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Best carpet colors for gray walls: practical hints + 9 color matching ideas
Irina Tomsa -

Best carpet colors for gray walls: practical hints + 9 color matching ideas

Irina Tomsa / August 25, 2021 - views 96 - 0 likes

If you are more of a conservative person when it comes to choosing the color of the walls in your house, moreover, if it is the gray one, it means that you try to create an elegant, calm, at the same time, mysterious environment. Nevertheless, the way you choose the color of the other belongings of the house can shape substantially the way you see or feel about your home.

As a starting point, it should be noted that gray is considered a complex color, although it does not seem much like that at first sight. First of all, this color has tens of shades, separated by a well-defined border: cold and warm. Thus, warm shades of gray tend to bring more light, while the cold ones create more of a blue environment. 

Therefore, when it comes to the best carpet color for gray walls, you have to consider the specific shade of gray of your walls as it plays a great deal in the race after the best match in this respect. If your decision about the gray walls is firm, take a deep breath, and let’s dive into the world of gray shades, where you will be revealed the secrets of choosing the best carpet color, relying on the particular shades of gray.  

The perfect match for light gray walls as regards the color of the carpet

Referring to the color of the walls, this particular shade of gray tends to create a stable, at the same time, relaxing room atmosphere. To preserve the initial environment, here is what you have to know in your way of finding the best match between the color of the walls and the one of the carpet:

Light gray walls and white carpet

If you want to bring a fresh breeze into your gray room, all you have to do is choose a white carpet. Believe it or not, there is a universe of possibilities when talking about white carpets. The same bright shade of both colors will make your room look modern, at the same time, cozy, which will bring pleasure to your eyes and comfort to your heart.

Light gray walls and brown carpet

It is not a surprise that this contrast of shades looks so beautiful in combination as it brings a kind of balance to the atmosphere of your room. If we have not persuaded you yet in this respect, what will you say about the statement that will follow? Gray is perceived as a color of nature, while brown is the color of the earth itself. Hence, they create such a perfect match. It should be noted that this combination adds particularly to the comfort of small rooms.

Light gray walls and blue carpet

If you are more of a blue color lover, think about how great the light gray walls will partner with a carpet of navy blue. This shade of grey will bring comfort, while the blue one will make your room look more elegant. Furthermore, there are different shades of blue, for instance, navy blue and the one oriented more towards the green color. Nevertheless, both of them complement the neutrality of gray.

Light gray walls and yellow carpet

That’s right, this bright type of color will perfectly match a gray walled room. As in the previous case, this cheerful color will complement the neutral spaces left by gray. Do not be afraid to make such a bold step, as the simplicity of gray leaves lots of room for something more contrasting.

Light gray walls and pink carpet

It is not a secret that the pink color has again won the interest of designers, and what a perfect coincidence that it matches perfectly with a light shade of gray. This combination will give your room a modern look and enhance comfort, which can be reduced if considering the gray color alone.

Light gray walls and pale gray carpet

If you want to bring more light into your room, all you have to do is consider a combination of those slightly different shades of gray. Here is what you have to know: a pale gray carpet will bring a lifting feature to your room and even make the walls look larger. Do not forget, if you consider this combination, choose a slightly darker shade for the carpet.

The perfect match for dark gray walls as regards the color of the carpet

Referring to the color of the walls, this particular shade of gray tends to bring seriousness to your room. Thus, the choice you will make regarding the color of the carpet will either reduce or add to this stability. Be sure that we will give you an insight into the best pieces of advice in this respect.

Dark gray walls and beige carpet

There is no doubt that beige is the perfect match for gray as they belong to neutral colors. It is to be noted that beige tends to reduce the cold feature of the gray and brings a feeling of warmth. Do not hesitate to make this choice if you want harmony and comfort to be the guests of your room.

Dark gray walls and cream carpet

If you do not like the previous combination, consider a lighter shade. It should be noted that cream is considered to be the second-best choice after beige. There is no doubt that it will make your room comfy and enhance harmony.

Dark gray walls and multi-color carpet

If you have gone through all the advice we have given you until now and have not decided yet which color to choose, here is another hint: consider a multi-color carpet. It is a bold step, but there is nothing to be uncertain of as any combination of other colors will work. It is simpler than it sounds since these bold colors will balance the coldness of gray.

The best match between gray walls and carpet color in the living room

You have come so far!  Haven’t you decided yet what you want to do about the color of the carpet in your living room? There is nothing wrong with that. You are looking for the best match. Here is what you can do: go all gray as regards everything, the walls, the carpet, and even the furniture with slight differences of shades. This is the perfect way to make your room look modern. But if you want to go bold and create a catchy environment, consider white, brown, or blue carpeting.

The best match between gray walls and carpet color in the bedroom

This room is supposed to make you feel comfortable, and this is why you would rather not consider a bold color. Instead, choose bright colors such as cream or beige, which will enhance the coziness of the room. If you think it is too simple for your complex personality, all you need to do is pick light colors for your bedding. 

There is no doubt that gray walls will be popular for a long time due to their neutrality and compatibility with other colors. Do not hesitate and go for it, but do not forget to make a balanced decision as regards the other elements, such as the carpet. Of course, it is not easy to decide in this respect. We suggest you start with what environment you would like to create in your room, which is both about style and personality. The rest is simpler, just go through our pieces of advice and be sure of the result.