Bedroom mirror: shape, size, placement, design ideas, and feng-shui philosophy

Interior design is rich in conflicting and controversial ideas and trends. And one of them, oddly enough, is the bedroom mirror. At first glance, this accessory seems to be something quite taken for granted. However, many would be surprised to find out what discussions designers are still conducting around it and what diverse opinions are expressed.

So, many adhere to the principles of feng shui, which are very definite concerning mirrors: they should not be in the bedroom. Adherents of this philosophy are sure that the reflection of a sleeping person in the mirror makes him absolutely defenseless against negative energy and evil entities, installing an accessory opposite the door will lead to leakage of positive vibrations, and, in principle, for married couples, reflective surfaces in the bedroom are dangerous, as they can lead to the destruction of spiritual connection and, as a result, betrayal.

If you adapt your life and the environment in your home to feng shui, then you can skip reading. However, the majority still assume that all this is nothing more than superstition and prejudice due to a certain mentality and tradition. And we can say with confidence that this point of view is also very fair.

Indeed, most designers literally feel like they have no hands without mirrors since the accessory has decorative functions and can visually manipulate the space. Psychologists say that looking at your reflection in the bedroom when a person is as open and natural as possible contributes to self-acceptance and self-esteem, and specially placed mirrors help maintain the spouses’ passion. Well, we just love this decor very much, because it helps to make the bedroom brighter, more spectacular and stylish! And if you agree with us, let’s take a closer look at how to choose reflective surfaces for your bedroom and how to put them in the best way for you.

Mirrors in the bedroom: transforming the space

Mirrors are one of the most potent weapons in the arsenal of modern designers. They do not just decorate the room – they help achieve harmonization of space and visual effects that can make the interior more interesting and balanced and smooth out some flaws in the layout or arrangement of your bedroom. Among the most popular design techniques of this kind are:

  • Installation of a floor mirror in the bedroom near the window. This placement of reflective surfaces is considered the best for a small and dark bedroom. The light reflected from the window can completely transform a room, create a feeling of spaciousness and lightness and get rid of cramped space, at least visually. In addition, every corner of the room will be illuminated, which is sometimes difficult to achieve even with the help of lamps and chandeliers.
  • Mirrors at an angle. If you do not have problems with the area, but the illumination is still not enough, the situation will be corrected by two floor mirrors installed to the wall so that the chandelier and, if possible, wall or floor lamps are reflected in them. In the evening, their mirror reflection will create an exquisite, even slightly solemn atmosphere – and in the afternoon, the double vision of the ceiling will create more volume.
  • Mirrors opposite each other. One of the oldest design techniques that allow you to significantly increase the size of the bedroom – of course, visually. This option is perfect for traditional interiors and perfectly complements the design with elegant beds with graceful finishes.
  • Corner placement of the mirror. This option will help successfully close an empty corner in the bedroom, creating an expressive and precise rhythm and visually increasing the bedroom space. However, when installing an accessory in a corner, make sure that something especially beautiful is reflected in it – a radiator or a hanger-rack with bathrobes, of course, is far from the best object for “doubling.”
  • A mirror opposite the doorway. Feng shui fans would be horrified by such a technique, but the designers consider such a placement an excellent way to increase the room area: it creates the illusion that the opposite wall simply does not exist. However, be careful: if the front door is reflected in the mirror, then it is better to refuse such an undertaking for the sake of your comfort, and in some cases, safety.

As you probably already understood, such solutions are only possible when you use tall floor mirrors. Small and medium wall mirrors tend to be more decorative, but they do an excellent job with empty areas, eliminating discomfort and disorder and adding relevance.

Bedroom mirrors: what shape and size are right for you?

The variety of mirrors in furniture and decor salons can lead to the fact that you risk being completely confused about the options offered. That is why you should not be in a hurry: by adequately studying the shapes and sizes relevant today, you can make a choice that is unlikely to disappoint you. We invite you to explore in more detail the models of mirrors that can add harmony and balance to the interior of your bedroom.

Floor standing

We already talked about tall full-length mirrors a little above, but why not say more? Indeed, such models favorably change the perception of space, and in themselves, they look more than impressive. In addition, such mirrors will be handy for those who often change looks and closely monitor their appearance: its size will not allow you to lose sight of a single detail.

When choosing products of this scale, it is imperative to choose the right design. In this case, you need to focus on the style of your bedroom as a whole:

  • Classic. For classic bedrooms, floor mirrors are chosen on a “grand scale” – on luxuriously carved bases or so-called “legs” in magnificent frames made of natural wood, covered with gold leaf, silver, or expensive lacquer. Particularly chic is the design of the mirror, which exactly repeats the decoration of the furniture in the bedroom.
  • Neoclassical. This style is distinguished by great calmness and softness and therefore requires floor mirrors in a less chic frame. As a rule, they are characterized by a precise rectangular, less often oval shape and moderately wide frames in silver or gray tones, only slightly decorated with Baroque relief or ornamentation. As for the bases, they are usually absent. It is these mirrors that look very stylish if you put them directly on the floor.
  • Minimalism. Minimalist-style mirrors are functional rather than decorative. However, sometimes a narrow metal or simple wooden frame is enough for it to look harmonious – and without any pretentious and unnecessary details.
  • Modern. When decorating with mirrors in one of the latest century’s brightest trends, the decor moves in a horizontal plane. Flowers, floral patterns, smooth curves, and curls inspire you to admire not only yourself in the mirror but also the mirror itself.
  • French country, vintage, shabby chic. A bedroom in any of these styles literally exudes glamor – and the mirror will become another harmonious touch in the endless sea of charm. Do not forget about the exact rectangular shape (oval mirrors are too excessive for such interiors), as well as frames made of casually painted wood with a slight aging effect.

Oval wall mirrors

Accessories of this shape are eye-catching thanks to their traditional elegance. They look equally impressive both in lush classic frames and in a completely simple design made of metal or wood. You can place such a mirror in the bedroom as follows:

  • Above the dressing table. An exquisite mirror, complete with elegant furniture, will help create a cozy corner for personal care.
  • Over the bed. An oval headboard mirror will add balance and help to combine the bed set and nightstands. True, designers recommend placing it horizontally: you will avoid the risk of visual imbalance in this case.
  • Above the dresser or on the dresser. Such decor will successfully complement a lonely piece of furniture – they can even be combined into a kind of separate area for a more attractive arrangement of decor items.

Square and rectangular mirrors

Square mirrors are pretty tricky for a bedroom, especially for large walls, since they often create the effect of compressing the space. That is why professionals advise hanging them only in small bedrooms or combine them with mirrors of other shapes when creating collages.

Rectangular mirrors are an entirely different matter. They cannot only change the space in the way that suits you (located vertically, they make the ceilings higher, horizontally – they increase the size of the room) but also look quite impressive as an independent accessory. It is also noteworthy that they are in harmony with any interior style, from classic to the farmhouse – you just need to choose the right frame.

Exclusive mirrors

Accessories of an unusual shape are most often made to order, although they can usually be found on sale in expensive salons. Rhombuses and tetrahedrons, “eights” and curved rectangles, trapezoids, and abstractions adorn interiors made according to individual design projects and charming with true exclusiveness. You can afford all this in a more modest setting. However, as the decorators assure, before buying such a mirror, you must “try on” it – that is, evaluate how it looks in your bedroom.

A particular case is the Venetian mirror. Products in luxurious glass frames have been known for more than one century, and today they are experiencing another round of popularity. Do not think that they are good only in classic interiors: today, the framework of current styles is more flexible, which allows you to integrate a Venetian mirror even into a modern bedroom organically.

Round and sun mirrors

The current trend is the combination of a large round mirror with smaller mirrors of another or the same shape on one wall. However, in a minimalistic interior, you can use it alone or replace it with another trendy option – a mirror suspended from a belt. However, if such a form is still universal, and if necessary, you can efficiently deal with it, then with luxurious “suns,” everything is a little more complicated and at the same time more enjoyable.

This mysterious word usually means mirrors in massive, often gilded frames, made in the form of rays of various thicknesses and curvatures diverging from the reflecting surface. Also, these rays can be decorated with colored enamel inserts or small mirrors. Many people try to integrate them into classic interiors, but designers still advise using them in more modern projects such as art deco, neoclassical, eclectic, and Mediterranean styles. As for the location, here you are not limited by anything: the “suns” look great both above the bed, and above the chest of drawers, and above the dressing table, and even on an unoccupied wall.

Bedroom mirror alternative: other reflective surfaces

In some cases, ordinary mirrors – both with and without frames – may not be a very suitable and even not quite relevant solution for you. However, this does not mean at all that you have to sacrifice your dreams of mirror accents. For this, several alternative options have become no less popular than the usual accessories. Speaking about mirrors in the bedroom, we simply cannot fail to mention them.

Mirrored furniture

As you probably already guessed, the most striking representative of such an alternative has become a mirrored cabinet. If you plan to acquire such furniture the size of an entire wall and even with compartment doors, then you don’t even have to worry about finding other suitable mirrors. A reflective canvas of this scale not only visually enlarges the room but also allows you to take complete care of yourself – to select and correct hairstyles, apply makeup, evaluate your appearance and try on outfits from a variety of angles. In some cases, designers insist that the sleeping place should not be reflected in the mirror, but if you are not averse to admiring yourself in the reflection, even waking up in the morning, do not deny yourself such a pleasure!

The “little brothers” of the mirror cabinet are dressers and cabinets with reflective surfaces. There is, of course, little point in looking at them, but they successfully scatter the rays of daylight and artificial light, which also makes the room more spacious and festive. True, if you nevertheless decide to put a pair of mirrored cabinets or a long console in the bedroom, you will have to do without the same cabinet. Otherwise, it will be too much.

Faceted mirrors

Striking elegance and mesmerizing visuals – faceted mirrors accentuate the splendor of a classic bedroom and add sophistication to a modern bedroom. Today, interiors with similar decor are featured on the covers of design magazines and are becoming the focus of attention in hundreds of projects.

One of the critical advantages of faceted mirror decor is its flexibility: you can highlight any area in the room and add light where it is clearly lacking. The diamond-shaped mirror tiles on both sides of the bed look especially impressive: surround an elegant sconce with such a canvas, and you will be surprised at how light, cozy, and unobtrusively luxurious your bedroom has become.

Mirrored ceilings

This extravagant option is found not only in Hollywood films – nothing prevents you from realizing such an idea yourself. The ceiling, decorated with mirror fragments or plastic panels in whole or in certain areas, will make the bedroom incredibly spacious and airy. It will provide an exciting play of shadow and light on a sunny day and will add a little more piquancy to your family life!

Superstitions aside, mirrors in the bedroom are your helpers in creating a perfectly balanced and harmonious interior. With the time and money spent on purchasing the right accessories, you will be enchanted by your relaxation corner for years to come – or until your next renovation.

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