11 Great LED Light Ideas for Your Bedroom

LED lights will always find their place in the top lighting trends. After reading this article, you’ll be more than certain LED lighting should be part of your bedroom. Before switching to the best bedroom LED light ideas, here are a few practical insights.

Are LED lights a good idea for the bedroom?

Since most bedrooms include more functional areas than the sleeping zone alone, LED light is perfect for casting different light temperatures and colors on different areas. Make it soft and relaxing above the bed and direct in the vanity or work areas. Additionally, personalize the color.

What LED light to choose for a bedroom?

Experts firmly recommend warm white light. Create a perfect relaxation ambiance with this soft LED light and focus your brain on rest. 

What LED light color is best for sleep?

It has been proven that colors close to red stimulate the production of melatonin, the hormone of sleep. Therefore, this warm and sleep-inducing color is unrivaled when it comes to bedroom LED light ideas. 

Ambient LED Light Strips

Use color-changing LED light strips to create a moody ambiance and evenly spread light. You’ll use it as an alternative to focused lighting in the bedroom when you want to relax, watch a movie, or simply prepare for sleep. Opt for multi-color options to change the color palette in your bedroom according to your mood.

Downlights Above Nightstands

LED lighting comes in different fixtures besides the standard LED strips. As of late, downlights above the bedside tables have been replacing wall sconces. Choose sleek and up-to-date pendants that meet the modern standards of a LED light fixture.

Underline Architectural Features: Wall LED Light

Use classic white LED strips to underline the architectural originality of your bedroom walls. That’s the accent wall behind the bed in most cases. Try horizontally and vertically placed LED strips along distinctive features on the wall and enhance the room’s appearance visually.

Under-Bed LED Lights

If you have a floating bed, even a traditional one, don’t sleep on this fantastic bedroom LED light idea. Besides adding a new source of light, you’ll also add visual interest to your personal space. Designers suggest classic white LED strips, yet a fresh pop of trendy color wouldn’t look unsuitable. Try purple, for instance.

Backlit Headboards

One of the top bedroom LED light ideas, and probably the best one so far, is installing LED strips along the bed’s headboard. It’s practical, it draws more attention to this accent in your room, and you can conveniently use this lighting source when preparing for sleep instead of the large pendant on the ceiling.

Add Light to Shelves

If you have floating shelves in your room with various accessories or books, give this LED light idea a thought. Cast light on your decor and decorate those shelves with LED strips. Or, even better, if you have an integrated home office. Make sure to add some LED strips under the upper shelves and brighten the desk. It comes in handy during the night or on rainy days particularly.

In-Closet Light

It looks impressively contemporary and functional. Stick white LED strips vertically or horizontally in your bedroom closet and provide it with an efficient source of light. In-closet LED strips are undoubtedly a trendy feature in furnishing.

Bedroom Mirror with LED Light

Ideally, it would be a vanity or full-length mirror with mounted LED light, or you can add this backlit effect by sticking separately bought LED strips. It started as a practical idea but became an amazingly stylish trend.

Bedroom Curtain LED Strips

Most contemporary curtains hide their sleek rods in smoothly designed ceiling pockets. Especially for such window treatments, experts recommend trying the bedroom LED light idea with curtain LED strips placed in those pockets. You’ll end up with another backlit effect.

LED Floor Lamps 

If you don’t much like LED strips, preserve your bedroom’s aesthetics with LED light floor lamps with modern linear shapes. You can always change their place and use them for various purposes.

Customized Neon Signs

Customize your bedroom design with personalized wall art. Instead of simple LED strips, go with LED neon signs depicting various shapes and colors or inspirational words. Get creative and pick a LED accent that matches your vibe.

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