Best Benjamin Moore paint colors in 2022: trendy hues with a timeless effect

For 2022, colorists from Benjamin Moore came up with a versatile palette of the trendiest shades, which is prevailed by pastels, yet it brings in a few bold splashes. All selected paint colors are considered as best options to be applied this year, although they offer a timeless effect that will not leave you off the stage for years to come.

The range of paint colors that we will happily share in this article is exceptionally diverse, relying on simplicity, harmony, invigoration, expression, and authenticity. You can notice how these features switch slightly from one extremity to the other; the same goes for these shades meant for an impressive number of styles. To make it easier, we separated the paint colors by categories so that you can confidently dive into the palette that feels close to you. 

Luminous pastels to wake up your sense

October Mist 1495

The color of the year 2022 and simply an impressive soothing sage is traced back to the natural color of the flower stem that radiates a sense of growth and invigoration. Acting as a connector, it can bring together other colors in a space for a harmonious result. From underlining the architecture of a living room to emphasizing the kitchen cabinets and serving as a transition from one space to another, October Mist will always find a way to integrate into your interior.

Steam AF-15

This appealing shade of white that offers a clean effect combined with notes of softness is a real find for those who want a light yet slightly soothing base color. The calming scents that stand behind the rather pastel appearance keep this color from looking too stark and bring an unobtrusive sense of comfort to any space.

Morning Dew OC-140

The soothing shade of gray with a very light base diluted with a few cool notes and the slightest trace of green bring naturalness in the most refined way. A great alternative to white, the nature-inspired paint color, already a classic at Benjamin Moore, works perfectly for anything you would have thought to paint in white.

Hint of Violet 2114-60

The pleasing shade of lilac that this paint color radiates features a slight trace of cool gray, offering a modern look to any space. Still, particular conditions lead to a warm, almost pink appearance that adds even more comfort. One should note that Hint of Violet is not recommended to use for the exterior.

Quiet Moments 1563

The definition of tranquility best reflects this mix of blue, green, and gray with a light and soothing surface. Perfect for monochromatic interiors and a standout base for bold accents, this shade will take any style direction and enrich it with a contemporary sense of harmony and peace with oneself.

Nature-inspired hues to preserve harmony

Natural Linen CC-90

This sandy shade of greige, worthy of being called Natural Linen due to the appearance that perfectly defines the name, holds an appropriate amount of rustic elegance. It perfectly works with wood texture, which resonates with its hidden notes of warmth and brings an additional source of coziness to the space.

Fernwood Green 2145-40

The medium shade of leafy green is slightly diluted with a few particles of warmth that offer this paint the loveliest look. If you want to bring the outdoors indoors in an accent way yet still keep it within limits, this shade is your go-to paint color.

High Park CC-620

The so-called herbaceous green, slightly gravitating towards the dark side, with delicate gray notes that make it read sophisticated, is a no-fail paint color for those who want to embrace the green shade to the fullest yet preserve an overall modern environment. High Park is all about a modern sense of naturalness. 

Pale Moon OC-108

For lovers of yellow, there is a real find for you. Pale Moon is the classic yellow shade you dream of with a soft surface so that it can easily integrate into any style and successfully add an accent to the space. Despite its quite bold nature, you can safely use it as a base color and display any contrasts on it.

Bold variations for self-expression

Venetian Portico AF-185

This paint color has it all – naturalness, modern look, neutrality, versatility, and most of all, individuality. With such an earthy shade, resembling the sunbaked clay, giving a slight dusty pink vibe, you will surely take your design solutions to the next level. One should note that it works particularly well in the bedroom.

Wild Flower 2090-40

The unique shade of red with subtle scents of dusty pink and orange is a reliable source of style, working perfectly as an accent for any space. It is not the usual bright color that catches your attention for its boldness. This one attracts you with its irreplaceable sense of contemporary brightness.

Gloucester Sage HC-100

An impressively dark shade that easily adapts to any conditions, requiring only an appropriate amount of light. The intense gray-green base serves as a perfect background for accents or as an accent itself on a lighter backdrop. It brings naturalness, a sleek sense of style, and individuality to seemingly simplified approaches to design.

Mysterious AF-565

A modern accent paint color like this is a real find for amateurs of navy blue and contemporary accents that stand out stylishly when partnered with lighter shades. The slight denim particles that penetrate its surface offer it an unusual appearance that makes you continuously admire the paint color as a whole.

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