Bedroom Trends 2023: New Colors, Latest Materials, and Fresh Design Ideas

Although the current trends view interior design as an opportunity to take creativity to a new level and reveal as much courage as possible through daring design solutions and self-expression, alongside the beloved minimalist features that are still on stage, comfort is a priority, particularly when speaking about the design of a space you spend your most time in. We all strive for a perfect bedroom to unwind in after a workday, yet we don’t want to risk its style and individuality. With our thoroughly researched forecast of the bedroom trends in 2023, which comprise plenty of designs with timeless potential, we got all lovers of coziness and style covered.  

Beyond Borders, Beyond Limits

The 2023 design trends are for airy and well-lit spaces. Designers talk a lot about open-floor concepts and make them a distinctive design trend that reaches its peak in the new season. As a space designed to meet one’s preferences, the bedroom can be easily planned as an open-concept room, incorporating both the sleeping area and other functional zones, such as the dressing space, a mini-workspace, or a lounge area.

The following personalized projects brought to life through the exceptional online design services at Hackrea, a Contemporary open-floor bedroom in white and green and a Contemporary open-concept bedroom in gray, green, and orange, are perfect representations of the trendy design concept, smartly pairing other functional zones with the sleeping area in the absolutely mandatory partnership with perfect light conditions and a harmonious color mix.  

Bedroom Color 2023: Earthy Terracotta

Why terracotta? Well, this color has been trying for a long time to prove its belonging to interior design trends, and 2023 seems perfect for its showtime. Here is why – since the upcoming season holds dear meaningful concepts, such as comfort, functionality, boldness, and naturalness, and the new pop of color appears to comprise them all in its burnt orange base with red traces and earthy notes, terracotta is indeed the go-to color for your bedroom. 

Besides being warm, inviting, and having strong ties with nature, terracotta follows one of the main design concepts in 2023 – self-expression, freedom to reveal one’s boldest colors, and the courage to stand out from the crowd. The best part is that terracotta is versatile and allows a sea of variations, offering slightly brighter, milder, deeper, and easier shades for true amateurs of the trend and those who slowly but firmly begin accepting it. Take a look at its impressive integration in this Loft country-house bedroom design project worked on by professional designers.

Bedroom Color 2023: Trendy Alternatives

Nobody canceled the all-time favorites – the neutral colors. Still, the go-to list of colors suggested by designers this season is full of bright shades since we confidently move towards maximalism. There is still a “but”. Unlike the living room trends and dining room trends, which almost fully go with bright pops of color without disturbing the comfort of those spaces, the bedroom requires a bit softer color scheme. You can still opt for your favorite bright shades, but you have to consider their pastel variation. Think green, blue, brown, pink, peach, or burgundy. Have you noticed? Still on the natural side.

Mindful of Our Impact on the Environment

If you were to check the latest trends for any room in the house, you would definitely find that eco-friendly products made of sustainable materials are the top choice. Being conscious of your impact on the environment has become so important that it has turned into a true design trend and people all around the world follow the wave. What’s really awesome about this tendency is that you protect nature, ensure healthy surroundings in your house, achieve an organically designed space, and positively impact the environment all at once. Wood, wicker, sisal, rattan, cotton, or wool – easy to find and easier to integrate.

Natural Oasis at Home

That’s right! Nature prevails the bedroom trends in 2023. The rich and colorful nature inspires the same bold shades. If the previous season showed a moderate use of natural colors, patterns, and textures, this year, designers bet on the integration of direct natural elements within the renowned Biophilic design approach with green splashes of colors, natural light, and plenty of greeneries. 

Biophilic solutions work very well for bedrooms since they provide a serene and calm environment, perfect for falling asleep, waking up refreshed, and engaging yourself in your favorite hobbies, such as the Eco-style bedroom with green accents and the Open-floor bedroom with a Biophilic relaxation area show. 

Modern Art Deco Appeal

Sooner or later, Art Deco would have topped the interior design trends. Designers simply felt its comeback. Well, 2023 is surely for glamor connoisseurs. What is it traced to? Do you recall the maximalist direction? Full elegance, plenty of geometric forms, rich colors, and reflective metals. It seems Art Deco goes hand in hand with maximalism. 

Less words, more visualization. Take a look at the following Modern Art Deco bedroom design project that designers created based on the latest trends. Although bold, the interior preserves a contemporary and balanced atmosphere, unfolding a bright blue color explosion, a softly curved bed headboard, sharp and curvaceous forms contrasting each other, and the no-fail Art Deco style-inspired brass sparkles. In a few words, this is the formula you should follow, with a color change possible, for a trendy Art Deco bedroom.

Go Bold or Go Home

In an era when standout designs have their say, you should not sleep on the most eclectic solutions for your bedroom. This is the space where you can reveal your true colors. Don’t hesitate to use your creativity and come up with astonishing designs filled with various patterns, colors, and shapes. To make it look with taste, use a neutral background and paint with bright and varied patterns. The 2023 bedding trends are all in for this design idea and probably the best element to start with.

Modest Window Treatment

In contrast to the trendy maximalist design approaches, designers forecast the relevancy of simple window treatments, which means no rich-textured textiles, no voluminous panels, no dark colors, and no extra-patterned designs for the bedroom window treatment, although the curtain design trends in 2023 allow lots of freedom in this sense for the other rooms. 

This is probably the least complex design idea for the bedroom – choose simple and light curtains that won’t stop the natural light from flooding the space. As an alternative, you can go with blinds, which are functional and exceptionally stylish. The main goal is to preserve the room as light as possible and avoid overloading it, particularly if it already has bold-colored textiles and rich-textured furniture.

Declutter the Space

If you haven’t done it this far, 2023 is the year you should definitely make it clear in your personal space. Remove any clutter and opt for a clean space with functional storage systems, such as built-in wardrobes with plenty of storage space for all belongings. The same handles should take from the space as little as possible with a minimalist design or as far as a “touch-to-open” system. For more tips on how to declutter your bedroom, check out our updated article on useful pieces of advice from those who always keep their room clean.

Suspending Lights above the Bed

In the lighting chapter, designers clearly identify the hanging pendants above the sleeping area as the main bedroom lighting trend in 2023. In contrast with the traditional lighting fixtures, the suspending pendants bear a recognizable pop of sophistication that adds individuality to the bedroom, and as designers say, the trendiest bedroom is the one that knows how to stay original. 

All-time Favorite Curves

The curved forms have firmly conquered the world of interior design in the new season. Everywhere you look – curves, curves, and guess what – curves. With an initial effect to soften the long-prevailing sharp lines found in the bedroom and inspired by the debonair Renaissance architectural shapes, the rounded verges bear a specific conceptual value for the bedroom, adding more drama and individuality.  As little as an arched window or round accent chair is more than enough.

Around the World

We have been isolating ourselves for a long time, starting with the pandemic and going through remote work. Well, at least most of us, and this is why designers are high on multicultural bedroom style trends in 2023 – to get a glimpse of the outside world. Instead of applying design styles in their pure manifestation, professionals suggest design styles as seen in various parts of the world, such as a Parisian kiss in its Classic variation or a rebel representative through fully functional pieces on fully Classic backgrounds; a Nordic breath of comfort with a Scandi-inspired design; or a Mediterranean breeze of freshness with Spanish or Greek scent.

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