Bedroom trends 2022: styles, colors, materials, furniture, and decor ideas

The bedroom is your personal space, where you can relax physically and emotionally from the daily routine. At some point, it defines you and reveals a lot about your personality. At the same time, it is a constituent part of the house, which means that it has to integrate into the picture of your interior design. In this sense, we suggest you pay attention to both its appearance and environment so that it fits perfectly from the two perspectives mentioned earlier.

If you plan to decorate your new bedroom or add a new sparkle to the existing one so that it looks stylish and comfortable, consider yourself lucky. We prepared a list of the latest trends in 2022 to help you keep pace with the newest ideas, considering any preferences possible. All you have to do is go through it, get inspired, and proceed. Don’t forget, any process in this sense requires love from the start till you reach the result if you want it to reflect the same feeling. 

It is not a secret that color can influence how you feel about a room. Firstly, we would like to point out that you should opt for the one that makes you feel comfortable. Nevertheless, we want to reveal the color trends for the bedroom in 2022 if you want to stay up-to-date.

Neutral colors for stability

If you are not sure which color would suit you best, consider neutral tones. You will never go wrong with a soothing shade as it perfectly matches any style and balances the environment. In this sense, you can opt for different shades of gray, cream, delicate green, soft blue, and other calming colors. It should be noted that they refer both to the walls and other constituent elements of the room.

Bolder shades for a greater impact

Nobody said that you could not opt for bolder shades of color. Furthermore, the appropriate choice can ensure an up-to-date result. In this sense, consider navy blue and emerald green, which are not planning on leaving the stage in 2022. Try something new and go for pink or coral, although they should have softer undertones. These shades will add a new sparkle to your room and make a statement. It should be noted that their soothing features will not suppress other elements of the bedroom. On the contrary, they will enrich the environment and balance the picture.

Classy white 

Bedroom trends 2022 suggest we opt for light colors to balance the environment and offer a perfect background for other decor elements. The classic option in this sense is white. It will enlarge the room and brighten it. Furthermore, it will bring stability into the atmosphere. It should be noted that a softer white will set calmness in your room and make it feel comfortable. Therefore, you can go all white or opt for a contrastive combination that will emphasize the sharpness of lines and the mixture of concepts.

Texture plays an essential role in the overall picture of the bedroom. Therefore, we suggest you pay attention to this aspect. When it comes to 2022 trends, it should be noted that particularly popular is the use of materials inspired by nature. Furthermore, there is a noticeable integration of eclectic combinations. We suggest you consider bold mixtures of textures that will keep you trendy and preserve the comfort of the room.

Natural materials for a natural effect

One of the best options in this sense is wood. Various elements can integrate this particular material. First of all, it will offer your room a touch of freshness and enrich it with a natural effect. Furthermore, this particular texture will fill the bedroom with warmness and give it a sparkle of softness. 

It should be noted that wood can be used for the furniture, floor, and different installations on the walls. This is the perfect choice for a comfortable environment on a cold winter day and a balanced atmosphere on a beautiful summer day.

An eclectic mix for a statement

We suggest you do not stop at one particular texture regarding the room elements. Consider various materials and textiles to enrich the environment and stabilize the contrasts. You can opt for matte and glossy surfaces, satin and cotton coverings. Go as far as you want for a comfy feeling, but do not forget about limits as not to suppress other room elements.

There is no doubt that the 2022 trends are characterized by eclectic combinations of colors, textures, and concepts. Therefore, you can opt for various styles at the same time. Nevertheless, we suggest you consider a particular style as the general one and integrate the other elements within its limits. 

We prepared a list of the most popular trends in 2022 and would like to draw your attention to their main features and inspire you for your future bedroom. 

Rustic style for a new impact

It is not a secret that the industrial style has been popular for a long time. Of course, you could opt for some particular elements this year, but they appear rather sharp for a place like a bedroom. Instead, we suggest you consider the rustic style. 

First of all, it will keep pace with the latest trends, according to which you should opt for natural materials. Secondly, the units of this kind will bring a touch of freshness to the room and preserve the warmness of the environment.

Vintage style for a stunning effect

As with other rooms, the bedroom is not an exception when it comes to vintage. It has become a classic among the styles. There is no wonder why the elements of this kind offer the room a touch of the past years, combining old values with the new ones and leading to a balanced environment.

It should be noted that a modern bedroom requires the use of a limited number of vintage units to preserve the contemporary atmosphere. Nevertheless, you can opt for a full-vintage room if you appropriately integrate the past values into your room.

Minimalist style for a functional setting

Simplicity and the functional use of the space are some of the main trends in 2022. We suggest you consider a minimalist style if you want to keep it simple and up-to-date. It will offer your room a touch of freshness and balance the contrasts. 

Furthermore, such a style will keep everything organized. It will suit you if you are looking for ways of setting a comfortable, stylish, and balanced bedroom.

The main element of the bedroom is the furniture. Therefore, a wise decision in this sense will complete the picture and lead to a perfect result. We prepared a list of furniture trends in 2022 that will offer your bedroom a new sparkle and keep you up-to-date.

Rattan furniture

This particular material is part of the 2022 trends. Besides being inspired by nature, it also brings warmness and softness to the room. You can consider rattan for different pieces of furniture, starting with the bed and reaching the smallest details. It should be noted that a small amount of rattan in your room will brighten it and enrich the environment with natural elements.

Large headboard

Large headboards are becoming again popular, and they are surely a 2022 trend. Furthermore, the larger they are, the greater the impact will be. You can opt for various materials and colors. It should be noted that this element can be used as an accent unit and added as a point of interest. Consider an enormous colorful headboard on a neutral background to keep it simple and make a statement at the same time.

Bedroom divider

This trend is leading among the latest ideas in 2022. It is both practical and stylish. A folding screen of this kind will offer you privacy and lead to the functional use of the space. You can opt for various designs that will match your style. 

Particularly popular are dividers made of natural materials and vintage ones. You can use this screen to divide a particular space in your bedroom or as a headboard. It should be noted that it will have an enormous effect on the general picture and keep your bedroom up to date.

Lighting plays an essential role in the bedroom as the number of light sources influences how this room appears and its environment. It should be noted that the lighting fixtures are as much an important part of the general picture. Therefore, we prepared an array of the latest ideas in this sense to inspire you:

  • Go classic and put matching lamps on both sides of the bed;
  • Opt for wall lamps to save the space and enlighten the place;
  • Consider warmer light for the ceiling, particularly with nature-inspired designs;
  • Avoid over-bright lighting for this room;
  • Do not consider large chandeliers or other bold fixtures.

There is no doubt that an appropriate decoration added to all previously mentioned elements will serve as the last piece of the puzzle for a perfect bedroom. We would like to draw your attention to the latest ideas in this sense and inspire you for something new. 

House plants for a natural effect

This trend is very popular this year, and there is no wonder why. The house plants will bring freshness to your room and fit perfectly any style. We suggest you put in place as many plants as you want, but don’t forget about the practical use of the space.

Furthermore, consider large green plants on white background as it will lead to a particular aesthetic and add points of interest to your room. 

Modern solution for modern bedroom

Whether you like it or not, we use a lot of gadgets daily, particularly when staying in the bedroom. Of course, we have to reduce it as much as possible, but it cannot be avoided. Therefore, we suggest you use practically the space in the bedroom, and put in place small tables for these particular gadgets. It should be noted that they do not have to be too large but as small as to integrate perfectly into the style.

Wall art to complete the style

Consider pictures on the wall to offer your room a new point of interest and complete the style. We suggest you consider pictures that will match the aesthetic of your room. Therefore, you can opt for various pieces in this sense. As a recommendation, we can suggest geometric forms that are particularly popular this season.

Conclusions + photos for inspiration

As you have probably noticed, a stylish bedroom in 2022 is a functional space that relies on such a concept as simplicity and implies the use of natural materials. Of course, it would be best if you stuck to these ideas. Nevertheless, don’t forget that this is your personal place and you should add to it as much individuality as you want in order to make it comfortable.

As a finishing point, we would like to draw your attention to an array of inspiring photos of the bedroom that reflect the 2022 trends. 

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