The 5 best L-shaped sleeper sofas for adding style and comfort to your interior

Easy to integrate into the interior, functionally using the space, and stylishly complementing the style, the L-shaped sofa has always been a go-to option. Besides the wide range of designs this type of furniture can impress us with, its variety goes beyond the borders by offering options for various purposes. A prominent representative of this kind is the L-shaped sofa that can easily be transformed into a bed at night and used multi-purposely. 

Whether you fancy an additional sleeping space, for instance, for your guests, or such an option would simply be a perfect extension to the usual sofa, this mix of style and functionality would be a relevant addition to any contemporary interior. After a thorough analysis based on particular features, we came up with a list of the best L-shaped sofa beds that prevail in style, comfort, and design. Go through it and pick the one that perfectly matches your interior and preference!

Best Overall

HONBAY Modern Sleeper Couch

Price: $1,299.99

Although a prominent representative of the L-shaped sofas, the HONBAY model is a 6-piece modular unit, meaning that every seat can be moved the way that suits your preference. You can either preserve its initial U-shape or move one side section to the middle of the sofa and achieve an L-shaped piece. This is just one option, while the structure as a whole can be adapted to any shape you want. One can even separate one piece and add it as an ottoman. The site provides a comprehensive video that shows the impressive flexibility of this sofa. 

It is very spacious, filled with a high-density sponge, which adds comfort to the overall standout design. Besides that, the stable wood base is a perfect source of sturdiness and confidence for the style. A small yet handy bonus: each of the 6 units has a hidden storage space. Of course, we cannot skip the memory foam cushions, which are a great addition to a sleeper sofa. As you can see, this piece of furniture meets so many standards yet preserves a quite affordable price, which makes it the winner in the contest for the best overall sofa of this kind. It should be noted that the sofa may arrive in 7 separate packages within a few days.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: sofa size – 55.91”D x 112.21”W x 33.86”H (1420mmD x 2850mmW x 860mmH) / bed size – 76.8”L x 51.2”W (1950mmL x 1300mmW)
  • Material: polyester; wood
  • Available colors: blue; bluish-gray; gray


  • Adjustable-to-any-shape structure
  • Impressive sturdiness
  • High durability
  • Memory foam
  • Plenty of storage space


  • Assembly required (instructions manual and tools included)

Best Price

HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa

Price: $799.99 / on sale: $716.54 (04/16/2022)

The classic convertible sofa from HONBAY, with its curved arms, gray appearance, and soft linen cover, would perfectly upgrade your interior at an affordable price. The reversible storage chaise can be easily adapted to various design options to match your preference and suit the space. The elegant style equals comfort, making this unit a great sofa bed, while the sturdy wood base adds stability to the structure. One should note that its relatively small size goes first of all for small spaces. 

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: sofa size – 54”D x 84”W x 35”H (1370mmD x 2134mmW x 914mmH) / bed size – 42”L x 71”W (1066mmL x 1828mmW)
  • Material: wood; linen
  • Available colors: steel gray; gray


  • Easy to assemble
  • Additional storage space
  • Perfect option for any style


  • Not the best match for large rooms

Best for Small Spaces

Melpomene Convertible Sectional Sofa

Price: $780

This compact yet very stylish sofa is perfect for small spaces, which does not reduce its functionality and trendy effect on the interior. Therefore, it is a go-to option for studios, apartments, or home offices. The reversible chaise lounge offers the possibility to go with different designs without limiting the large storage space. The sofa features a high-quality wood frame and high-density foam upholstered with polyester. A tiny bonus: both arms have cup holders. One should note that the sofa is delivered in 3 separate packages. 

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: sofa size – 53.9”D x 81.9”W x 35.4”H (1370mmD x 2080mmW x 900mmH) / bed size – 43.3”L x 81.9”W (1100mmL x 2080mmW)
  • Material: wood; linen
  • Available colors: gray


  • Built-in cup holders
  • Flexible chaise
  • Large storage space
  • Easy to assemble


  • Long shipping period (around one month)

Best Ergonomic

Ashley – Jarreau Mid-Century Upholstered Sofa

Price: $890 – $990 (depending on the buying option)

The clean-lined and soft-covered sleeper sofa from Ashley Furniture, a trusted source of furniture, prevails in practicality, providing plenty of room for relaxing. The resilient foam cushions are upholstered in textured polyester for plush comfort, while the supportive steel frame adds sturdiness. The easy-to-pull-out cushions are just another proof of its functionality, perfectly complemented by a mix of Mid-Century and Contemporary. 

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 51.5”D x 84.25”W x 36.5”H (1308mmD x 2140mmW x 927mmH)
  • Material: steel; faux wood; polyester
  • Available colors: blue; gray


  • Pull-out cushions
  • Direct from the manufacturer
  • Perfect match for any style
  • Easy to assemble (tools and hardware included)


  • Long shipping period (1 to 2 months, depending on the delivery option)

Best Modern

Morden Fort Velvet Reversible Sleeper Sectional Sofa

Price: $849

This soothing-colored sleeper sofa with velvet-inspired leather cover and decorative nails is a real find for modern interiors. Its sleek design brings a bit of balanced elegance. The sturdy hardwood frame is a reliable source of durability, while the detachable cushions offer the possibility to clean them easily. The no less modern attached ottoman can be conveniently pushed against the sofa for a large chaise lounge. The soft cushion foam and faux leather surface ensure hours of comfort. An easy 30-mins assembly completes all this. It should be noted that the sofa may be delivered separately in 3 packages. 

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: sofa size – 64”D x 91”W x 35.5”H (1625mmD x 2312mmW x 902mmH) / bed size – 49”L x 76”W (1244mmL x 1930mmW)
  • Material: wood; faux leather
  • Available colors: beige; blue; gray


  • Detachable cushions
  • Flexible ottoman bench
  • Easy to assemble (no tools needed)


  • Not the best match for consecutive nights of sleep

How we selected the best L-shaped sleeper sofas

We paid utmost attention to the purchase number and reviews and made sure that the selected products came as expected by referring to real experiences. The first features we directed our attention to were the quality of materials and design. All selected products show an impressive mix of sturdiness, comfort, functionality, and style.

Since there is not such a large number of L-shaped sofas with the pull-out sleeper feature that would meet precisely the earlier mentioned standards, we came up with a list of the 5 best units of this kind, categorized according to a general perspective to fit a larger number of styles and preferences.

Such aspects as ease of assembly, integration into the interior, and shipping time were also considered so that you don’t encounter any inconveniences with the suggested products. No less attention was paid to the quality of the foam and upholstery since a sofa bed requires a separate approach to the quality of these materials. 

The price of the selected products varies, although they all are quite affordable, while the quality, comfort, and design, which they replicate, keep pace with the ergonomic standards and latest trends. Regardless of style, all selected units are designed according to contemporary approaches and can be integrated into any space. 

What to consider when buying an L-shaped sleeper sofa for your house


Depending on the available space, choose a sofa that would perfectly fit in, considering all constituent pieces, particularly the chaise. Pay as much attention to the size of the sofa when the sleeper unit is pulled out. Make sure that the structure as a whole suits your room and there is enough space around the sofa itself. Furthermore, the ceiling height plays a great deal in the way a sofa integrates into the space. Consider the sofa height so that it does not look too small or too imposing. 


Once you opt for a sofa bed, be ready to deal with the operating mechanism, which should work perfectly. Make sure that the product presentation suits reality by referring to real experiences. As for the rest, opt for hardwood frames rather than metal ones since the latter may feature uncomfortable bars. Consider smooth edges for extra comfort, which, by the way, are trendy. 


It all depends on the mattresses. The most common – spring ones are affordable but not comfortable for a night’s sleep. You can either opt for spring mattresses with an additional foam layer or an air topper to increase comfort. Still, the best choice is memory foams, which are quite expensive, but nothing compares to a good night’s sleep. Besides, it will add comfort while relaxing on the sofa during the day.  


How long does a sleeper sofa last?

It depends on the quality of materials and the way you use the sofa. Still, a piece of this kind usually lasts from 7 to 15 years, but careful use can extend this period. Of course, the most expensive sofas are usually of the highest quality and last longer than the least expensive ones. Nevertheless, you can also affect the situation. If you use this unit as a sofa most of the time, it will last longer than used as a bed. Changing the worn-down mattress is a convenient alternative to buying a new sofa.

How does one pull the sleeper sofa in and out?

The standard sleeper sofas have a visible mechanism implying a handle or straps you have to pull upwards and out, directing the legs to the floor. Unfold the sofa bed, extend the mattress, and the bed is ready.

Consider a reverse process to close the sleeper. By grabbing the end of the bed, you should fold the mattress up and push it down at the right angle so that it easily enters the sofa frame. Push the structure down until you reach a flat surface. As easy as that you can go from sofa to bed and the opposite. 

Can one make a sleeper sofa more comfortable?

If you feel that your sleeper sofa would benefit from extra comfort, consider an additional layer with a mattress topper, such as a memory foam mattress, for extra padding and a comfortable experience. Still, you have to remove it once the sleeper has to be pulled in back, which may cause a bit of inconvenience. 

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