The best furniture trends of 2020

What trend models were presented by world furniture manufacturers at major international exhibitions?

Massive chairs, smart furniture, a variety of colors, laconic design – at the largest international exhibitions, world manufacturers presented their vision of furniture in the coming years. We selected the most trending models and in the fall we will present new products to our readers.

What furniture will be at the peak of popularity in the near future?

Massive armchairs

Modesty aside, massive upholstered furniture comes into fashion. Especially popular in the next few years will be the use of large dining chairs, similar to armchairs. A wide back, armrests and upholstery made of soft plush turn a once simple piece of furniture into a throne.

Sofas, on the other hand, are becoming more and more like large pillows – rounded shapes, a wide soft back create a cosiness at home, a kind of cocoon in which you can hide from stress.

Simplicity and minimalism

If earlier cabinet furniture was mostly made in the classical style, today simplicity and laconicism of design have come to the fore.

So, until last year, for everyone beloved “furniture wall”, there was a requirement for a cabinet – without it, furniture sets were simply not for sale. In 2018, small “walls” consisting of RTV cabinets and shelves began to sell very well. The market instantly switched to a small format, as it is cheaper and does not clutter up the already small spaces of the apartments.

Smart solutions

Everything will be smart, including in our apartments. And if earlier a real buyer could not afford to buy, for example, a wardrobe-bed, since such smart solutions were presented on the market in single copies or were made only on order, now they are available to everyone. Today, in addition to the classic options for the execution of smart furniture – a wardrobe bed and a sofa bed – you can buy many other options for smart furniture.

A smart kitchen is a small block in which all household appliances are built in; in fact, it is a fully functional kitchen that looks more like a wardrobe. A buffet is a kitchen module that does not have built-in appliances, but in small apartments you can put a free-standing oven on it or cut in a sink. This is a great way to save space in small rooms, as well as the ability to diversify the kitchen with a mobile “island”.

All kinds of slider systems are gaining popularity, which are used both in kitchens and in residential cabinet furniture, as well as all sorts of options for folding tables, which should occupy a minimum of space and be designed for 1-2 people, and in the unfolded one – take 4-6 guests.

Colors and textures

Forest or concrete jungle? If earlier leather and eco-leather prevailed in upholstered furniture, now they are replaced by fabrics. Velor, structural fabrics and printed fabrics will be especially popular in the new season. In addition, we are waiting for combinations of different fabrics, fabrics with floral ornaments, especially ferns, bright rich colors and their muted powdery shades.

For those who prefer office jungle to nature, there is good news too. The trend colors of the next few years are gray concrete, natural wood colors, as well as a combination of these materials with white.

As for textures, such different materials as wood and concrete or metal and quartz will increasingly be combined.

Other furniture trends in 2020

The main furniture trends of the year – how to furnish a room so that it looks trendy?

  • Pink color. All it’s conceivable and inconceivable shades will be at the peak of popularity – and this is very practical, since pink looks advantageous in combination with any other colors.
  • Warm caramel. Another color trend is a cozy brown. Caramel shades are incredibly multifaceted – they can look soft and cozy, or energetic and luxurious, and also combine with any materials and colors.
  • Luxury velvet. Velvet this year has won both the catwalks and interior showrooms. Velvet curtains, ottomans, sofas, pillows, bedspreads – all this should be “rich” saturated tones: purple, aqua, red, blue, deep green.
  • Gold accents. It will just be necessary to add gold to the interior – this trend has captured all styles. Together with gold, they got a second wind and brass accessories – pens, lamps, taps.
  • Geometric patterns. Clear forms and graphic prints replace the floral and ethnic ornaments.
  • Natural materials. They still remain popular — and wood, metal or stone are best used unprocessed in interiors.
  • Metal surfaces. Metal is today the main favorite of interior designers. Decorative panels, interior items, furniture and lamps are made from it.
  • Low-sized furniture. The abundance of small parts in the interiors is now considered trendy. That is why there has been a tendency to move from bulky interior items to small compact things.
  • Round shape. Furniture, prints, lamps, carpets – all these designers recommend doing round. This form will make any interior elegant.
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