Bedroom Paint Colors 2023: Tranquility, Challenge, and Self-Expression

The brand-new 2023 paint color trends prove that the age of fully neutral color codes and simple design solutions has passed. Now, the era of maximalist decisions and outstanding colors is rising in its full grandeur. 

In the 2023 bedroom, we can see color palettes that fulfill any homeowner’s dream. Is it a spa-like scheme with warm pastels that relaxes, a clean and decluttered color selection that fits your unchanged love for nature and functionality, or a rich color palette that allows you to express your personality in your space? The leading trendsetters share color collections for each preference.

Natural Color Scheme: Your Vision of Well-being

Your day starts and ends in your personal space – your bedroom, and it plays an important role in the way you feel, act, think, and interact with other people. It appears that colors are efficient psychological influencers. Why not make the best of such an occasion? Particularly now, when prioritizing your well-being is one of the core concepts in the 2023 bedroom design trends

What a perfect coincidence that design solutions rooted in natural sources of style and functional use are another trendy approach this season, and you can pair well-being with naturalness and go with two trends simultaneously, with both working in your favor. One of the bedroom design trends in 2023 is decorating the space with nature-inspired paint colors with pastel bases for a calm and restoring environment. Luckily, color brands are full of such pearls.

Pashmina AF-100 by Benjamin Moore

A perfectly balanced pastel greige, neither cool nor warm, that resonates with the fresh beach sand shade in the morning, ready to meet the dawn waves.

First Light 2102-70 by Benjamin Moore

A soft pink shade with warm undertones that literally reveals the first splashes of warm light on the summer sky at dawn. 

Krypton SW 6247 by Sherwin-Williams 

A calm blue-gray that feels exceptionally warm when bathed in daylight and refreshingly cool under northern exposure, resembling the slightly foggy ocean surface. 

Drizzle SW 6479 by Sherwin-Williams

A peaceful gray-green that almost fades into blue under northern lighting that surrounds the space with a veil of tranquility and escape.

Harmonious Gold M300-3 by Behr

A pastel yellow paint with the softest creamy base that evolves around the concept of the cocoon and offers you a retreat from the daily hustle.

Dayflower MQ3-54 by Behr

A light pastel blue inspired by the clear morning sky when the stars welcome the rising sun, which promises calm and pleasant weather.

Pelican Bill Half by Dulux

A gorgeous light purple that looks as if it were borrowed from outdoor flowers, diluted with water, and spread all over the surface for a fresh spring ambiance. By the way, purples are the top paint colors in 2023. 

Paper Brown by Dulux

An earthy peach shade with a perceivable pastel effect that warms up and makes calmness defining for the bedroom.

Neutral Color Palette: Celebrate Details

You probably wonder what neutral shades have to do with the colorful 2023 palette. The answer was not that difficult to find. Neutral colors might have left the available space for bold and bright explosions of color, yet they haven’t gone out of trend entirely. The bedroom is exactly the space they still preserve their authenticity since the room you seek relaxation in cannot simply find the solution without a few unbiased and unique neutrals. The range of paint colors from renowned brands will not leave you disappointed. 

Simply White OC-117 by Benjamin Moore

A beloved-by-many neutral white with a canvas-clean base diluted with a subtle hint of warmth – the right amount of comfort for a bedroom.

Constellation AF-540 by Benjamin Moore

A breezy and pale blue that shares the background of the last morning stars that already miss the moon.

Acacia Haze SW 9132 by Sherwin-Williams

A daring gray-green hue with a stark effect on the overall feel of the interior due to imposing and charming undertones that hide subtle natural greenery scents.

Natural Tan SW 7567 by Sherwin-Williams

A very pale tone of brown; we would rather say a light greige paint color that has the ability to seem exceptionally warm when bathed in daylight. 

High Style Beige N270-1 by Behr

A gorgeous beige shade with a warm appeal, although the slightly noticeable gray undertones preserve it neutral and make for a great and subtle cocoon feel. 

Morning Zen S380-2 by Behr 

A summer-traced light shade of green that refreshes and motivates for a positive start of the day, seeming breezy cool with northern exposure and impressively welcome with southern light. 

Flooded Gum by Dulux

A mid-tone gray devoid of any undertones that shows stability, security, and a stark sense of formality, which goes pretty well with bold accents.

Warm Neutral by Dulux

An exceptionally softening and alluring beige with the slightest gray scent that no one can stand but fall in love with.

Adventurous Color Code: Personal Perspective

If a few years ago, any designer would tell you that bold colors seemed too much for contemporary interiors, now, they would be all in for any attempt to bring more colorful interest to the space. It’s amazing to witness how fast we switch from all neutral to fully colorful. It is time to show your true colors, and wouldn’t you agree that the bedroom is the best space to start with? Of course, your taste matters the most in this respect, yet here is a collection of trendy bedroom colors in 2023.

Raspberry Blush 2008-30 by Benjamin Moore

A juicy shade of pink coral – so bright and calm at the same time that you won’t be able to take your eyes off this burst of energy.

North Sea Green 2053-30 by Benjamin Moore

A challenging teal tone with bold and statement notes of blue-green resonating with the beauty of marine life.

Wenge AF-180 by Benjamin Moore

A truly dark brown with no sign of any undertones for the most formal bedrooms with classy layouts and timeless decor.

Golden Sand by Dulux

A sunny yellow shade with orange notes that shine and insert positive energy into the simplest layouts.

Princess Pink by Dulux

Creamy and bright pink with a slightly muted tinge of color for a modern and voguish bedroom that goes for any style.

Cinnamon Sand by Dulux

A terracotta brown with warm orange undertones; another hot pick for the season that promises to be particularly trendy.  

Stilted Stalks by Dulux

An olive green shade with the most pleasant warm undertones resembling an unripe olive that underlines and balances simultaneously. 

Namadji by Dulux

A very dark gray, resonating with a dusty black that serves as a perfect source of visual interest in a contemporary space.

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