vertical plane to a horizontal one, which does not look very nice and can even significantly disrupt the interior’s color balance. Of course, it is not worth bumping into sharp contrasts at all, and a door with a floor covering should be in the same or similar color scheme, but a difference of at least three to four tones is simply necessary.

Bedroom door decor: stylish ideas

As we mentioned earlier, the need to use interior doors of the same design can conflict with your bedroom style. Suppose the order of double-sided jambs and leaves is not available to you for some reason. In that case, you can easily use the decor options that are relevant today, allowing you to turn the entrance group into a harmonious design of your bedroom.


Decorators today offer a variety of door stickers with different patterns, colors, textures, as well as images and text. This decor can also be used to hide parts of the door in cases where they have been scratched or peeled off paint. Besides, this decoration is straightforward, and you can transform the door leaf in just a couple of minutes.

When choosing a door sticker, the first thing you should think about is matching the decor to the theme or interior design concept or your bedroom decor. You can choose elements that perfectly match the palette in which the room is decorated – and achieve absolute harmony.

A little tip: before fixing the sticker, make sure the door leaf is dry and clean; otherwise, the decor will fall off very quickly.

Decorative nails

If your bedroom design suggests neoclassical chic or Art Deco sophistication, you should pay attention to decorative nails. Shaped heads, matt shine of brass, chrome, gold, or copper, the ability to make any pattern to your taste – all this turns them into a modern and elegant interior solution.

The only drawback of decorative nails, in this case, is that the pins can not be used for any door leaf – materials that are too fragile can crack. Therefore, doors from solid wood are most often decorated in this way. Designers recommend that you carefully think over the pattern and first draw it on the leaf with a pencil.

Curtains for bedroom doors

If you didn’t already know that doors can be draped, it’s time to expand your design knowledge. This technique may be relevant in the following cases:

  • with glass doors that let in excess light;
  • with door leaves, the color and design of which is chosen in harmony with other interior doors, but not too “mounted” with the interior of the bedroom;
  • with frayed or damaged door leaves and jambs, which cannot be replaced at the moment.

It is quite simple to choose curtains for the bedroom doors: draperies made of the same fabric as the curtains on the windows are the ideal solution – in this case, it is easy to achieve an impeccable visual balance. However, you can also match the curtains to the tone of furniture upholstery or textiles, which looks no less harmonious.

Door mirror

If you are a fan of feng shui, you can safely omit this point: this outstanding oriental practice has an extremely negative attitude to mirror elements’ location on the doors. Suppose you prefer current trends to the Taoist principles of organizing space. In that case, the mirror on the door will emphasize the modern style’s impeccability and provide an appropriate decorative filling.

Door mirrors can be used for various purposes – to visually increase the space, provide more light, or just as a stylish touch. In this case, the choice of solutions is impressively comprehensive: you can easily choose a large rectangular mirror in a frame that matches the style of the bedroom, look at a Venetian or figured model, look for a combination of several elements of the same shape of different sizes, or purchase unique mirror stickers. The latter option is optimal for laminated doors and some veneer panels, for which mirror glass can be unnecessarily heavy.

Door moldings

Classic paneled doors are in perfect harmony with both traditional and modern interiors. But if this is too boring for you, there is always the opportunity to fold the door relief by yourself.

Today decorators offer door moldings made of solid natural wood. You can easily decorate the leaf and make it richer and more textured due to the three-dimensional effect. You can order the necessary elements from the specialists or purchase them in the store – in the second case, you will be pleased with the variety of colors and textures, but there is a greater chance of achieving exclusivity in the first case. It is also essential to consider that such a solution is permissible only for wooden and veneered doors: metal, laminating film, and plastic do not combine with this decor.

The doors to the bedroom are the finishing note of the interior, capable of creating complete harmony and breaking it. By choosing the right size, design, material, and color scheme and taking care of the jambs and leaf’s high-quality installation, you will ensure yourself joyful anticipation of a pleasant stay without even entering the room.

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