Popular exterior paint colors from Behr: inspiration for an update in 2022

We pay a lot of attention to interior paint colors while the exterior ones require the same. First of all, it is an introduction to the interior, whose appreciation begins precisely with the exterior. Therefore, it is worth analyzing the available options thoroughly by referring to trends, styles, and your own preferences. Luckily, paint manufacturers come up with updated lists of popular exterior colors once in a while, and you only have to choose the one that fits the other criteria. 

Not to our surprise, the renowned color brand Behr puts at your disposal a wide range of such paint colors. They are categorized into three groups: cool, neutral, and warm, each including an impressive collection of shades from different color families. The number of colors is so large that you will undoubtedly find at least a few to match your sense of style. We will shortly yet clearly refer to all the options offered by this manufacturer so that you can find your dream color. Let’s dive into the world of the most popular exterior paint colors!

Polar Bear 75

A slightly warm white penetrated by a subtle hint of pink that offers this otherwise cool shade an irreplaceable sense of softness. Reminiscent of the Arctic summer, this white feels like a soft breath of fresh air when the dawn breaks. Luckily, this paint color can be applied to the house wall, trim, and even the front door, which is not that common among almost true shades of white, but this is the trick the tiny particles of pink are playing on the exterior.

Off White 73

A true representative of the off-white category that impresses with its ability to be a light shade regardless of the complex mix of gray and beige undertones; some may even regard it as a subtle greige variation, which is a combination of gray and greige. This perfect pairing between softness and freshness appears to be very light when applied to the exterior, losing a bit from its beige and gray notes. Designers suggest using it for the house walls paired with bright accents for a modern look or bolder neutrals to keep it traditional.

Spanish Sand 0R-W07

A medium-to-light beige shade that surprises with delicate gray undertones, which fully penetrate it. Spanish Sand is an impeccable greige representative with an unforgettable soft appearance. This magical shade will simply make you fall in love with how this color influences the look of the exterior. It should be applied to the house walls to fully reveal its range of notes, which seem much lighter when bathed in sun rays. 

Khaki Shade YL-W11

As the name implies, a medium-to-light brown paint color with yellow undertones, replicating a middle-tone beige shade, cool and soft at the same time. This color is easy to mistake with a greige, although a more intense one than the previous shades. The intense beige variation fits the house walls perfectly, acquiring a much lighter appearance in full daylight, and works no less impressively on the front door when it can fully reveal its inner beauty.

Stone Brown 250F-4

A medium-to-dark brown with a soothing surface and appealing soft notes that hypnotizes with its aristocratic appearance and reference to natural elements. Not too daring, not too faded; this perfect brown variation is a balance of cool and warm undertones, leaning slightly warmer and radiating welcoming and stately feelings. This neutral yet unique shade impeccably suits traditional houses, sparkling at its finest when bathed by the warm sun rays. This paint color fits the trim and front door on a light background in the same context of style.

Harvest Brown 710D-4

A medium brown shade devoid of undertones with a rather coolish base and earthy notes. In contrast with the previous shade, this one is more neutral, making it flexible and suitable for different design solutions. This paint color is worth considering for a wide range of exteriors. Be it the most traditional or modern house. Its rich earthy notes will ensure the welcoming effect without forgetting the stately appearance.

Baked Sienna S220-6

Dark brown with exceptionally warm undertones devoid of undertones yet filled with intense earthy notes. It looks very appealing, and you simply cannot stand but fall in love with this shade. What is great about this paint color is that it perfectly replicates wood, making it an irreplaceable paint color that works for the house walls and no less for the trim and window shutters.

Teton Blue N490-4

Medium blue shade with an impressively cool and intense base, which seems to be devoid of undertones yet a slight gray hint is perceived. Although one cannot help but notice its deep scents of tranquility, confidence, and uniqueness, it looks neutral. We can safely call it a gray-blue. The popular mix of colors is a go-to option for house walls paired with dark wood. The blue shade appears slightly lighter and offers the exterior a unique look. 

Espresso Beans PPU5-01

Very dark brown, resembling a black shade with visible brown notes that refers to the color of coffee beans, radiating a natural sense of beauty, bold and unforgettable. Inspired by nature with an exceptionally contemporary appearance, this paint color is a perfect fit for the back deck, working no less impressively for the house walls in combination with dark shades close to its inner sense of beauty.


The darkest paint color of the list is a true shade of black devoid of undertones and striking like a bold statement when referring to the overly neutralized exteriors. Not to our surprise, this is one of the favorites among designers that work with exceptionally contemporary exteriors. This shade is considered for the house walls or the front door combined with white walls – the classic black and white.

Exterior walls of the house: trendy paint colors

Colorists from Behr have prepared a range of paint colors that go specifically for the house walls, and we would like to share them with you. The color brand experts tried to cover various styles, from the coolest to the warmest color variations. Let’s dive deep into the essence of these shades!

Cool paint colors

  • Biking Trail N350-3 – medium-to-light shade of beige with visible gray undertones, which is regarded as a cool greige, working perfectly as a neutral background;
  • Environmental PPU11-9 – medium gray-green shade with slight yellow notes, which goes in harmony with the outdoor backdrop;
  • Intergalactic N450-5 – dark gray with cool blue notes and a soothing surface for a neutral background that radiates notes of contemporary air.

Neutral paint colors

  • Grassy Savannah N340-5 – medium-to-dark taupe with a perfect combination of gray and green for a neutral yet unique background;
  • Bonsai Pot N340-3 – medium taupe, slightly lighter than the previous shade due to more neutral notes for a no less perfect exterior walls paint;
  • Cottage White 13 – pinkish shade of white, not too cool nor too warm with an appealing appearance for an inviting look for the house exterior.

Warm paint colors

  • Pale Coral PPU3-7 – medium-to-light orange variation with pronounced pinkish notes and soothing scents for the most inviting exterior appearance;
  • Rise and Shine P300-4 – medium-to-light yellow with visible orange notes and a rather soothing surface for a vibrant exterior look;
  • Classic Gold PPU6-17 – middle-tone brown with bold yellow notes for a sparkling and warm effect on the exterior.
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