Best Floor Color for White Walls: Designers’ Top 6

As experts claim, you can have a perfect furniture layout paired with the most expensive accessories, yet if there is no cohesion between the wall and floor color, everything loses its charm. Therefore, an appropriate combination between the flooring and walls is what you should start with. Still, how do we choose the best floor color for white walls? Although white is an exceptionally versatile color that easily pairs with an array of available colors, there are still things to consider, such as the undertones of the particular white shade. Long story short, let’s analyze the designers’ recommendations!

Is White Still in Style?

At some level, this question is irrelevant. We cannot doubt the trendiness of a color that never goes out of style. White is a classic, timeless color solution that will always have its say. Besides, there is no other more versatile neutral than white. Don’t hesitate to opt for white walls, especially now when paint brands offer a wide range of warm, cool, soft, and stark white shades. 

Lighter or Darker Flooring for White Walls?

While dark floor colors ensure a somewhat formal and solid pairing with white walls, experts tend to combine white walls and relatively light flooring, be it hardwood or a wall-to-wall carpet. Dark-colored flooring will undoubtedly open up a small room and provide a harmonious color palette with light walls.

Let’s get to the most exciting part! We’ve narrowed down a list of the best expert-choice floor colors for white walls. Explore!

1. Light Wood Flooring

White walls paired with light wood flooring are the classic option for any room. The best news is light wood flooring makes the room larger than it is. When combined with white walls, this effect increases. 

If you have a small living room, kitchen, bedroom, or any other room, the safest way is to choose white for walls and light wood for flooring. It looks timeless and spacious. Besides, that’s also a great choice for larger spaces. A few more visual inches to the room won’t hurt.

2. Beige

When combined with light walls, the golden mean between light and dark flooring is beige, whether it is beige porcelain tiles, stoneware, or a handwoven rug. Beige paired with white looks aesthetically pleasing.

While beige delivers a subtle contrast to the white walls, it still looks harmonious and doesn’t steal much visual space. 

3. Dark Hardwood

Dark hardwood flooring is having its moment this season. What a perfect coincidence that dark wood floors pair well with light walls. Unlike light flooring, dark wood provides a cozier, more enclosed effect. Whether it’s a natural dark brown in combination with slightly soft white or almost-black dark hardwood with stark white, the match is impeccably stylish.

Note that this option won’t work as efficiently for small spaces. The dark wood color will slowly yet firmly enclose the space.

4. Gray

The white and gray duo is your no-fail option if you’re going for a classic color palette. Gray is the all-time favorite neutral and deserves the status of the best floor color for white walls. Those can be gray tiles, concrete flooring, gray-painted wooden flooring, or a gray carpet. Another suitable option is gray hardwood, which is less popular this season, yet nothing can stop you from choosing what you like.

Consider that the pairing between white walls and gray flooring may look overly formal and clean. To enhance the look, try rich-textured or accent-color furniture or decor. 

5. White on White

If you admire everything clean, fresh, and airy, you’ll undoubtedly like the combination of white walls and similarly colored flooring. Whether that’s whitewashed wood flooring, white-painted wood boards, white tiles, or white marble, they all pair with white walls. 

Although this color choice may seem out-of-trend now that contrastive color palettes are all the rage, the suitable selection of furniture and accessories will make it work in your favor. Opt for rich-textured surfaces and color contrast that will beautifully stand out on the white canvas and create a modern and edgy design.

6. Black

We’ve always known that black and white is a timeless color combo that remains relevant over the years. Thus, we couldn’t skip this perfect color match when looking for the best floor color for white walls. 

White walls and black flooring look incredibly trendy now, and black-painted wood, black marble tiles, or black stoneware suit white-painted walls perfectly. Still, make sure your furniture stands out on the black flooring. To produce a smooth transition, try light-colored rugs. 

We hope you’ve found the best floor color for white walls and that this ultimate guide was helpful. If you haven’t decided yet on the particular white shade, check out the best white paint colors for walls from top paint brands.

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