Bedroom rug placement: helpful tips and ideas

The rug in the bedroom is just as important as the bed itself. At first glance, this statement may seem strange, but think about it: to create a cozy bedroom interior, just a bed is not enough, no matter how comfortable, soft, spacious and expensive it is. It is in this room that we need softness and warmth as soon as you step over the threshold. Therefore, you understand that here we cannot do without textiles in general – and without a carpet in particular.

So, if the question of “to be or not to be” about the rug in the bedroom is clear, it is essential to decide how exactly you will place it. It is usually placed under or next to the bed, but the devil is known to be in the details. Sometimes it is enough to be a few centimeters mistaken in his position, and the bedroom will look not too harmonious, and you feel inexplicably uncomfortable in it. As designers joke, rugs, like mathematics, love precision.

We will not dwell in detail on what should be the size of the rug for the bedroom, its color, and texture – we discussed all this earlier. Now we would like to dwell in more detail on the rug placement, which can present not only tonal and textural but also visual geometric balance.

What to focus on when choosing the rug position in the bedroom: important factors

In interior design, everything is never too simple – and this is one example. Just buying and putting a rug spontaneously in your bedroom is not a good idea, since too much depends on its position. The precarious position of furniture, an indistinct combination of textures, a poorly opening door, an incomprehensible and ridiculous arrangement of interior items are given here only as examples of the consequences of such recklessness. We don’t want to scare you – we just explain why you should not take the placement of carpets in the bedroom carelessly.

So, if you are striving for aesthetics and perfection in everything, including the decor of your relaxation room, it’s time to find out what to look out for when planning the placement of your bedroom rug.

  • The size and layout of the room. If your bedroom area is impressive, then you have more room for maneuver. However, if the room is not too spacious or some protrusions are in it, then the rug’s position will have to be carefully thought out. However, one should not think that the situation is hopeless: the designers have many recipes in store for this. And by the way: make sure that when you open the door, it does not get stuck on the carpet – this is very disappointing.
  • Dimensions of the bed. It can be single or double, king-size, queen-size, Californian, and even curved – in any case, the way you will put the carpet depends on it. Of course, this factor is also essential for the size of the rugs – and perfection, as usual, is somewhere in between.
  • The size and shape of the rug itself. Whether you like small narrow runners or have you fallen under the spell of a huge textile miracle with luxurious patterns – in both cases (and in everything in between), you will have to correlate its features not only with the footage and configuration of the room but also with the arrangement of furniture. Are you ready to take action?
  • Bedroom furnishings. Have you picked up two nightstands, or have you decided to limit yourself to one? Do you have a dressing table with an ottoman in your bedroom, or does it only fit a console? Are you planning to install a wardrobe in it, or is a chest of drawers enough for you? The answers to all these questions will undoubtedly become fateful for the rug placement. The fact is that the furniture in the bedroom should either stand entirely on the carpet or no longer touch it at all. It is this choice that you have to consider carefully.

As you can see, when placing the rug, there are not so few details to consider. However, for everything to quickly fall into place, take the time to try it on. Try different styling options until you achieve harmony. However, if you have very little time, it is worth listening to the designers’ opinions – and using the choices that have already been tested many times.

Rug placement in the bedroom: basic options

So, if you are used to being guided by the instructions compiled by real professionals, then we are entirely at your service. We offer you a detailed description of the options for placing the rug in the bedroom – the most logical, obvious, but not devoid of some charming nuances.

At the foot of the bed

Such placement of the carpet is possible in several cases: if your bedroom is small, if you need to create a composition with a pouf or a bench at the foot, or in cases where the rug is small but so good that you certainly want to see it every time you enter the bedroom…

Many designers are pretty skeptical about such a solution, considering it too old-fashioned, but most of them are still sure: trends come after comfort. In fact, the carpet at the footboard looks interesting, allowing you to immediately appreciate the balance of textures and shades you’ve created.

As you probably already guessed, this option is permissible only provided that the rug you selected is tiny – no more than 4×6 ft (120×180 cm), and even less if possible. In this case, you should start from how its proportions relate to the bed.

In the case of narrower rugs than the bed or of the same width, you need to leave free space around; otherwise, its size and design will not be suitable. About the size of this same space, the opinions of decorators vary slightly, but on average, they call the figure 10-15″ (30-40 cm). If the rug is much wider than the bed, just put it at the foot, and put a pouf or a bench on top (in this case, this technique is permissible), or leave it open.

You can use a rug in this way if you have underfloor heating or hardwood flooring. In all other cases, you will have to supplement it with runners on the sides of the bed, or you will have to adopt the principle of layering – where you put a small rug at the foot on top of the large one on which the bed is placed.

On the side of the bed

Placing the rug on one or both sides of the bed is a great solution, and not just for small textiles (4×6 ft maximum). You can also use it in the following cases:

  • In small rooms where the bed is pushed against the wall, or there is simply no place for placing a large carpet. In these cases, a small rug will help kill two birds with one stone: and add warmth and style and provide a comfortable get-out of bed.
  • In spacious bedrooms, where combinations of several rugs of different sizes are possible.
  • In multi-layered compositions, where small rugs are placed on a large one on either side of the bed.

If you are using small rugs to the side of the bed on a bare floor, make sure there is at least 12-18 inches (30-40 cm) of free flooring around them to highlight the color, pattern, and texture. Also, be guided by the number of nightstands: if you only have one, place the rug on the opposite side of the bed for more balance.

Under the bed

This solution can be safely called the most popular and harmonious since the close contact of furniture and textiles creates the very cozy atmosphere that many of us dream of. At the same time, you have several options for positioning the carpet relative to the bed – and any of them will undoubtedly interest you:

  • Carpet tucked slightly under the bed. If your bedroom is large or has an elongated, rectangular shape, then this option will come in handy. You can slide the rug under the furniture about 6-18 inches (15-45 cm), depending on the size of the product, and that should be enough. You can leave the visible part of the carpet as it is, or you can place other furniture on it, including an accent chair or table, a floor console, and even a small dressing table. That said, you should have at least 12-24 inches (30-60 cm) of open floor left on either side of the bed for symmetry and a harmonious blend of flooring and textiles.
  • Rug pushed at least three-quarters under the bed. This option is equally suitable for getting out of bed comfortably and balancing bedside tables and a bench or ottoman at the foot. The rug must stay outside about 2.5-3 ft (75-90 cm), so as you can imagine, it should be large enough.
  • Diagonal arrangement of the rug. If you want something extraordinary and unique and your bedroom’s size allows, you can easily stretch the rug obliquely at one corner of the bed. So it will look unexpected and at the same time very attractive.

All design solutions with a rug pushed under the bed in one way or another are possible only in cases where the product is large enough – at least 5×7 feet (150×215 cm). It is also important to consider the interaction of furniture with the carpet. Everything except the bed should either be entirely on the surface of the textile or not touch it at all and not even come close to it. If this does happen, you should definitely think about an easy rearrangement.

The carpet in the bedroom guarantees visual and physical comfort, beauty and completeness of the interior. Be sure to explore all the possibilities for placing it and choose the most suitable one – and you will be able to enjoy not only relaxation but also a harmonious environment around. Agree that this is also a kind of relaxation!

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