Top 15 interior design blogs you cannot skip in 2022

Top 15 interior design blogs you cannot skip in 2022

Whether you are a professional in the field or a connoisseur of everything functional and beautiful in interiors, you simply have to stay up to date with all that comes new in interior design alongside useful tips that would improve an interior. The simplest way is to get a daily splash of information and inspiration. Typing “best interior design blogs” on google may get you to an endless source of lists. This is why we scrolled through our favorites, researched the subject, and rounded up an ultimate list in this sense. What’s interesting is that each blog has something new to inspire. Let’s find out what those blogs are and why you simply cannot overlook them the next time you encounter them online. 

Elle Decor

The renowned name stands behind a successful blog that constantly posts updated articles on the most tackled subjects related to interior design. You can scroll here through pages of quality content on design, go through interesting home tours, discover the latest trends, find useful design tips, seek inspiration, and even benefit from the tools offered in the shopping section.

Elle Decor diversifies its blog by revealing fascinating things about exhibitions, travel, and even television, some of which are related to interior design, and opens a new and international perspective on design trends and approaches. 

Interior Design Magazine

The global source of interior design-driven content constantly pleases its readers with quality articles on everything beautiful in interior design and architecture. The products section covers a wide range of design options for each category, from flooring to textiles, including their relevance in contemporary design. The most engaging section is the one that reveals standout design projects, bringing the latest trends to the surface.

Interior Design Magazine is one of the interior designers’ favorite spots where they can find inspiration and stay up to date with the latest musts in design. The authors regularly come with “editor’s picks” content and draw attention to the best design ideas that both professionals and amateurs would get inspired by. 


One of the latest and most outstanding blogs on interior design impresses with a new perspective on the industry, gaining more popularity due to its original way of tackling design subjects. Its professional writers daily post new content that spreads over various sections, from paint color and other product reviews to authentic interior design projects made by professional designers with a full description, inspirational articles with engaging and original photos, practical tips on home improvement, interesting DIYs, and comprehensive content on the latest trends separated by room and style.

Hackrea always comes with new content based on updated research, original ideas, a friendly writing style, and a unique way of informing on popular subjects. The innovative blog pays lots of attention to the latest trends as regards any part of the interior during any season and for any preference, such as the newest sofa tendencies or the current year’s Christmas trends. Whether you are a professional designer or a homeowner who wants to make the best of the interior, you can safely refer to this hub of inspiration and up-to-date content. 

Apartment Therapy

The award-winning site specializes in interior design content, which attracts readers through unmatchable information on everything design-related. In a few words, they teach you how to build your dream house through their practical sections, which include such categories as house tours, design ideas, which are separated into photos and rooms by style, easy how-to’s, and shopping options that help you put the found ideas into practice.

Apartment Therapy stands out with its amazing “Before and After” reviews of the latest makeovers so that you can feel the process as well in case you want to integrate a few ideas into your own house.  

Design Milk

The original name hides a rich base of design-related information and products. Professional writers daily engage readers with new content in the interior design section, from ways to enhance comfort in the living room to inspirational design projects that hide real stories behind.

Design Milk pleases your eyes and heart with high-quality photos, engaging style, and practical hacks that would motivate even those who visit the site simply for informative reasons. 

The Spruce

The experienced blog in the interior design field knows exactly what readers are interested in and fulfill their desire to discover new things about the house and more. With regular posts, the site successfully gains its audience through a wide range of how-to’s on almost any subject possible, personalized decor ideas, and home improvement pieces of advice.

The Spruce is proficient at reviewing products that homeowners mostly search for in popular online stores, constantly revealing new items that are skillfully tested by professionals who make it easier for you to find the best sofa, home office desk, or lamp, which is a small part of the wide range that The Spruce covers.


The design blogger whose name stands behind the popular blog regularly posts show-stopper articles on travel, fashion, and mostly interior design. This is where you will be positively overwhelmed by the splash of inspirational ideas and high-quality pictures that add value to the content. Particularly popular are “get inspired” posts that make its readers fall in love with trendy and stylish interiors.

COCOCOZY has a shopping section where you can find items from any category and put into practice the design ideas this blog has inspired you for. 

Architectural Digest

Mostly known for its high-quality photos on Pinterest, this innovative blog offers a deep insight into everything architectural and related to interior design. When it comes to design, there are no limits to the authors’ originality. By revealing real projects, they emphasize particular trends and approaches that you cannot skip.

Architectural Digest knows what makes a blog worth reading and visiting – quality content and unmatchable photos, and it succeeds in both, which is clearly proved by a large number of readers.

Style by Emily Henderson

Writing in a friendly style that makes readers feel at home, Emily shares real-life design stories that help you choose a paint color, prepare for the new season, or update your interior, among the most popular article titles. She throws light on various questions and makes this in the most informal way.

Style by Emily Henderson reaches a pretty high level due to the approach the author chose, who offers inspiration and gives practical pieces of advice from her personal perspective, which feels more like a conversation than reading the blog.


Covering lifestyle, food, and design, Athena Calderone brings vibrance to her blog and impresses with the cohesion that flows between the mentioned fields. Particularly interesting are the articles under the cover “the essentials” that inspire trendy interior makeovers to achieve one or another effect, which feels like suggestions from a professional.

EyeSwoon exclusively plays with content and photos, reaching an aesthetics of its own that makes you continuously go through the latest posts and discover what hides behind such intriguing titles and pictures.

Grillo Designs

The blog itself covers an astonishing collection of articles from one of the wildest category lists you have probably seen. Easy to access, easy to read, and as easy to implement, the design ideas, DIYs, and suggestions the author brings to the readers’ attention are always on trend. 

Grillo Designs always impresses its readers with content they wouldn’t regularly look for but definitely need, such as cleaning hacks, themed bedroom design ideas, and friendly kitchen layout suggestions. 

Mad about the House

The award-winning blog written by Kate Watson-Smyth offers a professional perspective on interior design and mostly reviews trendy projects and throws light on the latest design ideas one should not skip. The author’s rich background is a reliable reason to consider this blog for informative and even inspirational purposes.

Mad about the House has this interesting section “mad about…” constantly enriched with new content on various subjects, such as bedroom reveals to best bedside tables if we were to narrow it a bit.

Sophie Robinson

The bold-colored blog brings the best to its readers with accessible information on trends, makeovers, colors, DIYs, and even color psychology. The amazing house tours that reveal real-life stories will surely be found interesting by those who appreciate posts filled with emotions and close feelings.

Sophie Robinson blog offers the possibility to access most articles in a podcast format so you can easily do your chores and listen to useful pieces of information spoken in a friendly way.  

Fresh Design Blog

The well-organized blog showcases an easy-to-use website that separates articles into sections and covers various daily written pieces. Choosing between Decorating, Furniture, Home Accessories, and Interior Ideas, you can easily find your inspiration and benefit from the revealed product lists. 

Fresh Design Blog will instantly draw your attention with such posts as the trendiest materials, modern home design ideas, house improvement guides, or house buying pieces of advice, to name a few. 

Vogue Living

The renowned blog with a rich collection of articles written by professionals features a full section on interior design that offers original design tips, inspires through authentic projects, and aesthetically pleases with standout titles, top-tier informative pieces, and high-end photos within interior reviews. 

Vogue Living surprises with the sea of subjects tackled meant to meet any expectations. Be prepared to encounter informative articles on design mistakes or the most inspirational design projects you have ever seen, all on the same page.

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